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American Body Building Energy Drink Review

abb_splatter_logoSo here it is, as promised: a collective review of some of the best energy drinks that American Body Building (ABB) offers.

Unbeknownst to the common energy drink consumer, ABB has the largest variety of energy drinks on the market, no contest.  ABB sent me 16 different energy drinks to review in a box big enough to build an elaborate kitten mansion out of, which reluctantly, I did not realize until I’d trashed the box.

I was sent the most massive energy drink line I’ve ever seen, and it wasn’t even conclusive; they only sent me just over half of what they offer!  I do have to point out, though, that most (not all) of the drinks I did not receive from ABB are more directly formulated to be body building supplements.

The Goods

Drink Caffeine Flavor Effect Verdict
Adrenalyn Shot 200mg Berry Buzz 3 3
Adrenalyn Stack 200mg Berry Energizing

Fruit Punch

3 3
Notes: Berry Energizing has an outright gorgeous taste, right up until you swallow. Really an odd experience.
Diet Turbo Tea 90mg Green Tea
Lemon Tea
Peach Tea
Raspberry Tea
2 3
Notes: This entire collection offers a very pleasing taste profile that fits into any hour of the day, and I’m not a tea guy. Lemon Tea rises above the rest, and Peach Tea marks the low point in taste.
Nitric Force 200mg Fruit Punch 3 2
Notes: Unless you’re looking for “powerful pumps”, steer clear of this one. The taste can be downright offensive at times and the energy is not anything to get excited about.
Ripped Force 200mg Grape
Fruit Punch
2 3
Notes: No rush to give these a try. The energy was hollow, as was the yucky artificial grape flavoring.
Speed Shot Intensity 250mg Purple Frost

Subzero Red

3 4
Notes: These are cute little energy shots that don’t taste too bad and do the trick.
Speed Stack 250mg Fruit Punch



Lemon Tea

4 5
Notes: Not only is this line the best one that ABB sent me, it’s one of the most impressive energy drink collections I’ve laid hands on. The Speed Stacks bridge the gap between the weight room and average consumer market with for ABB. The fruit punch is best in class but just watch out for Lemon Lime!!

*Effect and verdict based on a 1-5 scale with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.


Unfortunately, as you may expect, there is an incredible amount of overlap between the different energy drinks.  For example, the only noticeable difference between a fruit punch Speed Stack and fruit punch Adrenalyn Stack is that the Speed Stack tastes a little smoother.  Honestly, nothing else separates these drinks besides the label.  This state of affairs was rampant in the collection given to me, and it was a frustrating challenge to latch onto discerning factors.

Let’s be fair, though.  I’m making these statements based purely off of perceived standard energy, and energy is the one component that ABB has little intent of characterizing its drinks by.  These drinks are separated instead by offerings of thermogenesis (increased metabolism), ‘pump’ power (weightlifting pumps), and other esoteric promises that lose their merit outside of the weight room.

So I want you to keep in mind here, all of the drinks were reviewed strictly as energy drinks.  If a drink really does offer more powerful weightlifting pumps but doesn’t wake you up, then for all intensive purposes it will be a lame energy drink in this review.  To make things easier on you, we here at EF have created a summary table to help you wade through the dense thicket that is the ABB product line.  Drinks that require special additional attention are listed as well.  Also, just FYI: none of the drinks are carbonated.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on December 15, 2020