28 Energy Drink: Black and White Review

28 EnergyThe Acai fruit seems to be everywhere. The media praises it for its antioxidant makeup, ability to improve circulation and fight cancer, and its energy boosting properties.

Acai supplements have become quite popular as of late, so it was only a matter of time before an energy drink was released with an Acai base.

28 Energy, which has become popular in Europe (Calidris 28), has sent us a sample of its White and Black drinks for review. The two are essentially the same, with the exception that White has no sugar.


The place where 28 Energy really shines is in the taste department. This was my first run-in with Acai, so I cannot vouch for how close it tastes to the actual fruit. However, I can tell you these drinks taste great. The flavor is much like a sweet grape flavor, with a pleasant sour finish to it. In addition to that, the 28 Energy Drinks taste substantially the same.

After trying both, I concluded it would be time for a blind taste test. So, I had a friend pour each into a glass without telling me which was the sugar-free one. I could not tell any difference and I think that is the the hallmark of a company dedicated to its healthier fans.

28 Energy Drink Ingredients

Both White and Black have 80 mg of Caffeine, 100% of you daily value of Vitamin C and 99% DV of Niacin, along with 3 mg of Coenzyme Q10. Interestingly enough, the Black drink has more B Vitamins than the White, but it is a negligible difference (Black: B6 – 250%, B12 – 80% vs White: B6 – 125%, B12 – 20%). 28 Energy Black also has 36 grams of sugar, while White has 0.


I was skeptical when I read that each 28 Energy Drink had only 80 mg of Caffeine. I drank one of these in the morning and it made me slightly more awake and focused, but this did not last long. When I had the Black, I crashed pretty hard. The White did not have the crash factor, but the energy was substandard. I found these were useful for the mid-afternoon pickup. 28 Energy gave me enough of a lift to get through a lengthy and boring class and I was still able to sleep soundly that night.


28 Energy is a strong newcomer in the market. These drinks are a good alternative for those people who still get a buzz from a can of Red Bull, but are looking for an improvement in the taste department. For me, I need a stronger ingredient profile to get the lift I’m looking for. However, I still really enjoyed the taste of The 28 Energy Black and White. Give it a shot if you find a can in your area.

Reviewed by Jason Kleindorfer

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  • Nick

    I’ve always been freaked out about Acai after Full Throttle Bad Mother. Still goes down as one of the worst drinks i’ve ever had, and I sampled every soda at Epcot in Disney World… Can anyone confirm if that’s what all these Acai flavored stuff tastes like? If not I guess I’ll give it a second chance.

  • Jason

    I agree, the Full Throttle Bad Mother was absolutely terrible, probably tied with the Steven Seagal energy drink for the worst I’ve ever had. That being said, these drinks taste like a sweeter grape juice. I’m not sure of the actual flavor of Acai berries, but I would imagine it is close to this.

  • I found that Vemma Verve is 100% all natural and is by far better tasting and better for you, if you are into health and fitness Verve is the way..

  • juan

    Hey guys im jewish so I’d like to know if this is kosher, if so please tell me the site that approve is kosher thanks you.

  • Aaron

    Hmm, tasted liked spoiled bubble gum. I think i will stick to sugar free red bull

  • ida

    i love this drink my husband n i r hooked on this 100% natural black28 drink, full of vitamines.taste delicious.much better then red bull.

  • Señores, estamos interesados en comprar este producto, favor indicar si hay algun distribuidor en lima-peru o como podemos importar.
    a la espera de sus comentarios


    Katia Palacios.

    (Gentlemen, we are interested in buying this product, please indicate if there is a dealer in Lima, Peru or we can import.
    waiting for your comments


    Katia Palacios.)

  • i love it as well and just picked it up to carry and distribute here in NYC

  • Eric

    This is a stupid brand. Why would anyone drink this?

  • Jason

    Katia Palacios.
    If you are still interested in distribution let me know how can we contact you (email, phone number etc)

    Si seguís interesada en distribuir el producto en Perú dejame saber como podemos contactarte y asi le conversamos (email, telefono etc)


  • kalie Brown

    I just got back from Panama and loved White 28. Where can I buy this in the US by the case? Does anyone have a website or can I buy it from some distributor?

  • ted

    Hey Kalie, I just checked and you can buy it online from amazon.

  • Zella

    how long does it take for the energy kick to work? like you drink it and how long do you have to wait before you get that little bit of extra energy?
    thanks so much!

  • celine kern

    For me it was not so good
    İ know açai taste, 28B has nothing to do with that !
    More like grape a bit sour
    İ will stick to my redbull too
    I give 3/10 points,

  • Sarah Weeks

    Does anyone have a contact for these guys by any chance?

  • Basil

    I consider myself an expert in energy drink and worked in the energy drink market for a very long time and I am a regular drinker of ED, I think this drink is one of the best I ever tasted. another brand that you my Love is Blue Jeans (Gwafa and passion fruit) and B energy (passion fruit).

  • John Green

    Acai has almost no taste whatsoever. The taste people have come to associate with Acai (as in Acai smoothies and granola bowls) is that of Guarana syrup which is usually mixed with Acai – it is also where the caffeeine comes from, as acai has no caffeeine neither. Guarana is a a crushed seed which naturally contains caffeeine and has a tasty flavor (as in the popular guarana sodas in Brazil). Acai on its own is a great food – has tons of vitamins, omega-3s, antioxidants etc but it has no flavor and no kick of energy. The only place in the world it grows is Northern Brazil so it (outside of that region) is always in the form of frozen pulp or freeze dried powder.

  • Kumar

    Loads of Sugar and Caffiene…Nothing Compares with Xs Energy Drinks…..No sugar , No carbs and caffiene free flavours….contact @

  • Stan Goodvibes

    ^ this is a stupid comment. Why would anyone write this?

  • Erick Casado

    6479723356. emcasado@gmail.com I work for them

Last Modified: September 24, 2014