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11 Cartoon and Video Game Energy Drinks

With our database of caffeinated items now approaching a stupendous 450 items – it’s time to highlight some of the weirder drinks out there. These drinks are cartoon or video game tie-ins – many of which are very rare or even collectors items.

Family Guy: Stewie’s Domination Serum

Stewie is the weird and sophisticated one year old boy from the Family Guy cartoon. He’s obsessed with world domination – thus the Domination Serum. Comes in a 8.4 oz can and contains 50mg caffeine (low considering the average energy drink has around 80mg per 8oz). Available from Amazon.

Family Guy: Stewie’s Mind Erase Elixir

As above Stewie Griffins attempt at world domination requires that every turns into a mindless zombie. I guess that’s where the elixir fits in. Available from Xoxide or Amazon.

The Simpsons: Duff Energy Drink

Duff is the beer that Homer drinks. Duff is advertised everywhere – and it pretty much represents an average quality mid-budget beer. In a tie-in Boston America turned the Duff brand into an energy drink. It would have worked well if it had been done, say, 10 years ago. Duff Energy Drink is a 12oz can and has 120mg caffeine.

Available from Xoxide or Amazon.

The Simpsons: Flaming Moe Energy Drink

Also from the Simpsons, Flaming Moe comes from the 3rd season in the Simpsons (first aired way back in 1991). Bartender Moe steals the Flaming Moe recipe from Homer and begins selling it. The drink soon becomes the most popular item round Springfield.

As for Duff Energy Drink, Flaming Moe has no alcohol and is strictly a traditional sugar, caffeine, and B vitamins.

Available from Xoxide or Amazon.

Super Mario Bros: Power Up Energy Drink

Power Up is a video game tie-in from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. The drink comes in an 8.4oz can and has been round for some years. It caused a bit of a storm with some media outlets claiming that the drink was being targeted to kids. In this particular story – a dad purchased it for his 6 year old son. A 6 year old boy with 80mg caffeine in him would not be pretty.

Available from Xoxide or Amazon.

Nintendo Donkey Kong: Jungle Juice

A second tie-in from Nintendo. Jungle Juice appeared more recently (in March 2008) and is a pink bubblegum flavor. A poor choice of name: in popular culture Jungle Juice is the name given to a mix of liquor that is usually served for group consumption.

Available from Amazon.

Futurama: Slurm

Anyone who has watched Futurama will be familiar with the drink of the 31st Century – Slurm: It’s highly addictive. This drink was released just days ago.

Available from Amazon.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Elixir

This has got to be one of the rarest and most obscure energy drink tie-ins. Based on the 2005 animation Corpse Bride. A very strange choice for an energy drink license.

You can still buy it (for an astonishing $6.99) at Minotaur.

Emily the Strange: Strange Brew

Emily the Strange is a weird counterculture cartoon character. Popularized from 2001 thanks to some graphic novels, the Emily Strange “brand” can also be found in clothing, some new novels, a multitude of merchandise and even an upcoming feature film. Doesn’t appear to be available from any stores.

Betty Boop Juice

The full name is actually Betty Boop Boop-Oop-A-Doop Juice. Betty Boop is the oldest cartoon to have an energy drink tie-in. Boop first appeared in the 1930s – but in the 1980s a whole collectibles market sprung up and has continued ever since.

Available from Amazon.

Mountain Dew Halo 3: Game Fuel

Part of the marketing package for Halo 3 – Mountain Dew Game Fuel debuted in August 2007 as a limited edition. The drink was a citrus-cherry flavor. 12 ounce can had 72mg caffeine – while a 20oz bottle version had 120mg caffeine.

But Wait… There’s More

Check out Resident Evil T-Virus Antidote. Two other weird tie-ins: Hogan Energy (ala Hulk Hogan), and Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt. We even managed to find a Little Miss Chatterbox Energy Drink (cybercandy).

TV and Movie Inspired Energy Drinks

Does life imitate television or does television imitate life?

Well in the case of Energy Drinks, life has mimicked some of the funny concoctions seen on TV and in the movies. Many have come and gone over the years, but here are a few that seem to have won the hearts of fans even if it is just for collector value.

ghostbusters-ectoplasm-sGhostbusters Ectoplasm Energy Drink

If your a fan of the 80’s classic film Ghost Busters, then you’ll love to drink the green goo residual of destroyed ghosts.

slurm-sFuturama Slurm Energy Drink

Go on gettcha self Slurm and drink it up for a futuristic energy blast.

romulan-ale-sRomulan Ale Energy Drink

Here’s your chance to try the beverage that’s banned in 10 solar systems, although it might be too much energy for weak earthlings.

flaming-moe-sFlaming Moe Energy Drink

Who doesn’t love to hang out at Moe’s and drink his flaming energy creations..I wouldn’t recommend actually lighting it though.

zombie-awake-the-dead-drink-sZombie Awake The Dead Energy Drink

Sooner or later the swine flu virus will mutate and turn everyone into walking zombies so you better stock up because they always come for you when you’re sleeping.

All of these cool products are available over at so check them out. If you’ve tried any of them, let us know what you think of these TV/movie inspired energy drinks.

A number of these drinks are made by Boston America Corporation – who make their money by having three different generic energy drink flavors – they then shove different labels on the can.

If you really want to do your head in, check out the huge list of caffeinated items.

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Written by James Foster, last updated on August 17, 2016