Rage Inferno Grapefruit Energy Drink

By Caffeine Informer Staff

The first time I reviewed Rage Inferno it was in a bright red fire extinguisher bottle that blew my mind as well as my taste buds. Upon the opening of my most recent package, I find a yellow Rage Inferno Grapefruit version.

The first thing I am thinking is of course “But I’ve never seen a yellow fire extinguisher, this doesn’t make as much sense”. There is also no other indication that it is a different flavor or version, besides the blatantly obvious color difference on the bottle itself.

Either way I know Rage Inferno packs a hefty wallop, so I open it up with much vigor and excitement. However, I am wondering what could have possibly been changed. Soon I shall find out what the new Rage Inferno Grapefruit Energy Drink has in store.


As usual I pop the seal and take a whiff of what I am about to “chug-a-lug”. This new Rage Inferno is all lemon baby, which is strange because I thought it was supposed to be grapefruit? Slightly uneasy (since I usually have some bad run-in’s with lemon energy drinks), I brandish the bottle and take a deep swig. To my disdain the first sip yields a taste very closely related to harshly sweetened rubbing alcohol or some sort of cleaning product, yet somehow it is enjoyable and deep.

Rage Inferno Grapefruit is the same “deepness” found in the cherry flavor of the original Rage Inferno. It’s an acquired taste, but it is very well done for a lemon tasting, grapefruit beverage.

Rage Inferno Grapefruit Ingredients

Oh yes indeed, this stuff packs a punch. With the caffeine content clocking in at a mighty 375mg, you are guaranteed some “umph” and some extra to boot. The other notables include 3000mg of Taurine, 300mg of D-Glucuronolactone, 30mg of Vitamin B3, 6mg of Vitamin B6, and 18mcg of Vitamin B12.


Superb, as expected. Rage Inferno Grapefruit hit me like a ton of bricks, but in a good energy kick-in-the-pants way. So you could essentially say I was kicked in the pants with a ton of bricks. Whatever metaphor you choose, Rage Inferno Grapefruit has the get-up-and-go goods, no doubt about it.

Rage Inferno Grapefruit Verdict

Even though I don’t fully understand the reasoning behind making a yellow, lemon/grapefruit flavored version of this particular beverage (I thought the first Rage Inferno was fine as a stand alone product), I still enjoyed it. Albeit the taste was somewhat lacking and a bit abrasive, the boost simply cannot be beat.

I have to recommend this to any hardcore lemon/citrus fan, because it would most likely be fairly pleasing to your palate. Lemon/citrus junkie or not though, Rage Inferno Grapefruit Energy Drink comes out swinging in the energy department, so pick one up regardless, especially if you have a long night ahead or something physically straining to pull through.

Reviewed by Taylor Fruits

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  • http://facebook.com/karliemildraed KarlieMildrad

    Humm…. Saw the red version at the local 7-11. Will have to give it a try and feel what the outcome is.

  • Nick

    Looked at the stores they sell at, only heard of one, 7-11, nearest 7-11 is like 2 hours away, I am disappoint.

  • http://google.com jonitressa

    Thank for letting me try the sample. I thought it worked pretty good, but the sample I got was like this orange juice flavor and it was really bad tasting. Although I will try other flavors. I seen some that I might me interested in buying later on. Once again thanks I really appreciated it.

  • Mike

    I have yet to find all the rage product’s but have had a bunch of them including the other inferno. Well I would of had to walk to a store hat i could of got a os from for 1.89 2 try out and wanted that but it started to lightly rain so i went in a closer store and found this inferno and not having a rage in quoite a while cus i havnt found dfferent once for some time i bought this nd qwith tax coast me 4.50 for all 24oz 710ml will find out b4 the weeks over what its like. cheer’s.

Last Modified: February 7, 2011