Brain TonIQ: The Birth of a True Think Drink

Recently I took some time to visit a well known tech conference in the Bay Area and started noticing one person after another carrying around a very visually appealing stark white beverage that resembled an energy drink.

As the day progressed I started to notice two things, not only did near everyone have one, but that they were drinking them with faces of happiness and enjoyment. Now this isn’t a common sight for the energy market so I had to find where to get one. What I finally came upon after extensive searching was a new type of “Energy” drink called Brain TonIQ (emphasis on the I.Q.).

Not too long ago it was brought up that caffeinated drinks are starting to divide into Energy Drinks and “Vitality” Drinks. The Vitality option containing ingredients with longer lasting effects that aren’t as thrashing to one’s nerves. Brain Toniq hopes to further separate the market by establishing a branch of Vitality drinks, called Think Drinks, which remove all caffeine and instead replace it with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and natural sugars. The idea sounded risky to me but that couldn’t keep me from trying it.

The Taste Test
Even from the beginning I was unusually excited about this one, the smell wafting up upon opening resembled sweet summer fruit. Fresh peaches, apples, and apricots all came to mind as I poured the 8.4 oz can into a glass. Murky brownish yellow liquid shocked me into contemplation of aborting this review but the smell pulled me back in, seriously, it’s that sweet. The first sip was not entirely what I suspected but it did have heavy accents of fruit (I later found out there in fact is no fruit in this drink, only the organic natural sweetener of agave nectar).

Apart from the fruit, the taste is a truly complex one. The herbs and vitamins give it a VitaminWater taste but the Agave tends to be the main focal point. Afterwards, my tongue had a slight bitterness taste lingering on it and also a strange “dry” texture but both of these quickly disappeared. I honestly didn’t want to chug this drink because it was so pleasant to my taste buds, but I needed to get on to the effects.

The Buzz
Did I miss the 300 mg of caffeine I long for in my everyday drinks? Shockingly, not in the least bit. I was as surprised as those reading this will be but somehow, and I’m still trying to figure this out, I felt a massive boost with no jitters or feelings of urgency. This smooth energy was comparable to 250 mg or so of caffeine despite none being present and lasted much of my day. Going back to the check for foul-play the only ingredients I could find were Choline (helps produce the necessary neurotransmitter acetylcholine), Siberian Ginseng, Golden Root Extract (mood elevator), DMAE (produced by the brain in small amounts, precursor to acetylcholine/ mood lifting chemicals), and Blue Green Algae (antioxidant containing numerous vitamins).

Through further research I concluded that the DMAE was the reason for a large majority of the effects. It is touted as a mood lifter, brain booster, memory increaser, able to aid concentration, and can cause skin tightening (most likely the reason for the “dry” tongue).

The Last Word
My thoughts on the product range somewhere along the lines of wow! and what the hell? But overall I did enjoy the package, smell, taste, and effects. It is nice to know the company is trying to keep the product healthy and using premium products in order to make their drink unique and at the same time increase brain power.

The product is hard to find however, and the easiest place to find it is most likely online. Their Buy Page offers a 4 pack for $13 shipped which is not too outrageous but is a commitment having never tried it. This type of healthy energy is exactly what I was hoping ThinkGum had been but unfortunately had failed to see.

Overall Score (4.5/5)

(the half point was for the disgusting color)

Review by Josh ( blog: cubicalism and coffee)

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  • Nice review. I would love to try some but I am not buying a whole 4 pack.

  • archer

    You can purchase single cans at Other World Computing’s website:

    I was at this expo as well, and was lucky enough to grab a few cans over the 3 days I was there. I was equally amazed at the effects. If you’re used to heavy caffeine, and you get this kind of focus effect from a drink with zero caffeine, it throws you off. I got intrigued and spoke with the guys at the OWC booth. They said that their owner, Larry (I think that was his name) was one of the first guys to buy a case when it came out in November. He liked the effect so much he tried to buy the company. In any event, you can now get it on their site. And at a bit cheaper than the Brain Toniq site. As soon as I got home, I bought their special 4 case price. If you’re concerned about your health (like me), this stuff rocks.

  • KarlieMildraed

    This looks like an iDrink. Smart and sleek, easy to digest and you look cool holding it in your hands. I’d try it, as it doesn’t seem to have the artificial sweeteners of let’s say RedLine and the like. This could very well be a great start to the whole ‘vitamin waters’ sub-industry.

  • Dusty

    An important question still remains regarding the namesake of this drink – Did it make you smarter?

  • josh

    “Smarter” is quite vague. A tonic by definition only improves health, the fact that they made the name a pun by putting IQ at the end implies it would improve your IQ or Intelligence Quotient. Unfortunately I have not taken an IQ test in the past so there is not a possibility of comparing a before and after.

  • Dusty

    Yeah I was just playing with you 🙂

  • Rocklp4

    This drink looks really, really gross but in truth it is the quintessential “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it think”

  • fiddlerontheground

    hey, does anyone know of any local stores that carry this?…i’ve checked some of the major health food stores around here(Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods)

    any others i should look in?


    I don’t think they are widely available yet (if they ever will be) fiddler, seems like u have to order them online for the time being.

  • Sam

    I ordered 10 cans, just based on your review. I agree with your “WOW” assessment. I am not a big fan of energy drinks, but I would recommend this one to anyone(and already have). I understand the hesitation some may feel in ordering any product sight unseen(untasted), but you will not be sorry about this one. I ordered online and they shipped quickly. They actually exceeded my expectations.

  • archer

    The owner at now has a Where To Buy page, and he’s updating it as more sellers come on board. I spoke with him and he’s currently looking for small-time sales reps (students, natural networkers, etc) who want extra cash. He also said that Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage just picked up Brain Toniq, so it could be in a lot of health food stores in the next couple months.

  • levi

    last time i checkd books were brain tonic,but whatever meng.

  • Amy

    Brain Toniq is now pretty widely available on the West Coast/ Rocky Mountains. It’s made in Boulder CO so you can find it at nearly any coffee shop or Whole Foods in Boulder. Most Whole Foods Markets/ Wild Oats carry Brain Toniq, and if they don’t they should have it in the next 6 months. Vitamin Cottage will also have it in the next month.

    Ask your local Whole Foods about Brain Toniq. Get people talking and it will be there before you know it. Brain Toniq also supports a new market with a month of free weekly demos, so everyone can try Brain Toniq!!!

  • Amy

    Anyone wanting to try Brain Toniq? It’s been on the market since November 2007 so they are celebrating their 1st birthday. Through the month of November 2008 they are offering a 22% discount by using the coupon code: BIRTHDAY001.

  • Amy

    Brain Toniq is now kosher certified. EarthKosher has given approval for the process, and Brain Toniq now has a kosher certification.

  • TomX

    My wife started buying this product at local health food store, so I gave it a try. We ended up enjoying the product so much, that we ordered a case online, and subsequently ordered the 4 case pack (best value). Anyway, I agree with the reviewer on all aspects except the “disgusting” color. I am refreshed that a manufacturer produces an enjoyable product, and not caving to requirement that it also looks good. I view it as a refreshing beverage which has a wholesome, earthy appearance.

  • We’ve found it here with a special deal of buy 24 and get 24 free, which works out to $1.04 each can (plus shipping) if you subscribe to their email list though you get announcements on free shipping deals so it can be close to a buck for each.

Last Modified: April 3, 2015