Boom Boom Energy Inhalant

Today up for review are three different “flavors” of Boom Boom, which is an energy INHALANT. Surprised? I was too.

To be honest when I first found out I was going to review an energy product I had to inhale, I was a bit hesitant. Of course I automatically assumed Boom Boom would be some sort of powder or spray, but it is something much more pleasant.

Boom Boom is contained in a small, lip balm like elongated capsule, which once unscrewed, is placed beneath each nostril at the open end and sniffed. Not too hard to figure out, especially with some simple instructions included on the back of the initial package.

Alas, I am not here to run you through the process of inhaling these things, I am here to tell you if this process yields any lucrative energy results.

Boom Boom Smell

  • Berry Breeze:
    Reminds me of mentholated cherry cough syrup mixed with chap stick, not too great and gives me a bit of a gag reflex and quiver.
  • Cinna-Mint:
    Essentially what the title implies, cinnamon and mint but mixed with the smell of an isle in a craft store. Cinna-Mint is my runner up in terms of smell.
  • Tropical Punch:
    By far my favorite. It is very fruity (pineapple, banana, and mango come to mind) and not at all medicinal. The Tropical Punch Boom Boom also has a bubblegum like quality to it. I’d love to have this tasty scent wafting in my room constantly.


Sadly the only information given on the package and individual tubes isn’t too helpful. The label only lists the ingredients as “All-natural essential oils and stimulating scents”. To me this just sounds like a candle and not something I want to consume.

I checked the official site just to be sure and the same statement was given, only including menthol to the “list”. As a guy who likes to know what is in whatever energy product I am consuming, this is fairly frustrating to say the least.


The only effect from any of these Boom Boom Energy Inhalants is strictly related to the clearing of my sinuses, which is refreshing in it’s own right, but these cannot even begin to compare to your standard, run-of-the-mill energy drink.

Boom Boom Verdict

I simply see no need whatsoever for an energy inhalant such as Boom Boom. Yes, I know companies want to innovate and expand the energy market, but why doesn’t anyone try to perfect a new, delectable energy beverage?

Boom Boom Energy Inhalant does not come off as an innovation or even as an energy product for that matter, rather it is simply a novelty that would work better as a scented candle or car freshener.

Reviewed by Taylor Fruits

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  • Allie

    Maybe they should make a spin off of Glade, except instead of some fragrance being put out into the air, a kinda of vaporized caffeine. Caffeine water + water humidifier = A great innovation to the caffeine world(:

  • Tim

    Another brand of these “aromatherapy” things recently came out in my area. Same thing, just menthol inhalants with a tiny bit of scent from whatever they’re supposed to smell like. The Peppermint was the best.

    No energy to speak of, naturally, as smelling a tube does not caffeine provide (as if it actually contains any real energy ingredients anyway).

    Overall, pointless; but they’re fun to sniff.

  • Maybe we should all just do coke instead.

  • thereal

    You have to be rolling to feel the boost guys. What are you 80? SMH Lol

  • Chantal Alexandra Santiago

    These are mostly used at music festivals/ raves while you are rolling (using ecstasy or molly) thats when you feel the energy boost…

Last Modified: July 23, 2014