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925 & Player Aid Energy Shot Review

I was very pleasantly surprised when I found two cases of energy shots in the mail – both addressed from UK company Energy Beverages Worldwide. Inside, was a case of 925 Energy, and Player Aid.

Since both have very similar characteristics differing only in name and slight ingredient concentrations, I’ll feature both.

Player Aid seems to market more to those who use energy shots for a kick to aid them during sports, and 925 definitely appeals more to the workers who need a boost to keep them going nine-to-five. Featuring green tea extracts, a proclaimed black-cherry flavor, and a good dose of caffeine, could these shots topple other competitors, and give us the boost we’re looking for?


Claiming a black cherry flavor, as well as containing green tea extract and sucralose, both Player Aid and 925 feature a unique sugar-free taste that creates a somewhat bitter black cherry sensation. Compared to other shots like Mini Thin Rush, these shots taste delicious and are easily downed without any remorse from your taste buds. It is still an energy shot though – don’t expect too amazing of a taste.


Both Player Aid and 925 Energy contain 120mg caffeine, yerba mate extract, ginseng extract, and a similar balance of amino acids and B-vitamins. The black-cherry flavor is accented by the use of sucralose as a sweetener, as well as green tea extract. In a 2oz/60ml bottle, other shots tend to have much higher caffeine concentrations, so this is a welcome change for some who aren’t looking for as much of a bombshell in an energy shot.


Downing it all in one go, I began to feel the effects within 15 minutes. Coming on very strong, you can definitely feel the caffeine rush as it lifted my senses expediently. However, this shot doesn’t provide an alarming rush like Jolt Endurance Shot as it has much less caffeine. Consuming this prior to a tough test at school, I became very focused, ending up with an A+, proving this shot definitely does the trick.

Both Player Aid and 925 Energy have become my favorite energy shot due to their great taste and stimulating effects. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by JD


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on June 18, 2014