Advocare Spark Energy Drink Review

advocare spark energy drink mixAdvocare Spark Energy Drink Mix is a popular energy supplement sold by independent Advocare distributors.

I happened to discover this drink in a strange way…….

Have you ever been to an electronics store and found a great deal on men’s cologne?

No?  Well how about a two-for-one deal at a car lot, have you seen one?  I wish.

What about a farmer’s market?  Ever been to one and found an incredible energy drink product you’ve never seen before?  No?  Well nah nah in your face I have!

This summer I took a trip to the local farmer’s market with my mom, my greatest excitement being the possibility of finding a flawless eggplant to complete my cornucopia crafting project.  Sarcasm.

Anywho, I walked by a table where a nice lady was selling Advocare performance products.

This table just reeked of multi-level marketing, but I couldn’t resist inquiring about the “Spark” energy drink powder packets.

Without even telling the saleswoman about my status as an energy drink reviewer, she grabbed a bottle of water, filled it with a whole packet of Spark, and let me continue on my way while I drank the bottle down.

Less than 20 minutes later: holy organic cucumbers Batman!

Look here to find out how many packets of Spark it would take to be dangerous!


I later bought three flavors of my own Spark packets: grape, fruit punch, and mandarin orange.  They also offer citrus and cherry.  All you need is a cold bottle of water,  one of these packets mixed into it, and it will plaster a smile onto your lethargic face.

The experience was better than I could have even expected, especially after E-Boost set my standards so low.  Not one stage of the show can be categorized as bitter, transparent, overly sweet, or overly tart.  Delish!


spark-canister/begin list/ 120mg caffeine, 750% B12, 750% B6, 300% niacin, GABA /end list/

Quite small compared to the 17 active ingredients in Optimind Energy Supplement.


No matter how you consume a packet of Spark, whether it be straight, snorted, mixed into your Easy Mac flavor packet, or… oh ya mixed into water, you are guaranteed the perfect long-lasting energy boost.

No joking around here, these packets are simply the perfect pick me up.  This will be my first product review where I end up purchasing more of what I sampled.


Advocare Spark changed my energy drink life.  I can now truthfully say that given the immediate availability of a Spark packet, I would choose a bottle of water from a cooler instead a stand-by favorite energy drink.  That’s right, a flavored bottle of water over, say, a NOS or Rockstar Punched Citrus.

Up until Spark, that’d just be crazy talk.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Advocare also makes Slam Energy Shot which is a ready to drink, 2 floz shot of caffeine, vitamins, and amino acids as well as Slim, which is a caffeinated weight loss supplement.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Carlo

    Spark is Fannnntastic!!
    You must try this stuff….The energy is awesome with no buzz and no crash.
    The best part is that it tastes great, is natural and it works.

  • Teresa

    My best friend just started selling these products after trying them herself. She gave me a packet of Spark today. I’m sold! Great energy, no crash, and tasted amazing! I can’t wait to try the other products!

  • DJ

    I can tell you, as a cheapskate and a skeptic, spark is worth the money. As a full time employee, full time student, father, and husband I can get pretty exhausted. I work out alot too. Spark gives me so much more energy to do stuff, and the day after I take it, I wake up feeling fantastic. It will not make you jump off the walls. This isn’t Red Bull. Red Bull will give you wings, and then cut them off after an hour or two. You’ll crash- bad. Fifteen minutes after taking Spark, you will feel like you just woke up from the best night’s sleep of your entire life. That’s the best way to describe it. The energy continues for a long time, and I’ve never felt a crash from it. I LOVE Spark. I couldn’t do half as much without it.

  • I was sooo excited to see this article…

    My husband & I became AdvoCare distributor’s in May of 2009 so we could get the 20% discount on the products we were using… I’ve been drinking the energy drink (SPARK) since June and absolutely love the extra energy I have and lost 32 pounds from June until January without even really trying… I think it’s because I had more energy to run around and play with our children… rather than being exhausted at the end of the day and just collapsing on the couch, etc…. In January I decided to make a commitment to get fit and I began a 24 day challenge on January 3rd, 2010.

    As of today I have lost a total of 66 pounds and I feel great.

    Because of the results we’ve gotten from AdvoCare products we decided to look at the business opportunity that is available… we are passionate about sharing this product with others and helping others to change their lives in regards to health & finances…We help people feel better, have more energy, lose weight, gain muscle, and improve sports performance.

    “Passion and persistence with PURPOSE!”

  • I have been taking the products for 16 days now, and I have lost 16 lbs and 18 1/2″. I absolutely adore the products and even became a distributor. As a special education teacher, I definitely needed the energy boost that SPARK provides.

  • Jen

    I have seen Spark and tried it with no great effect…as for Nathaniel who stated that he has kicked his coffee and soda habit–you have just replaced it. The first ingredient in Spark Energy drink is CAFFEINE! You are correct in stating that you are better off without the sugar and creamer and high fructose corn syrup. Drinking water and eating a healthy and balanced diet coupled with exercise will give you the same boost that any energy drink does without the side effects. There is nothing more energizing than a brisk run or walk in the morning to get your day started. Just saying–go back to the basics…eat correctly, avoid the crap that is available to eat and exercise!

  • Rob

    Someone stated earlier that you have to become an Advocare sales person and buy a bulk order to get these products. That is not correct. You do have to know a distributor or Advocare will find you one in your area to purchase from. You do not have to buy in bulk and are not required to sell or purchase product on a regular basis. You can become a member, sorta like Sam’s or Cosco to get a 20% discount and you have the option to start a business from there if you choose to do so. You get to purchase what you want when you want it and you are not obligated to sell any product. You get to choose what type of relationship you want with Advocare (retail, 20% discount, 40% discount, or business builder). I started out as a retail customer, 1 month later wanted the 20% discount. Soon after, friends and family were asking what I was doing because they noticed I lost weight and was full of energy. That’s when I decided to look at the business opportunity. I have been using this stuff for 7 years. I lost 20 lbs of fat and gained muscle in 6 weeks and feel great.

  • Sparks were the first supplement that I took from Advocare and I was hooked right then and there. Grape is my favorite and I have about 3 in one day. The vitamins and minerals in a Spark are exactly what you need to give you that little extra “spark” in your step. I have started distributing Advocare because I loved and believed in the product so much. My other favorite products is the 24 day cleanse, the meal replacement shakes, night time recovery, and thermoplus just to name a few.

  • Kitty

    I love spark and all the product I have tried.. So much so I became a distributor .. Give me a discount anyway.

  • KT

    The ingredient list above left out numerous other ingredients integral to the overall effect…

  • Tonya

    My husband and I are distributors of AdvoCare and LOVE the products. My husband works midnight shifts and uses spark for his drink instead of pop or coffee. I started a new adventure in my life as a tri-athlete – by using other products of AdvoCare I was able to drop 10 lbs and my body fat is at 15%. I feel healthier and have more energy than I ever have had in my life. My husband and I believe in these products and would like to share with others whether it is to help you loss weight, need more energy, or extra income.

  • This is a great product that is part of an entire product line. I have been using Advocare in my practice with great success. If you are serious about losing weight then you need to try the 24 Day Challenge. It consists of a 10 day herbal cleanse followed by 14 days of a product called Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS). It is great product that gets results. Any questions please contact me and I will be glad to help or you can go to my website and look under nutrition/weight loss.

  • Dusty, Great review and lots of positive comments. One minor correction to your 8-31-09 comment. One need not sell to have a relationship with the company – retail customers are more than welcome. My wife and I were introduced to the products last summer,with excellent results (sustained weight loss, more energy, etc.) and we initially chose to become involved with the company as distributers so that we could take advantage of the discounts. There was, and is NO RISK, as the company will give a 100% refund of any unopened products for An ENTIRE YEAR! any ? please contact me directly or go to our website for more information.

  • april

    My Daughter and i started drinking the spark eneergy drink 2 days ago! We Love it its fast healthy energy better than coffee and actually tastes good. We work out in the morning early like 5am and before the spark it took 20 mins to get goin now we are movin after the first sip. Love it! It lasts all day my daughter would fall asleep in class and she dosent now. Satisfied with product may start sellin it.

  • scott

    I became a distributor, not really pushing to sell, just wanted the discount. I just use the spark energy drink, grape flavored is very good. Can’t say much for the new pink lemonade though. Still have my one or two budweisers everyday after work, haven’t really changed my eating habits. I’ve been drinking spark energy drink for 2 months and down 16 pounds. People at work are noticing, wondering why I have more energy and losing weight. I have ordered a couple products for other people. May have to think about becoming an advisor. Larger discount.

  • great comments except for the drink from Amway, please, we don’t even want to compare with you. Spark has been around for 17 years! long before the energy drink craze and is Still Advocare’s best seller.

  • Advocare Products

    There are alot of companies in orlando that carry advocare line along with many other brands such as IDS and Nutrex. Personally, the products are great for standard workout but for a large hype there are others that provide better results for the cost.

  • Tim

    I love Advocare products. I started on the 24 Day Challenge 2 weeks ago, and combine that with Catalyst. I’ve lost 7 lbs already, and have tons of energy from the Spark drinks!

  • Tommy

    I tried a SPARK fruit punch packet at the gym today from the advice of my trainer, he put it in a normal water bottle, shook it up and i drank it in about 2 minutes… I had TONS of energy through my workout and was not jittery at all. Here is the kicker, i had planned on running after my workout a few miles but I live in Orlando, FL and it was about 105 degrees out. I asked my trainer if i could take another in about an hour and he said that was fine. I filled up my water bottle when i got home and started my run, i just ran 3.5 miles and last night i did the same routine and could barley run 2 miles. So far for my first experience this stuff is awesome!

  • janis smith

    Well, I took it for the first time yesterday morning and at 4 am this morning, I was still awake. To much caffeine for me!

Last Modified: June 17, 2015