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BSN Endorush Xtreme Strength

endorush energy drinkBSN has been a leader in the workout supplement market for several years.  NO-Xplode has been the pre-workout mainstay for many athletes and has spawned many competitors.

In an attempt to attract consumers from the energy drink market, they released Endorush a few years ago.  They have since reformulated Endorush Xtreme Strength, which what is being reviewed here.


The New Endorush flavor here is Green Apple Fix.  Upon first taste it is quite sour, but has a sweet undertone.  The green apple flavor is spot on, I would compare it to a Jolly Rancher in liquid form.

Endorush Ingredients

Each Endorush bottle has 2 4oz. servings.  One serving has 5 calories and no sugar.  Those familiar with BSN will know that they list their ingredients in the dreaded “proprietary blend” way.  Here, an 8 gram blend contains:  L-Arginine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Citrulline Alpha, Histidine, Taurine, Tyrosine, Glucuronolactone, Caffeine, Hydrating Polymers, Phospho-electrolytes, Cinnamon Extract and Chromium Propionate.

  • While the company won’t disclose the exact amount of caffeine, they told us that an 8 oz. bottle of Endorush Xtreme has about 250mg of caffeine.
  • They also told us that their original Endorush contains around 200mg per 16 oz. bottle.

These “workout” formulated energy drinks should be used with caution and aren’t recommended for children.


These things deliver!  They warn you several times that the bottle has two servings for a reason.  Each serving delivers a kick that rivals a 16oz can of Rockstar or Monster.  When I drank the whole bottle of Endorush Xtreme Strength I was jittery for a few hours.  I also noticed an increase in sweat when I drank this before a workout.


Workout supplement marketed energy drinks are for those that can handle large amounts of caffeine only. They really aren’t for recreational use like other energy drinks. Let’s not forget all the problems that arose when Redline found its way onto the shelves at 7-Eleven. People didn’t understand what the product was intended for and some had pretty severe reactions to the high caffeine (see our article here).

I would recommend someone looking for workout supplement to pick Endorush Xtreme up, but for those just looking for an energy drink, should probably choose standard drinks that contain more moderate amounts of caffeine.

They are priced around 3 dollars, but cheaper if ordered in bulk.  This isn’t a bad price considering there are two servings in a bottle of Endorush Xtreme Strength.

Reviewed by Jason Kleindorfer

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