12 Signs of an Energy Drink Addict

People can be addicted to practically anything and energy drinks are no exception.


The caffeine found in energy drinks as well as the sugar can form a strong dependence on these products in order to function normally.

If you think you may be an energy drink addict, below is a list of clues that can let you know how addicted to energy drinks you truly are.

12 Signs of Energy Drink Addiction

  1. You have to have an energy drink as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  2. You consume multiple energy drinks throughout the day.
  3. If you don’t have your usually energy drink, you become irritable and not fun to be around.
  4. You are sometimes late for work because you have to stop at the store for an energy drink.
  5. You spend at least $20 a week on these beverages.
  6. You drink energy drinks with most or all meals.
  7. You use energy drinks in place of getting a good night’s sleep of at least 7-8 hours.
  8. You get a caffeine withdrawal headache if you miss a day of normal consumption.
  9. Your friends and family are constantly nagging you about how many you consume throughout the course of the day.
  10. You can’t concentrate and be productive at work without energy drinks.
  11. You never drink plain water, but only energy drinks and sodas.
  12. You still feel tired even after drinking an energy drink due to your huge tolerance to caffeine.

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Were any of these true for you?

If you could identify with several of these, then there’s a good chance you are addicted to energy drinks. There are certainly worse things to be addicted to, but it’s good to assess your level of addiction and then decide whether it might be a good idea to cut back or not.

Take our caffeine addiction quiz here: Caffeine Addiction Diagnosis

If you feel that this addiction is creating more of a negative impact on your life than the benefits energy drinks seek to deliver, it may be a good time for a detox in order to break the addiction entirely.

energy drink dependance

Negative Consequences of Energy Drink Addiction

Here are some of the consequences energy drink addiction can have on your life and health.

  • The cost of these products can create a financial burden.
  • The sugar found in most traditional energy drinks can contribute to weight gain and risk of type II diabetes.
  • The caffeine can interfere with a quality night’s sleep which is vital for both good physical and mental health.
  • They can sometimes serve as a gateway drug to more powerful stimulants.
  • They create both physical and chemical dependence in people, which can dictate a person’s level of functionality.
  • Unsafe daily quantities of caffeine can be consumed that can potentially lead to dangerous overdose symptoms.
  • Energy drinks’ long-term use health safety isn’t yet fully understood because they haven’t been around long enough to establish enough health data concerning their long-term use.

The bottom line is that addiction to energy drinks can be dangerous to your health and it can be financially burdening.

If you want to break your addiction, make sure you read about the caffeine withdrawal symptoms that can result in order to be prepared for the detox process.

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  • Tim

    My brother once ate a bowl of HoneyComb with orange juice on it…and he added pepper…wtf…does that count?

  • Evan

    If he didn’t throw up after that, then he deserves a medal. A Java Monster would probably go well with cereal, I’ll have to try it sometime.

  • Tim

    I’m picturing Loca Moca with Cocoa Puffs…mmm. But if I’m ever able to find that Captain Spazz’s Buzztroids caffeinated cereal, I won’t have to bother…

  • Dusty

    Tim, now you have the right idea! Putting an energy drink in your cereal doesn’t have to be a distasteful experience if you plan it out.

    …you know you’re addicted to energy drinks when you think up cereals and energy drinks that may actually work together

  • emac1567

    If you plan on getting a credit card just so you can order them online.

  • eanowakattack

    Full Throttle in Froot Loops is pretty darn good.

    Once I thought it was a good idea to mix Red Bull and coffee. IT WAS A VERY BAD IDEA. It’s a foul mixture.

    You give energy drink advice to strangers in convenience stores.


  • Dusty

    lol yep! I’ve done that one.

    Sometimes if I see a someone in a store going straight for a Red Bull I tell them that there are other, often times better options

  • Jimmy

    “You give energy drink advice to strangers in convenience stores.”

    LOL Done it!

    btw, if you are going to mix energy drinks with cereal, make sure it’s not your first meal of the day! I did that once with Cocaine Energy Drink, and I paid for it later!

    Nos is pretty good if you have it alongside cereal, it’s like having a glass of OJ with a kick!

    To add to the list:
    You know you’re addicted when people ask if they can pick up your favorite energy drink when they go to the store.

  • Celb

    Ya, Ive done the advice one kinda, well I just conversed with a guy about why sugar free rockstar is better than oriinal, and why sugar free is often worse for you. I dont think ANYONE would mix a drink with cereal, but other than that, good list.

  • Alice

    You know you’re an addict when all of your alcohol choices include energy drinks, examples. . . vodka and redbull, monster and beer, you have a wine spritzer but the spritzers an energy drink lol.

    You know you’re an addict when it’s 11:00 p.m. and all you’re friends are drinking energy drinks to keep themselves awake during a study session and you’ve been drinking them since breakfast and are about to fall asleep.

    You know you’re an addict when you chase a monster with a 5hour energy drink lol.

    Just wait in a few years people will be going to rehab. for energy drink addiction. lol hahaha.

  • Austin

    ok the best is when you go to the beach and forgot your monster in the car and come back and drink it even though its warm and everyone in the car thinks you are disgusting for doing so

  • Allen t Wayne

    I drink at least 20 cans of inked energy drinks/ throw down energy drinks/ black coffey per day. And I’m not joking. I’ve been doing this for about 3 months and that don’t have any affect any more. And I have hart pains now. I get 24 cases for 20 bucks and I have 16 cases in my room. I can prove this send me your email I will send a picture
    I wouldend suggest more than 5 a day for any one. But you. Must eat. I don’t eat more than once a day I messes with my head and I like it. The ingredians are
    taurine. 1000 mg
    d-glucuronolactone. 600mg
    caffen. 127mg
    niAcin. 20mg
    pantothenic. 5mg
    vitamin b12. 5mcg
    vitamin b6. 5mg
    this tastes like red bull. And is good
    I sell them and drink them like crazy. I try to drink away the pain of the fact my girl freind for 8 years cheated on me told me and left me and took my son. To make it worse she is pregnant with this guys kid. I will drink theas to the day I die. My guess is in the next 6 weeks I will be in a hospital or dead from energy drinks. Just so you know. When making ribbs on the BBQ. Or stake. Let the meat some for a bout a 3 houres in any energy drink the meat will fall of the bone and be so dlishes. It won’t tast like a energy drink but it is so dam good iv done this and the whole family loves it.

  • J

    guilty of #’s 1,2,6,8(haven’t tried it but want to), probably 9 and 11 as well

  • Conor

    You begin mixing energy shots into your energy drinks.

    You look at the four pack of Monster priced at 6.99 and wish there were more in there.

    You start writing lists of favorites according to taste, caffeine content, etc.


  • The Baj

    I have another one, you have replaced fruit juice with an energy drink that happens to have fruit juice in it.

  • Prawn

    Energy drinks are the cure for aids, cancer, obesity, and demensia, which is the reason that the government is pushing its agenda towards getting rid of energy drinks. Its all about population control. It is also a commonly known fact that people who regularly drink energy drinks have a 15% higher IQ level, a statistic that puts fear in the hearts of elitists who rule the oligarchy of America.

  • kevin

    you are told on a daily basis that death is certain if you continue consuming energy drinks.

  • where i live i have to give a presentation about the pro’s and con’s of energy drinks i have found some information can some one give me information that would mess with the staffs head so that they cant say anything

    BY THE WAY ENERGY DRINKS RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE REPLY TO martinm17@live.com

  • Rebecca

    My name is Rebecca and I’m a casting producer for the TLC show “Freaky Eaters.” We’re currently looking for ADULTS ADDICTED TO ENERGY DRINKS for Season 2 of the show.

    For more info or to nominate someone, please send an email to pickyeaterscasting@gmail.com with your name, age, number, and brief description of your daily consumption of energy drinks/caffeine.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • i use to be an energy drink addict. i drank to almost 16 cans a day and it was not fun. when i first tried to stop, i was getting antsy and shaky as well (its similar to cigarette addiction in a way). my friends helped me stop drinking those things. i hadn’t drank anymore for 2 years straight so far and i don’t plan to drink anymore no matter what.

Last Modified: March 16, 2016


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