Jolt Cola Gets Even More Caffeine

It seems that Wet Planet Beverages (makers of Jolt Cola) quietly concocted a new formulation.

Check the picture here of an old and new can (thanks Steve!). Right next to the “CX2″ is 140 Jolts Caffeine (left – old can) and 220 Jolts Caffeine (right – new can).


Sure enough: a check on the Jolt site shows:

How much caffeine does JOLT have?
JOLT has the most caffeine out of any soft drink available. We are the CAFFEINE MACHINE. We know that caffeine is what gets you going, so if you drink 16 oz. of JOLT – that is equivilant to 2 cups of coffee or 2 Mountain Dews. We have 72 mgs of caffeine per serving. We are your wake up call.

So, at 72mgs per 8 ounce serving – Jolt is now the equivalent of most energy drinks – and is no longer “twice the caffeine of Cola” — it’s more like 3-4 times the caffeine.

The new formulation also contains Guarana, Taurine, and B Vitamins – just like an energy drink.

  • videoCWK

    This is actually pretty old news. Still, it needed to be posted sooner or later. One thing I noticed however, was that this “upgrade” doesn’t seem to have made it to Cherry Bomb quite yet. I can only find those in 140 Jolts Caffeine.

  • KarlieMildraed


    Is this only in America, because everything is Status Quo up here in Canada. I will go check my cans tho right now (June 24th 2007 @ 1805h MDT)

  • KarlieMildraed

    My cans say 140 (same ole formulation)
    (June 24th 2007 @ 1807h MDT)

  • videoCWK

    Guys, keep in mind that this hasn’t happened to all the cans yet. This wasn’t mentioned above. Whenever I go to a 7-11 to get a Jolt I check all the cans of whatever flavor I want for 220 Jolts Caffeine, since they usually have both 140 and 220. As mentioned in my earlier post, Cherry Bomb seems to be hardest to get in 220 (which sucks, since it’s one of my favorite ones), in fact I’m not even sure if it comes in 220 yet. Ultra seems to always come in 220, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 140 one. But yeah, it’s all kind of confusing. Just check all the cans in the store every time you go to see if they have the 220 ones.

  • KarlieMildraed

    Okay Good to know. I am unsure. Did someone do a test on how much caff was in Jolt products and came up with a higher percentage and now Jolt (Wet Planet) has to redo the labeling? Just a wondering. Just seems odd and now I will look like the Milk Maid and be checking labels all the time

  • RobertB

    Darn this trendy crap. I miss the original Jolt Cola, in a normal pop can for DRINKING, not beeing SEEN drinking. And the cane sugar, too — Wet Planet jumped the shark when they switched to High Fructose Corn Syrup.

  • SpazySteve

    @ RobertB

    Since when was JOLT trendy? It’s not like Red Bull or anything. I don’t see a whole bunch of people drinking JOLT, In fact my friends and I are the only people I know that really drink the stuff.

  • videoCWK

    Yeah, I wouldn’t call Jolt trendy. Like SpazySteve, I don’t see a lot of people drinking Jolt. A lot of people don’t even know what it is. You know what is made to be seen drinking? Starbucks. And occasionally Red Bull. Even though I think Red Bull tastes alright, why would you get it for $2 when you could get a similar-tasting Rockstar for the same, and get twice as much?

  • AaronD

    I hardly see anyone drinking Jolt. I only rarely get one because they just make me crash. But I love the Blue flavor. I swear there was one called Red but I can’t find it anywhere so did I just imagine that?

    I complain about that (the redbull price) to my girlfriend all the time videoCWK. She claims that she likes it, so she continues to waste money. And now with the 12oz one its even worse. For the price of any other 24oz energy drink, you can get a 12oz Redbull, and she buys them all the time.

  • SpazySteve

    @ AaronD

    Red is discontinued.

  • SpazySteve

    Also, I look at my local C-store and they had done it to every flavor.

  • videoCWK

    Tell her to get Rockstar instead. It tastes similar but has more caffeine (counting the guarana) and ginkgo and more importantly, she won’t be supporting red bull and their extreme priceyness. At $1 every 4oz, it’d be $4 for a 16oz, so be glad they haven’t made one. IF she wants to spend $3 on an energy drink, direct her to 24oz Rockstars/Monsters. 24oz cans of Rockstar now come in the same “battery” can that Jolt does as well, so it’s even better.

  • videoCWK

    That last post was at AaronD (I forgot to mention that)

  • KarlieMildraed

    I haven’t seen the new labeling yet. As to the trendiness of Jolt Cola. I drink it everyday and some of the guys at my work do too. I figure the size of the new battery can could be the reason of it’s non-trendiness exposure. Red Bull cans are hand-y and Starbucks cups are also finger and palm friendly. So if Jolt Cola did a limited run of a new designed handy can, then maybe.

  • AaronD

    videoCWK for some reason she doesn’t like Rockstar, she kind of liked Rockstar Zero. No matter which drinks she tries its always back to redbull. But on topic, I hope to get one of these this week or this weekend. Maybe even today.

  • Dark

    I haven’t seen them in store, but Wet Planet has begun selling jolt in two different lesser sized bottles. I really wish they’d bring back Red though.

  • Geishinni

    I’ve found both the old and new cans, in all flavors. I can get them for $2 including tax.

  • Pete

    FOR THE SITE MAINTAINERS: At least three flavors of Jolt Cola are now sold in most Wallgreens stores in South Florida. No longer are we subject to S&H and the horrible down-time of waiting for a ThinkGeek shipment to get our fix of this nerve-wracking flat cola sensation.

  • Travis

    cocaine energy drink has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more at 280mg. Jolt is for noobs.

  • Riley

    It’s also not called cocaine anymore
    also, it’s not an energy drink, it’s pop (soda, whatever)
    plus, anything can have that much caffeine with any kind of caffeinated syrup

Last Modified: January 9, 2013