Best Caffeine Buzz Comes After Withdrawal


One of the downsides with using caffeine on a regular basis to increase alertness is that the human body quickly adapts to the caffeine molecule with decreased sensitivity.

In order to achieve the same buzz from the amount of caffeine the user originally experienced, he or she must continually consume ever increasing amounts of caffeine.

Eventually, most caffeine consumers settle at a daily amount that just basically allows them to feel normal.

Others, in striving to achieve that original buzz, begin consuming dangerous levels of caffeine.

Caffeine to Only Relieve Withdrawal

There has been some research into this issue and the researchers say that eventually caffeine’s only benefit happens by relieving the withdrawal symptoms that build up overnight.

Professor Rogers from The University of Bristol said this:

“That alertness you feel is you getting back to normal, rather than to an above normal level.

“That morning boost is what people think is useful about caffeine, but if that doesn’t happen, maybe it’s not that useful after all.” (BBC)

Professor Rogers also said that “caffeine did have some benefits, such as preventing cognitive decline in the elderly.”, but it is an illusion to believe that caffeine is “waking you up” when it comes to daily caffeine consumers.

Some refute this research and attest to caffeine having real benefits for productivity and alertness. 

Many attest to doing their best, most creative work when fueled with caffeine. They work faster and are more creative.


Can You Get the Caffeine Buzz Back?

The good news (at least for some), is that you can reset your caffeine tolerance and experience that original buzz once again. However, it comes with a price….

You must detox from caffeine.

This means you have to remove all caffeine from your diet and allow your body to return to a state of normal functioning without the caffeine molecule blocking your adenosine receptors.

You can read our guide to quitting caffeine here, but it’s no easy task as the withdrawal symptoms can be quite challenging for some; from severe headache to even flu-like symptoms. See our full list here.

After about 3 weeks without caffeine a person’s body is back to normal functioning. (this is shorter or longer depending on how large the daily dose or dependance had become.)

After the detox period is over a person will again experience caffeine euphoria from a cup of coffee, but having caffeine everyday again will eventually put them back where they started.

Some try to only have caffeine every couple of days or so and this method does work for some, but sporadic caffeine consumption leads to a greater chance of developing caffeine headaches.

In our experience, most people eventually return to daily caffeine consumption or decide to quit caffeine for good and for those that have trouble consuming caffeine in moderation, quitting may be the healthiest option.

What’s your experience with achieving that caffeine buzz once again?

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  • Penelope

    Hi DJ, have you read the article and comments on this (other) page also on this website. You’ve listed some fairly impressive withdrawal symptoms!
    I don’t agree with the comment in the article on this page that after three weeks without caffeine your body is back to normal functioning (even if the statement is quantified by another). I stopped caffeine cold turkey five months ago and it still haunts me. Admittedly not in the same proportions as when I first gave it up but I can’t seem to shake the lethargy, moodiness and despondency no matter how hard I try. Anybody, who’s body is functioning normally after three weeks, is very very lucky!

  • Arbie

    Thanks gor the very informative site. Have you experienced palpitations too from caffeine withdrawal? I started drinking coffee 3-4 cups of coffee a day 8 yrs ago in lieu of my migraine medicine. I thought coffee is much better than drinking my migraine meds. So it went on adding more cups when i worked graveyard shift. Since I developed hypertension, I decided to work days instead of nights and went down on my coffee to 2-3 cups a day. Since I’ve been following a diet regimen with exercise that includes stopping coffee to stay healthy which is my goal to eventually live a healthier life. I am happy that I was able to control my BP without the help of meds. But the bad part is I suffered loss of concentration, sleepiness, skin itchy rashes all over my body, tongue sore and palpitations.

  • Dan

    I’ve never been a daily consumer of coffee. Sometimes I’d get into the habit, and then feel the need every day or I’d feel really tired. But after getting some rest, proper sleep etc. I’d naturally stop drinking it every day. Never had it every day for more than a few weeks. I always drank coffee for pleasure, and then on occasion to try to combat major fatigue. My norm is to have it every now and again. Works fine. However I’ve read it’s worst for your life expectancy. Probably as more likely to have fatigue based accidents. And perhaps it alters your heart rate too much. However I do drink tea fairly regularly. So I’m generally not caffeine free. I’m not sure the green tea figures on this site are correct though. My understanding was the consumed levels in a steeped cup of green tea were pretty low. But I don’t get the same buzz/shakyness/energy from green tea. It’s better for concentration I find.

  • noncom

    You can try a moderate course of piracetam, that will quite likely restore your brain chemistry back to its normal/natural state in less then a month.

  • bingis

    the joke was actually pretty funny. you’re the just the dude with poor social skills that has to ruin everything with “facts” and “superior intellect” BINGIS

  • Just Jeff

    Dude… I was hooked on Mountain Dew, and kicking that stuff was like being hooked up with Angelina Jolie – and having to tell her to take a hike! Thing is though, soft drinks are NOT a hot chick – or a hot dude or a best friend. They are PRODUCTS made by stuffy cigar smoking guys wearing suits who spent millions of dollars designing recipes and logos and colors and ads that make us THINK that 2 cent (that’s what it costs them. The bottle is more expensive than the crap within) dyed-drugged sugar water is our best friend or soul mate or whatever. You just have to get pissed off at the whole system and go Kamakaze on that crap. I know the post is 3 years old, but I hope somebody else sees this and manages to kick soft drinks – and for that matter coffee, opiates, pot – whatever. Just make friends with pain for a while, exercise like crazy, take something for the headaches, start eating right and go HEALTHY! Takes a week to a month to get functional – depending on your poison – and a month to a year (again depending on your poison) to really get kicking ass. But when you get there… dude… Being healthy is the best buzz you’ll ever have, I guarantee it.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014