Buzz Bites: Mint Chocolate Energy Chews

buzz-bites_mintThose of you familiar with the Vroom line of energy candies will remember Foosh Energy Mints.

Although greeted with less than open arms, Foosh mints have lasted the test of time, the truest sign of a good product. With previous successes, Vroom has decided to take another gamble, this time with a pseudo-chocolate looking concoction known as Buzz Bites.

Buzz Bites might sound catchy but chewable candies resembling chocolates often bring back bad memories of vitamins. Ever seen chewable calcium chocolate? These things looks exactly the same.

Biases aside, I popped the portable tin container. Inside, I was greeted by the hand of Zeus holding a rather fiery lightning bolt underlined by the words “BUZZ Bites” and the motto “SERIOUSLY CAFFEINATED!” In addition to the proficient use of the caps lock, six large aluminum wrapped cubes awaited my consumption. The foil encasing the black/brown blob quickly fell victim to eager hands.


Face to face with The Blob, I sat contemplating why anyone would rather their caffeine be in a bulky chocolate rather than a small mint. I found far less appeal to this method of ingestion, but perhaps there’s a certain market niche that is being marketed to? Chocolate lovers? Non-male chocolate lovers? I’ll leave my observation at that.

The smell was rubbery, vaguely reminding me of my last dentists appointment. Fans of latex will be more than pleased with the strange aroma. The texture seemed soft by also gritty. The flavors minty and yet vitamin in essence, not dissimilar to eating mint-brownie mix. My mouth was left with a cool sensation, with a faux chocolate aftertaste that lingered a while after.


I have a common annoyance with the candy energy market and their listings of caffeine. The common practice is to say “Our product has 1.75 energy drinks per serving!” The only problem with this being that a Spike Shooter has a helluva lot more caffeine than even a Redbull. So which energy drinks are they comparing to? With Buzz Bites, they further complicate the situation by stating 1 chew = 1 cup of coffee or 1.25 energy drinks, an even more unreliable statistic given the variation of caffeine in coffee beans. Just tell us the caffeine content for once! We’ll all be much happier with your newly found transparency in marketing.

Editors Note: If you visit Vroom’s website they clearly state that 1 chew contains 100mg of caffeine.


My final verdict on Buzz Bites can be summed up in four simple excerpts;

  • “Bad memories of Vitamins”
  • “Fans of latex will be more than pleased”
  • “Mint-Brownie Mix (uncooked of course)”
  • and lastly “Just tell us the caffeine content for once!”

As with every gamble, you win some, you lose more. I didn’t dislike the product enough to start grass root campaigns against it, but I would suggest you be very familiar with similar chocolate chew products and a bring a very open mind.

Reviewed by Josh

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  • Nick

    I’ve seen stuff like this around, couldn’t bring myself to try it. Always thought they’d have the strangest kinda taste, which it sounds like they do.

  • Mark

    I love these things. These help me get through my work day. Also, they’re a lot cheaper than energy drinks.

  • Evan

    There’s a place near me that has a dispenser of the chocolate ones for 50 cents each, so I just buy a bunch and use them if I need some energy. I think they taste pretty good and work well if your caffeine tolerance isn’t extremely high.

  • Jimmy

    Hah! to see these on here is interesting, because I saw these at a local pizza place in one of those 50 cent candy dispensers. The energy fiend in me was curious, and I tried one. My opinion of these were that they tasted a lot like tootsie rolls, but with a hint of a caffeine (read: bitter) aftertaste. Not particularly fond of chocolate, so these wouldn’t be my first choice in caffeinated candy, but they weren’t bad.
    In terms of energy, I ate it and felt the effect about 15 minutes later. Not a huge wallop of energy, but two or three of these wouldn’t be bad.

  • Christine

    How do these compare taste wise to the pure chocolate ones? I personally can’t stand the taste of the chocolate buzz bites, makes me sick.

    These guy’s need to work on their after taste problem. Even the Foosh mints I tried were absolutely disgusting.

  • Kenneth

    There was one of these vending machines in my office for a short while. These candies made allot of people sick. We nick named them gut bombs.

  • Jean

    Ive tried these from a machine as well as buying them online, and they can taste different. i think that sometimes the ones in machines might not be as fresh, so i buy them online. I think they are yummy, but whether or not you like the taste, its a whole heck of a lot better than getting your wallet raped by starbucks!

  • Randy

    I am an over-the-road truck driver and I have been using Buzz Bites for 2 years now. I couldn’t ask for anything better for what I do compared to other energy products. They are a lot easier on the wallet and work very well giving me the energy and alertness I need to be as safe as possible without the bloating of energy drinks plus, it allows me to stay on the road longer without having to stop at rest areas and truck stops to relieve myself. Hats off to Vroom Foods!!

Last Modified: June 27, 2014