7-Eleven: Big Energy Fusion Coffee

7-Eleven have created a new coffee brew.

As well as a blend of coffee beans, their Big Energy (formerly Fusion Energy) coffee contains a “proprietary blend of three herbs, ground and ready to be infused with the fresh coffee.” .

Those three herbs are Guarana, Yerba Mate, and Ginseng.

Was Energy Fusion, Now Called Big Energy

Fusion Coffee was discontinued for a couple of years, but according to our visitors it’s back in select 7-Eleven’s but under the name Big Energy.

I went out to 7-11 last Saturday to try it for myself. I filled the large cup up with the freshly brewed coffee, added some milk, and was ready to have it with my donuts.

It Tasted Normal

To me it tasted no different than other dark roasted coffee, but to those that like a light roast, it may taste a little strong.

I enjoyed every sip.

Definitely Something Besides Coffee in There

I usually drink 2 cups of coffee a day and the equivalent amount of Big Energy Coffee seemed to double my normal coffee’s effects.

I felt wide awake and ready to conquer my Saturday. It wasn’t a crazy rush…. No heart palpitations or energy sweats, just increased alertness.

The rush lasted into the afternoon before I was ready for a nap.

We are working to get more information about Energy Fusion including its caffeine content. Be sure to check back for updates as we will post them as soon as they are made available.

The Cruft blog has grabbed some photos of the new promotion – one of which claims that Fusion has “Twice the caffeine”). That’s a difficult claim to make when it comes to coffee due to the variations in blends and brewing method.

However given that Big Energy is drip-brewed coffee – the caffeine is probably quite high. See also Meth Coffee.

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  • Anthony

    If you’re a coffee drinker looking for something a little stronger, this is a good drink for you. It won’t get you too amped, but it will give you great energy to blow through usually mundane tasks with new enthusiasm. I reccomend it to people who have boring jobs, like I do. It’s also as cheap as regular 7-11 coffee, so you get more bang for your buck than with something like Red Bull or Full Throttle. I buy a 24 ounce cup for about $1.50 and am well energized for several hours.

  • Jamar

    I love this coffee!

  • ken

    This is the worst tasting stuff I have ever tried. Warm monkey piss tastes better!

  • Chad

    I have been buying this for the last couple weeks. I do love it. But I also put two caffeine shots in it, that the 7-11, I go to has. It keeps me going and I’m not so shakey like other coffees. I didn’t know it had those other ingredients. Cool.

  • Anne

    Tried a cup a year ago at our 7-11. Never forgot it. Our 7-11 stoppped putting it out shortly after. I am looking for it.

  • tom

    Ken, Thanks for the tip. Just ordered lots of warm monkey piss. I love this stuff.

  • Katerina

    I have just come upon this coffee the past few weeks and love to get a cup in the morning. Good for ADD types like me, helps me concentrate at work. Love it!!

  • jenjen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! The best thing EVER created. Full body taste. Crazy energy…NO CRASH!!!! I only need one cup in the morning as opposed to drinking brown water all day in the office with no results. HUGE FAN !!!!!!!!!!! HUGE!!!!

  • jenjen

    @Ann – mine quit carrying it too….I asked the manager…she requested……has been fully stocked since…….it is worth asking about!

  • ak

    it taste like goat piss…ill stick with dark roast

  • KAL

    Hey Guys, I love this, Something different than the usual energy drinks and shots. Love it. All day smooth energy, smooth Taste, No Crash. This is the stuff, Yellow pot at 7-Eleven. less than 2 dollars for a the whole day of power. My 7-Eleven has cool looking Fusion mugs, cheap refills.

  • BRAD G

    FUSION is the shit!! Ive been buying this coffee for a couple years now and i love it! It gets me going when im super tired or just want that extra boost. Just look for the yellow pot its less than $2 even for the xl. I recomend it for anyone who works hard long days it will get u goin with no crash later.

  • Chris

    It’s dissapearing in NJ and rarely see it at 7-11 when I travel. I love it- anyone know how you can get the coffee to brew at home? Who makes 7-11 coffees?

    Also- 7-11 outside of NY/NJ area- take note. If you don’t have milk, cream in containers you really are screwing up! Those little one oz creamers that have been in a box in the back for a year suck! Get real milk out at your coffee areas like Starbucks, wawa etc. Just because a sunoco gas station puts creamers out doesn’t mean it’s right!!!!!

  • Janet

    I go to school in LA and there are no 7Elevens out here. Really need some Fusion anyone knows where I can buy the pack to brew at home. This is very important. I need it to study…it is the only legal thing that works!!!

  • sw

    it’s not been discontinued, I just got a cup and am drinking it now.

  • MMc

    I am not typically a coffee drinker, but lately I have had a craving for coffee in the morning. I stopped at 7-11 and thought I’d try this Energy Fusion or Fusion Energy, whatever they call it. I must say, before reading these comments, I felt more energetic and focused without the jittery feeling regular coffee gives me. This stuff is awesome, you really should try it and I agree, no crash and one cup does last all day. I haven’t been able to confirm there is twice the caffiene, but the herbal additives do it for me!

  • Kal

    MMc. Tottaly agree. This Fusion is the best kept secret. i think when word gets out how awseome this cup of coffee is, we will see Fusion popping up everywhere.
    I really love this stuff and have been drinking it since 2007.

  • Autumn

    I knew this wasn’t straight up coffee, LOL. The smallest size kept me going for hours and hours. First time I bought it I got my usual large size… Big mistake. I have never been that hyper in my life. Ever.

  • Theresa

    I just bought a pack for 0.99 cents at our 7 11 in Va and it brews a whole pot.

  • David

    7-11 Fusion Coffee is great! I go to 7-11s that have it. If I don’t see a pot (with a yello handle), I ask them to make a fresh one. I (mostly) only go to 7-11s that have it.

    Sometimes I’ll buy cookies or other stuff with it, just to encourage management to keep it in stock.

    It gives you the enthusiasm and focus of energy drinks, but without the sugar, leaving you free to get your sugar from other sources (7-11 sugar powder donuts, for example).

    The taste is plenty good enough, and there are complimentary little cruets of various creamers to take the edge of, if you need i it.

Last Modified: May 18, 2012