12 Signs of an Energy Drink Addict

People can be addicted to practically anything and energy drinks are no exception.


The caffeine found in energy drinks as well as the sugar can form a strong dependence on these products in order to function normally.

If you think you may be an energy drink addict, below is a list of clues that can let you know how addicted to energy drinks you truly are.

12 Signs of Energy Drink Addiction

  1. You have to have an energy drink as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  2. You consume multiple energy drinks throughout the day.
  3. If you don’t have your usually energy drink, you become irritable and not fun to be around.
  4. You are sometimes late for work because you have to stop at the store for an energy drink.
  5. You spend at least $20 a week on these beverages.
  6. You drink energy drinks with most or all meals.
  7. You use energy drinks in place of getting a good night’s sleep of at least 7-8 hours.
  8. You get a caffeine withdrawal headache if you miss a day of normal consumption.
  9. Your friends and family are constantly nagging you about how many you consume throughout the course of the day.
  10. You can’t concentrate and be productive at work without energy drinks.
  11. You never drink plain water, but only energy drinks and sodas.
  12. You still feel tired even after drinking an energy drink due to your huge tolerance to caffeine.

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Were any of these true for you?

If you could identify with several of these, then there’s a good chance you are addicted to energy drinks. There are certainly worse things to be addicted to, but it’s good to assess your level of addiction and then decide whether it might be a good idea to cut back or not.

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If you feel that this addiction is creating more of a negative impact on your life than the benefits energy drinks seek to deliver, it may be a good time for a detox in order to break the addiction entirely.

energy drink dependance

Negative Consequences of Energy Drink Addiction

Here are some of the consequences energy drink addiction can have on your life and health.

  • The cost of these products can create a financial burden.
  • The sugar found in most traditional energy drinks can contribute to weight gain and risk of type II diabetes.
  • The caffeine can interfere with a quality night’s sleep which is vital for both good physical and mental health.
  • They can sometimes serve as a gateway drug to more powerful stimulants.
  • They create both physical and chemical dependence in people, which can dictate a person’s level of functionality.
  • Unsafe daily quantities of caffeine can be consumed that can potentially lead to dangerous overdose symptoms.
  • Energy drinks’ long-term use health safety isn’t yet fully understood because they haven’t been around long enough to establish enough health data concerning their long-term use.

The bottom line is that addiction to energy drinks can be dangerous to your health and it can be financially burdening.

If you want to break your addiction, make sure you read about the caffeine withdrawal symptoms that can result in order to be prepared for the detox process.

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  • Mitchell

    #8 is true for me. Right now, at this moment, I’m eating cereal with energy drink instead of milk lol

  • Rachel

    Any teenagers in the U.S. out there addicted to energy drinks? I’m researching a news story on energy drink addiction and I’d like to hear your stories. Please e-mail me at RBNews1@yahoo.com.

  • Dahlia

    You you’re addicted when you pour energy drinks into opaque water bottles or travel mugs so no one will think you’re insane(;

  • Justine

    Why is it that all of these are scarily true for me!? I got told that i’m addicted by my counsellor because it’s caused me to get paranoia and anxiety due the sheer amount of caffeine I consume…..what a bummer.

  • Briauna

    I can say I’m addicted and do all this. My friends are trying to get me to stop so they try to take my monsters and I end up getting violent cuz it’s my monster that I bought.my friends annoy me…I need new friends

  • Ariana

    Is it bad to have one energy drink for four straight days? Because that’s exactly what I did but I feel normal. Idk if its because the energy drink [Monster] didn’t work, or if I’m just use to caffeine. But I definitely don’t think it was healthy, so if I’m dead tomorrow, blame it on the drink.

  • Louis

    Is 5 a day bad

  • steashl

    try drinking a healthy alternative contact me steashl.vemma@gmail.com
    ill point you to some options

  • Matt

    You know you’re an addict when you are totally broke and single because you sold your wife for $10 to buy energy drinks.

  • zelda

    the cereal one. ive actually done that. it was AWESOME

  • Elle

    You put your energy drink in a water bottle because you need to drink it during class

    You got energy drinks banned in school

    You have to steal money off your parents to buy more energy drinks

    You use energy drinks as a ‘quick fix’ when you’re sad

    If you don’t have an energy drink you become nervous

  • Elle

    You buy all the energy drinks in the shop

    They don’t affect you anymore

    Your still tired after drinking 2 litres

    You go out of your way to buy an energy drink

  • Christopher todd

    ^ Sounds just like me.. Sept the last part after nervous.. Mad.. lol

  • Deborah

    You drive to a gas station 20 minutes away at 2am, cuz you need to stay up a few more hours and can’t make it without your fix…

  • Deborah

    You’re waaaayyy low on cash, so you scramble up $3.50 worth of change in your car and have to choose between eating for the day or getting a gallon of gas…. You buy an energy drink…

  • You losers

    You know you are a moron if you drink energy drinks.

  • Naomi

    If you steal from your parents that means your not old enough to be drinking that crap…

  • alv3s

    you’re totaly addicted whe you cant go a day without at least 7

  • Trevor Chadwick

    When you find a place that has ”your” brand on sale so you buy all they have.

  • Gaitano

    Yes, I drink one a week. I think thats ok. Alsk when I drink it, I drink the zero variant.

Last Modified: March 16, 2016


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