7-Eleven: Big Energy Fusion Coffee

7-Eleven have created a new coffee brew.

As well as a blend of coffee beans, their Big Energy (formerly Fusion Energy) coffee contains a “proprietary blend of three herbs, ground and ready to be infused with the fresh coffee.” .

Those three herbs are Guarana, Yerba Mate, and Ginseng.

Was Energy Fusion, Now Called Big Energy

Fusion Coffee was discontinued for a couple of years, but according to our visitors it’s back in select 7-Eleven’s but under the name Big Energy.

I went out to 7-11 last Saturday to try it for myself. I filled the large cup up with the freshly brewed coffee, added some milk, and was ready to have it with my donuts.

It Tasted Normal

To me it tasted no different than other dark roasted coffee, but to those that like a light roast, it may taste a little strong.

I enjoyed every sip.

Definitely Something Besides Coffee in There

I usually drink 2 cups of coffee a day and the equivalent amount of Big Energy Coffee seemed to double my normal coffee’s effects.

I felt wide awake and ready to conquer my Saturday. It wasn’t a crazy rush…. No heart palpitations or energy sweats, just increased alertness.

The rush lasted into the afternoon before I was ready for a nap.

We are working to get more information about Energy Fusion including its caffeine content. Be sure to check back for updates as we will post them as soon as they are made available.

The Cruft blog has grabbed some photos of the new promotion – one of which claims that Fusion has “Twice the caffeine”). That’s a difficult claim to make when it comes to coffee due to the variations in blends and brewing method.

However given that Big Energy is drip-brewed coffee – the caffeine is probably quite high. See also Meth Coffee.

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  • Kal

    Its now even better. Called BIG ENERGY COFFEE. Bolder and stronger

  • issac

    i tried the coffee this morning and i am experiencing jumping in my heart after this i will stick to regular coffee, there’s something wrong with this coffee

  • Chrissy

    Bought 24oz coffee this morning from 7-11. Filled half cup with decaf and other half with big energy coffee. Feeling very sick right now between heart skipping beats, massive headache and lightheadedness. Way too much caffeine for me. Will stick to decaf with a little regular mixed in. This coffee is a dangerous blend for people like me with mitral valve prolapse. Makes symptoms worse.

  • K.Cruz

    I drink this coffee frequently and sometimes I think I may be getting too much caffine when combining this with my multivitamin which contains a large amount of caffine. If anyone is sensitive to caffine I do not recommend drinking this blend. What ever it has in it, it lasts a while. I’m 160 lbs and one 24oz cup (sipped on for a couple hours) will keep me feeling up for 4 to 6 hours.

  • ouida

    Can i buy this big energy coffee to make at home? if so where can i buy it.

  • Randall

    I love this coofeee can I buy this by the box if zo wer can I do it

  • Stuff

    I had my first cup of Big Energy the other day. It kept me up as I was hoping it would. I have been back to this new 7-11 daily and they said they were not making it because it was not selling. Where can I purchase this to use at home? Thanking you in advance.

  • Kal

    If you keep “Demanding It” they will bring it back. You can find it other stores.

  • Dave

    I don’t drink big energy coffee every day, or even every week, for sure. Nor do I drink it for activities that require sustained skill, as I generally prefer the hard work route.

    However, when you need to tackle a known task, and want to give it an extra burst … gosh, I pick my 7-11s by whether or not they carry Big Energy Coffee.

    It has, for me, 2 advantages:

    1) It works *real* well

    2) Since it is basically coffee, it is unsweetened, and I can spend my sweet budget on a tube of cookies or donuts (7-11 has good both).
    If I just want to take the edge off the coffee taste, I’ll put in one of those individual non-dairy vanilla sweeteners they carry.

    If you’re worried about staying up late, drink a medium or large cup early.

    If you’re worried about consuming too much, get a small one (feels good to exercise will power :-).

    I still get the (very) occasional 5 hr or red bull zero carb, but 7-11 and their Big Energy Coffee is my vendor of choice in this area.

    Just my viewpoint.

  • Marni

    I just discovered Big Energy within the last month. It keeps me going well into the afternoon. I’ve even purchased a few bags for me to use at work with my Keurig.

  • Clinton Green

    I have been diagnosed as Hypertensive and a on low dosage of Losartan. Lately or since I was recently checked during my physical, my BP has been high. I average drinking about 16 oz of this a day. I wonder if this stuff is causing my BP to rise.

  • blkcat50

    Can u buy big energy coffee offline anywhere does anyone know

Last Modified: May 18, 2012