Best Caffeine Buzz Comes After Withdrawal


One of the downsides with using caffeine on a regular basis to increase alertness is that the human body quickly adapts to the caffeine molecule with decreased sensitivity.

In order to achieve the same buzz from the amount of caffeine the user originally experienced, he or she must continually consume ever increasing amounts of caffeine.

Eventually, most caffeine consumers settle at a daily amount that just basically allows them to feel normal.

Others, in striving to achieve that original buzz, begin consuming dangerous levels of caffeine.

Caffeine to Only Relieve Withdrawal

There has been some research into this issue and the researchers say that eventually caffeine’s only benefit happens by relieving the withdrawal symptoms that build up overnight.

Professor Rogers from The University of Bristol said this:

“That alertness you feel is you getting back to normal, rather than to an above normal level.

“That morning boost is what people think is useful about caffeine, but if that doesn’t happen, maybe it’s not that useful after all.” (BBC)

Professor Rogers also said that “caffeine did have some benefits, such as preventing cognitive decline in the elderly.”, but it is an illusion to believe that caffeine is “waking you up” when it comes to daily caffeine consumers.

Some refute this research and attest to caffeine having real benefits for productivity and alertness. 

Many attest to doing their best, most creative work when fueled with caffeine. They work faster and are more creative.


Can You Get the Caffeine Buzz Back?

The good news (at least for some), is that you can reset your caffeine tolerance and experience that original buzz once again. However, it comes with a price….

You must detox from caffeine.

This means you have to remove all caffeine from your diet and allow your body to return to a state of normal functioning without the caffeine molecule blocking your adenosine receptors.

You can read our guide to quitting caffeine here, but it’s no easy task as the withdrawal symptoms can be quite challenging for some; from severe headache to even flu-like symptoms. See our full list here.

After about 3 weeks without caffeine a person’s body is back to normal functioning. (this is shorter or longer depending on how large the daily dose or dependance had become.)

After the detox period is over a person will again experience caffeine euphoria from a cup of coffee, but having caffeine everyday again will eventually put them back where they started.

Some try to only have caffeine every couple of days or so and this method does work for some, but sporadic caffeine consumption leads to a greater chance of developing caffeine headaches.

In our experience, most people eventually return to daily caffeine consumption or decide to quit caffeine for good and for those that have trouble consuming caffeine in moderation, quitting may be the healthiest option.

What’s your experience with achieving that caffeine buzz once again?

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  • Corn Videos

    there is no way that Caff. doesnt give you a high/buzz. That is easily the most crap thing iv’e heard in a while!

  • vinsanity

    I second that right here right now!
    After all if it never gave you a buzz, then why after two weeks of no caffeine did i feel like ELDERLY,
    I felt like I Was in COGNITIVE DECLINE!
    SO someone somehow,
    stomp that kracka’s couch!

  • David Greene

    It is true to an extent, but keep in mind that caffeine is still a drug with an effect of its own. Someone who has never had caffeine before, and drinks it will get an effect, but someone with long term use will understand the feeling more, and it will relieve there stress to satisfy in a way a first time user couldn’t feel.

    That is true with a variety of different drugs though.

  • Dusty

    I think whoever posted this quote may have taken it out of a context not mentioned. This guy in the quote is right, but only when an “addicition” is in full play. As with any drug with dependency, you always need more and more to get a “high” and eventually, that “high” is equivelant to your state of original normalcy. I’m sure he’s aware that caffeine when first ingested in a fresh system w/o recent prior exposure will get a sincere buzz, one that takes them above what’s normal. It was maybe just missed by the poster of this news.

    And just to adress some possible future arguments here, I use the words “addiction” and “dependency” for the sake of simplifying the concept I’m speaking of. I know these words are controversial in the caffeine world.

  • Jay

    I agree with this quote. I have been off of caffeine for about 15 years after being addicted (mostly from soda). At first it was pretty tough but I finally grew out of the need for it. Now, the only caffeine I get is from hot chocolate or my twice a year serving of tazo chai. I don’t need any “boost” in the morning that I can’t get from a hot shower, eating breakfast or taking a walk. I attribute this to my lack of need for caffeine. I was only at this website b/c I was looking up the caffeine content in tazo chai. Thanks for the info 🙂

  • videoCWK

    Yes, I suppose it’s just a coincidence that I can pass VerTex on Expert (in ITG) with more ease than usual after drinking a Nos and a few Jolts.

  • levi

    for me id say iv been induldging in caffine scince i was 3 years old……..started out with cheap coke,moved up to cola,kickd it into overdrive with pepsi,discoverd cofee and tea,then energy shots,energy drinks soon came,then before i knew it,i was swallowing 500 mg ginseng pills,drinking a pot of coffee,and having an energy drink a few hours later,dailey,im 19 years old,so thats 16 years of caffine pimpin baby.

  • Caffiene does give a buzz.I took 3 cans of energy drink today im still feeling paranoid and a raised breathing&hearth rithme

  • fred ruff

    I agree with the bit about caffeine just bringing you back to normal. I was tolerent of caffeine to the point that i could drink several energy drinks and then go sleep for 8 hours. Quit to days ago cold turkey, and it blows.

  • Katrina

    I totally believe that caffiene brings you back to normal in the morning, I always craved coke, lucozade or red bull when i woke up.. I have been on a detox for 3 days now and am having terrible withdrawal symptoms 🙁 Headaches, tiredness and feeling cranky.. It sounds silly but over 15 years off drinkibg coke daily and moving onto energy drinks and pro plus tablets has taken its toll and now I’m suffering the withrawal symptoms x

  • George Gorman

    I too could drink coffee (leaded) at night and go to sleep without any problem. I Like the taste of coffee but I would have to say I was heavily drinking coffee to avoid a headache. I am in day 17 of “detox” as I call it with just a little residual headache, after surviving WW III and deserving a huge purple heart. I will soon be free of the scourge of the caffeine I have ingested into my body, starting as a little kid, for over 58 years or so. No wonder my withdrawal was so physically challenging. Kudo’s to all you brave souls who tackled dextox and woke to a brighter day. George

  • Laura

    Why does a 12 oz. red bull give me less of a kick than one level teaspoon of regular instant coffee?

  • The Truth

    I am having serious widthdraw symptoms.

    I drink 2 5 hour energy bottles a day (1 right before work, and one after my lunch meal. I drink about 5 cups of tea when I work, and another 5 after work.

  • Yvonne

    When I finally realized Caffeine was controlling me I said enough. Since I am an all or nothing person I knew I had to quit cold turkey. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!! It has been two weeks now and along with of course headaches, feeling tired, unmotivated, etc. I have experienced one night of severe chills, one night where my skin felt like it was on fire, preceded with waking up the next morning with severe pain and stiffness in my hands, the worst of that lasting two days, along with lots of aches and pains in all my muscles. I know I have gone too far to turn back, but boy would I like to fee again the way Caffeine made me feel. Hoping it will be all worth it!

  • Kohl

    Thats almost enough caffeine to kill a horse. You should just do meth

  • Loz

    Has anyone actually been successful in having, say, one cup of coffee a week? Or do you always end up increasing your intake and having to detox all over again?

  • Youareverydumb

    Two 5 hour energy shots contains 400 mg of caffeine.
    10 cups of tea contains 260 mg of caffeine.
    660 mg is not “almost” enough caffeine to kill a horse, it’s not even enough to kill a small child. You are very misinformed, and your joke (if you can even call it that lol) was terrible.

  • caffhelsing

    ive been drinking coke since about 6. maybe half a can to a can a day. at 3 its enough. I started drinking coffee five years ago. of course my already slightly tolerant to caff body liked it a lot.. enough is enough tho. I suffer from anxiety and I want to be rid of this demon. when I wake up I usually have a headache before coffee, how annoying. I never realized it was the coffee. and the soda, eery day I NEED soda. maybe the coffee I can go without, but the soda, oh my god. its in an addictive class all its own. I literally feel faint without soda. I think if I actually cold turkeyed of all caff and soda (with or without caff) Id be bedridden for a week. IM READY

  • caffhelsing

    They mean tolerance. its not the same as when you first take it. but I agree

  • DJ

    I have stopped drinking copious amounts of caffeine for 25 days. Today I put on a pot because I for sure thought I was going to go crazy so I fell off the wagon. I only had 2 cups of med dark roast Folgers. I felt that euphoria for about 3 hours and I came down again feeling the same as if I was still on the withdrawal. Prior to this during the withdrawal I was feeling the following symptoms:

    Severe headaches
    Upset stomach
    Brain Fog/Fuzzy Brain
    Muscle Cramps/Muscle Stiffness/Spasms
    Fluctuating Blood Pressure/Sugar
    Tingly Body Parts
    Lack of Sleep
    Discharge from the Eyes
    Pressure in the base of the skull as well as the back of eyeballs
    Loss of Appetite
    Heart Palpitations/ Arrhythmia
    Blurry Vision/Double Vision

    At the time I was literally going crazy. I was so used to slamming half a pot of coffee in the morning, a monster for lunch, a 5hr during the day, and finished the workday with either a Monster rehab or nothing else. I stayed hydrated and slept like a baby at times. But after the ordeal on New Years day which consisted of drinking a 5hr on an empty stomach along with a green tea to fight a hangover, nearly passing out with a rapid heartbeat and very low blood sugar, I learned that I should go cut my caffeine intake by alot. The doctor said this as well. The crazy thing is I never had a problem with caffeine when I was in the Marine Corps. I could smash it all day long and sleep just fine. Now my body is all sorts of confused. My head still feels as if its going to burst. I may get my brain checked to see if no damage was done because of the headaches. This is ridiculous. The doc told me that I’m not in danger of having a heart attack or anything heart related. Just cut the joe by alot. I’ll be glad when I feel better and this subsides.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014