Pure Liquid Caffeine Review: Use With Caution!

Pure Liquid Caffeine is concentrated caffeine that is intended to be mixed into your favorite beverage and measured carefully.

Use this product with extreme caution or harmful health consequences could result.

Liquid Caffeine comes in two formulations and a variety of sizes. It can be a more cost effective way to make energy drinks. Here are our reviews of both versions.

Liquid Caffeine Regular

liquid-caffeine-regularLet’s get right to it: Liquid Caffeine has landed and it’s no energy drink. It’s no energy shot. It’s the fabled bottle of piss and vinegar, and I’m here to review it for you. Movin’ on


Liquid Caffeine is basically an eye dropper of liquefied caffeine and B vitamins, without any of those fru-fru flavor ingredients. I shouldn’t have to say much more here, because believe it or not, every one of you has tasted Pure Liquid Caffeine. Don’t remember? Think back to the last energy product you consumed that had a bitter after taste. That after taste? It was Liquid Caffeine.

Now, Liquid Caffeine is not meant to be drunk on its own, but mixed with a beverage of choice. Power to the people! When mixing a recommended capful of Liquid Caffeine with your favorite vending machine product, you won’t have to concentrate hard to pick up on the aftertaste. It’s noticeable, but by no means does it destroy your drink.


Every ounce gives you 500mg of caffeine.


An ounce of Liquid Caffeine will go to work with respectable intent, much to my delight. I never found out what more than one cap will do, because one was always enough! There’s not much to expect when it comes to crashing.

This one’s got my thumbs up. I just love the idea of having a resealable, highly portable, bottle of concentrated caffeine. Keeping one in a jacket pocket is the epitome of being prepared for an energy lover.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Pure Liquid Caffeine Sweet

liquid-caffeine-sweetI have had my number of energy drinks, yet this may be the most unique/creative of them all. We reviewed the powerful Liquid Caffeine a few months ago but now it comes in a 32oz jug with 12,000mg of Caffeine!

Liquid Caffeine Sweet is lightly sweetened and the directions are simple; Just add to your favorite drink, honestly! The “jug” even says “If you can drink it- you can add Liquid Caffeine Sweet to it” .

Warnings say it’s very potent and with 12,000mg of energy I can see why.


The Liquid Caffeine Sweet bottle says that I can add it to any drink, so to get a true taste, I added it to 2 different drinks. First up, water. I dumped a recommended dose of a capful into about a 10oz glass of water. The contents had a very cough syrup smell to it yet the capful didn’t dramatically change the taste of my water. The water seemed a bit sweeter, yet nowhere near overpowering.

The 2nd drink I tried was a 10oz glass of apple juice. Same result. I didn’t expect to even taste the Liquid Caffeine Sweet, yet just as the water, it seemed to sweeten the juice and once again nothing overpowering or bad tasting.


Each 1 oz serving contains 375mg of Caffeine. Other ingredients include Sorbitol glycerin and gum arabic.


The effect of Liquid Caffeine Sweet was great. The bottle says potent and potent it is! I did drink 2, 10oz glasses with Liquid Caffeine Sweet mixed in, not sure if I over did it or not, but I did love the boost I got. Never felt jittery at all, just very very awake! Its just a capful, and you would think it would be too diluted to do anything, NOT AT ALL. As close to a perfect boost as I have ever had. Very slight to no crash towards the end.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Pure Liquid Caffeine is available in single shot, 16, 32, and gallon sizes.

Please use Pure Liquid Caffeine responsibly and this product isn’t suitable for minors.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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    Hmm, I wonder if the caffeine came out on the drug test. I would love to see the letter they sent your employer.

    “Well he doesn’t smoke weed, but keep him away from anything fragile.”

  • Hello Everyone,

    Rick here from 5150 Juice. First, I would like to thank Dusty for the sincere review (and the neat little story that went along with it). The great thing about 5150 Juice is that you can add it to just about anything you drink to create your own energy drink. Plus, you can add a little or a lot – it’s up to you.

    5150 Juice can also be added to other things such as Jell-o, Soup, salsa, and the list goes on. We even had some women who said they use it in their body lotion, and some who said they put some under their eyes to get rid of the puffiness.

    You can purchase 5150 Juice on our website , or at King of Caffeine . As always, we are looking for distributors worldwide.

    Getting’ Crazy,

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    Im interested in becoming a distributor I’m in California

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    5150 hasn’t closed but is in transition to a new owner and will be back soon.

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    Has the company closed or not? An update would be nice..

  • Horrid

    Has the company closed? Or still in transition?

  • Nope, but it is simply called “Liquid Caffeine” now. There is a link to their website above.

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    Thank you Ted, I was just hesitant to make a purchase until I knew for sure. This is a great sight, very insightful and educational!

  • You’re welcome. We are so glad you find it useful!

  • Ted

    Pure Liquid Caffeine is back up and running

  • Steve

    Got some of the sweet formula. Added 2 tsp to 16 oz of gatorade. Yuck. It tastes like I crushed up a bunch of aspirin and put it in. It also leaves a chalky taste in your mouth.

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