Diet Pepsi Max: With More Caffeine

diet-pepsi-max.jpgPepsiCo is launching a new drink in June: Diet Pepsi Max. The drink will have about one-third more caffeine than Diet Mountain Dew.

Diet Mountain Dew has 55mg caffeine per 12oz – so we’re talking around 75mg caffeine – which is very similar to Mountain Dew Amp.

The drink, Diet Pepsi Max is geared toward consumers ages 25 to 34 who like the buzz of drinks like PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew, but are starting to become more concerned about their weight, the spokesman said.

Speaking of PepsiCo – anyone notice their new slogan – “More Happy”?

UPDATE: Official – amount of caffeine in Diet Pepsi Max is 46mg per 8oz. Thus a 12oz can contains 69mg.

  • Corn Videos

    such a scam by the pepsi group, when will they learn to make a REAL energy drink?


    made by pepsi
    very real
    very good

  • Armchair Grammarian

    Is! Is! PepsiCo *is* launching a new drink…

    Alternatively: “the people at PepsiCo are launching a new drink.”

    A corporation is, by legal fiat, an individual like any other person. Conjugate with the singular form of the verb.

    Whew. Bit of a pet peeve there. Sorry about that.

  • Corn Videos

    no buzz from a pepsi co drink, ever for me,

    y spend full $2 plus on an amped when you can get a rockstar juiced, same price

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  • walsh

    “The people at PepsiCo are launching a new drink.”
    The people are, not the people is.

  • walsh

    at PepsiCo is a prepositional phrase modifying the object the people (as a group)

  • Ben

    I just picked up a case at Walmart, not having a clue what it was. I don’t care about the energy drink aspect myself (Amp is what I drink when I want that) but this stuff is the closest to regular pepsi I have ever tasted. To me, it’s 100% better than Pepsi One. I didn’t even put the cans in the fridge yet – just popped one open when I got home to try it. Released today, june 1. I’m going to go back and pick more up.

  • Annette

    Have been able to get the new Pepsi “Max” for about the past two weeks and I think it’s really good- does not have a noticable “artificial” sweetener taste, nor do I notice any adverse affect to the added caffeine or ginseng. Tastes just like Diet Pepsi but a little “stronger” to me- good stuff !

  • Joe

    Well, i just had my first Diet Pepsi Max. The 12oz. can states it only has 69mg., not 75 as they state. I need the other 6mg. Otherwise, still a great product.

  • rob

    I am drinking my first DP max as I write this. In general, I drink about a case of diet pepsi a week (most of the time more) so I was excited to try the new product.

    So far.. its pretty good. It tastes more like regular pepsi. But I LIKE diet pepsi for its taste!! I have to hold off my judgment until I get this in can form however (Drinking an 8oz bottle) because as we all know how much better pop tastes out of a can!

  • Angela

    I too am drinking my first Diet Pepsi Max as I write this… I stopped by a fast food mart and there they where — 8 oz. bottles, on ice, and I was thirsty! Something new and I’m a diet drinker. I thought I’d give it a try. To me, it tastes like a hybrid between diet and regular pepsi but it tastes good, I do like it! And normally I don’t like the taste of regular soda. I’d buy another if I ran across them.

  • Deana

    i’m drinking my first 20 oz bottle right now, it’s not bad, less of a bite than normal diet pepsi, but i had no idea what it was. it was the only diet soda in the vending machine at my college.

  • Karen

    I just saw this in the store. It was on sale so I bought it after reading it had 69mg of Caf.
    It is some good stuff! Really good stuff!
    I’m going back to pick up some more!;)

  • arlette

    man i tried this today and now i have a HUGE headache ugh….

  • jenny

    love the new diet pepsi max. great taste, more like regular pepsi, less like diet. Hope this around to stay.

  • Teresa

    I just tried my first bottle of Diet Pepsi Max! I absolutely love it! I have been strictly a diet pepsi drinker in the past and I am usually very reluctant to change. I tried this and I have to say that I really prefer this over the regular Diet Pepsi. I drink pop regularly all day so as far as the big pick me up, I didnt really see much of a difference. No headaches but like I said, I normally drink caffienated pop anyway. I plan on going to the store this evening to pick up some for the house and some for the office. I have not tried it in a can. I hope it is just as good but like regular diet pepsi, the bottle always seems to be better to me. I too hope Diet Pepsi Max is here to stay!

  • Melissa Farris

    I tried Diet Pepsi Max for the first time yesterday and love it. I want to lay off of the sugar soft drinks, but hate the taste of diet drinks. I have tried dt. mt.dew, and others and do not care for the after taste. Max taste just like a regular pepsi and now i am hooked on them….I have told everyone in the office about them because they too want to get away from regular soft drinks…I really hope this drink will continue to be on the shelves. Thanks.Mel.

  • Pepsi

    Artificial sweetners in Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi destroyed my family and killed my cat!

  • Jennifer

    Okay so I usually drink about 4 liters of Diet Pepsi a day. Yeah, my dentist hates me, my boyfriend warns me of osteoporosis and my dad worries about my lack of calcium. However, I tried Diet Max today and I liked it. The taste was good. I did notice the increase in caffeine, possibly because my two liters were gone in an hour and half. I never react to the caffeine in regular diet Pepsi. So this is weird, but good I think.

Last Modified: February 6, 2013