Bull Tonik: Add Some Kick to Your Drink


Let me gently tuck an image into your mind. At a sunny beach in Cali, the seagulls all the sudden start to tweak out of their minds as if on a massive caffeine rush, turning the turbulent ocean breeze and visible sun rays into a Red Bull Air Race obstacle course.

Note: It looks as though Bull Tonic has been discontinued.

The spectacle continues on for about 10 minutes, when it is soon dramatically punctuated by the successive explosions of every maverick bird. Yes, explosions. Just up the beach, you notice two kids that witnessed the spectacle. Their jaws are dropped far enough to be a part of a cliché mathematical “could reach to the moon” statistic. You then notice that each of them is holding a black, yellow, and red container titled, “Bull Tonik: Strong Energy Drink Effervescent Tabs.”


The last thing I expected from this product was a taste enhancement to whatever beverage I chose to nuke. The first thing I expected was degradation in the taste of my beverage. Considering these extremes, the taste of these tabs is surprisingly acceptable, somewhat to my surprise in fact. In all my experimentation with these tabs, never did they once destroy a drink.

With each tab packing 80mg of caffeine (bitter by nature), it’s actually an impressive feat to pull this off. They don’t improve drink taste, either. Rather, the tabs add a mild Red Bull taste that plays nicely with just about anything. This all goes out the window, of course, if you add more than the recommended serving to any drink.


Each bottle cap-sized tab packs in an impressive amount of ingredients. We’re talking 80mg of caffeine, 500mg of Vitamin C, nearly a gram of B vitamins, and 500mg of Taurine.


The recommended serving is 2 tabs per 200ml drink if you want what they call, “maximum energy.” Maximum energy you say? Hah. I challenged that statement by putting 4 tabs into a half-drank medium fountain drink. Let me assure you, there are other ways to achieve “maximum energy.” Stupidity aside, 2 tabs do a respectable job at transforming any mortal drink into a standard energy drink. With each container packing 20 tabs, though, you get to be the boss.


Did you ever envy that drug junky in the movies that pulls out a small container of white powder in a public setting to get his fix? This is how I feel when I pull out the container at a restaurant and drop some tabs into my drink. Frankly, Bull Tonik energy tabs do a respectable job and I would recommend them for anyone in need of such a niche product.

Side note: be careful what you put them in! Carbonation can accelerate the effervescence and make a mess. Think Mentos and Coke, but less extreme. If this thought means nothing to you, you’re an internet hermit and you need to start Googling the topic now.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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  • eanowakattack

    You write reviews that are fun to read.


  • KarlieMildraed

    Coke and Mentos videos are funny. This sounds like you could add it to anything and get some zing. Could you add it to a Crystal Light drink? You get the sugar free yummy of that type of beverage with the added energy.

  • Dusty

    Karlie, yes you could. In fact, I’d recommend drinks like Crystal Light because they don’t have carbonation. These tabs are best used in juices and flavored waters, and other non-carbonated drinks like um, milk. But seriously, that’s probably a bad idea. This would make milk a little weird I’m sure.

  • Dusty

    And eanowakattack, thanks for that post. I’m glad you’re enjoying my work!

  • Gilly

    haha oh dusty… how on earth did you beat us all in the reviewer position. ah yes, it was the intense humor. : ) keep it up man.

    p.s. have any of you heard of an energy powder mix called…well, “Visalus” is the company and “Neuro smart energy.” I dunno. I have a friend who’s going in on the company, and so I was wondering if you’d heard of it. I just tried it tonight…

  • Dusty

    Gilly, thanks for the compliment 🙂 I’ve never heard of Visalus. I did a little Google search and couldn’t find much on it. How’d you like it and where can we get some?

  • Subway

    How did you get a hold of this? When the vendor’s website lists the price in Euros, it’s not very encouraging to us United Stateans.

    I agree with everyone, Dusty, your reviews are full of life and fun to read. I especially like that you respond to comments and feedback, the interaction is great! Keep up the great work.

  • Dusty

    Subway, it was simply sent to me for review. I have no idea where it can be bought in person. Thanks for the kind words

  • ted

    On their website they tell overseas people to contact them so perhaps they have special arrangements set up. Check them out. http://www.bulltonik.com/GB/FAQ.htm

  • Austin

    so i got a question would i die dropping these into an energy drink?

  • ted

    Austin- Depends how many you drop in bro…

  • Liam cole

    Good review 😉

    I am the joint manager off bull tonik in the uk, have a look at th website listed. We deliver to the US… so if anyone is interested or ha any questions please email me.

    Many Thanks

  • I just tried it too I was very surprised by the results. Nice Post. You improve my writing as well.

  • I used to work for Neuro

  • Very usefull. thanks when its too hot for coffee I’d use caffeine drinks thanks again

Last Modified: August 25, 2014