Adina Natural Highs Coffee Energy Drinks

Adina is a company that strives to create energy products according to two principles: healthy and natural. Specializing in coffee-based drinks, they claim to be the first to produce a coffee energy drink that preserves the benefits of the coffee beans used and deliver a whopping 4-fruit servings worth of antioxidants in each can.

Seeing as they’re competing against big brands like Monster and others with proven coffee-based drinks, Adina is definitely pushing their natural edge. The question is will people embrace a natural energy beverage?


Adina’s Coffee Energy Drink comes in 5 flavors that are very common within the world of coffee.

  • Mocha Madness – Has a nice chocolate smell. Very smooth, watery texture, prominent cocoa flavor with a light coffee taste. This one is my favorite!
  • Caramel Kick – The caramel flavoring isn’t too noticeable. Has a watery feel to it with a bit stronger coffee taste than Mocha Madness. What really surprised me was an aftertaste somewhat reminiscent of eggnog.
  • Double Xxpresso – A basic espresso mixed with milk and sugar. Isn’t too strong and I find the sweetness and texture to be very enjoyable. Some seasoned espresso fanatics may find flaws in this mix, but I find it to be just right.
  • Vanilla Nut Case – Subtle vanilla taste with the same texture of the other flavors. The nut flavor is also very subtle. This ends up tasting and feeling a lot like Caramel Kick.
  • Hazelnut Hook Up – It’s tough to taste the hazelnut, but it has the same sweet and smooth taste as the rest of the flavors.

Although I’m picky about flavor, each of these would be very enjoyable to the casual drinker.


Adina puts a lot of emphasis on the natural ingredients they use to make these coffee concoctions and they’re serious about it! There is not a trace of any artificial ingredients. Each one is a simple mix of Columbian coffee, 2% milk, water, cane juice, guarana, and natural flavors. The caffeine concentration is around 100mg, which is fairly average in an 8oz drink of this size.


Adina provides a very nice, natural pickup. It would best be described as a moderate boost of energy one would expect for a coffee-based drink in this size. It comes on quickly, as coffee tends to deliver that kind of an edgy pick-me-up. The best part is that it’s not too edgy. For those who want a greater lift, however, this won’t cut it. A larger volume would be desirable.

Adina’s all natural coffee drinks are definitely worth trying. They provide a great energy boost that you can feel good about, knowing it includes only natural ingredients and a big dose of antioxidants.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Wondering, how good the taste would be…

  • AmpedWithEnergy

    I’m very glad to see that more and more Coffee Energy Drinks are becoming available. The only two I’ve tasted so far are one from Starbucks and the Roasted Mocha from Rockstar.

  • Oooh, those drinks look good. Great flavors! I’ll have to look into them!

    Speaking of looking into drinks, have you tried 6 Hour Power? It’s definitely my favorite. It comes in 3 flavors which is a plus! It’s perfect for that nice boost of energy minus the crash at the end. There’s no sugar or calories, either. Definitely awesome!

    I work for Stacker 2 and we’ve got a survey up right now that I’d love for you to help out with if you wouldn’t mind. It’s short and anonymous! Head over to

    Thanks so much for letting me comment on your blog — I hope it’s okay! Just wanted to take a second to let you know about yet another energy drink! 🙂

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me!


    Amanda Burke
    Brand Ambassador

  • these r all gay. wtf energy drink companies? don’t pander to the hippies like that.

  • e.a.nowakattack

    All natural and organic products are becoming a very big deal in the general market. And some of the drinks that have been comming out, haven’t been too bad.


  • I’ve been reading up on these drinks for the past week. They look good. Thanks for the taste test, I’ll have to try these soon.

    I’m thinking Double Xxpresso 🙂

  • These things are great. They carry them at WholeFoods and the flavor, especially on Hazelnut, is excellent. The only problem is the $7.00 price tag for only 4 8oz cans. Still, excellent stuff.

  • Shelly

    hey I have tried these drinks and they are awesome. Many a times I am in a day long boring meetings and they have been my saviour. Yesterday I drove from SFran to Portland with only 3 fifteen mins break bz of them. Absolutely love them. Try one…definetly worth it!

  • Tried this a few weeks ago at Whole Foods. Taste great and the energy last a long time.

  • Barbara

    I tried the Double XXpresso since it had basic ingredients – has a good flavor but I was concerned about the flavor because it tasted a little nutty and I’m allergic to nuts. I guess if I end up in the er later we’ll all know why. But besides that oddness I think that it takes good. Better than the Grande Iced coffee with nonfat milk and classic at Starbucks that I had earlier today. And I think for the four pack it comes out cheaper.

Last Modified: July 23, 2012