C-4 Explosive Energy: This is Crazy

This product has been discontinued


C-4 Explosive energy looks like a firecracker. Go to the website and your fellow office workers will be wondering if you’re (a) Playing Call of Duty or (b) You’ve got a live feed from a war zone (which – by the way – should NEVER be trivialized for the sake of selling product).


Word is a few customers have even tried to light the fuse. As far as I’m aware caffeine is not flammable. But there’s more than caffeine in this sucker.

What is C-4 Explosive?

C4 is a military plastic explosive which features in more movies than I care to mention.

c4.jpgWhat is C-4 Explosive Energy?
Shan o’Shay Nutraceuticals make 3 products.

  • A liquid energy shot (presumably marketed at energy drinkers)
  • An fat loss / energy pill (targeted to the weight loss market)
  • A thing that’s supposed to make your… erm… member… function correctly – because apparently having your apparatus fully functional will solve all of life’s problems and bring about world peace.

Let’s focus on the first one:

C-4 Explosive Liquid Shot
Contains: Citrus Aurantium, Green Tea extract, Niacin, Xanthinol Nicotinate, Taurine, B Vitamins, Folic Acid and caffeine.

Caffeine: 200mg per 3 gram serving. 3 grams? That’s a measurement of weight not liquid volume. 3 grams is less than a teaspoon-ful. It appears that there are 3 servings per bottle – which means we’re looking at 600mg in the tiny bottle. That doesn’t seem right.

Xanthinol Nicotinate is a form of Niacin (Vit B3) that will pass easily through cell membranes. A medicine site gives us this warning:
Caution: build up to high doses gradually, Xanthinol Nicotinate at high doses can cause blood pressure changes and must therefore be avoided by persons suffering from peptic ulcers, liver problems, severe hypotension, myocardial infarction or other congestive heart problems.

Not recommended for minors – they say… but dress it up like a kids firecracker.

Be careful with this one.

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  • Max

    Sounds gimmicky, looks gimmicky, but I want to try it.

  • Dusty



    I’d be afraid of trying that. I’d probably explode.

  • Alexander Ambrose

    It does look like just another energy drink on the market.
    Assuming that 600mg is the correct amount of caffeine in this bottle though, it’s one serious drink. This brings in a serious problem. Coffee drip is still the most caffeinated beverage. If I drink more than 6 cups of coffee (about 150mg of caffeine each), I’m headed to the bathroom with some serious cramps and aches.
    Caffeine in large amounts is not good for the body, which is why Red Bull works. You drink it when you need energy, and you are not going to injury your body after continued use. At least not as fast as pounding down coffee or these C-4 Explosive Energies.

  • Wow I need to find this one for my collection

  • CornVideos

    looks easy + strong, Probably tastes like feet though.

  • KarlieMildraed

    Okay enough with the too much caff = bathroom runs talk.

    This product could potentially pack a punch. I’d have to try it out. Plus, the whole not marketed to kids, HAH. They are playing right into the hands of minors.

  • The Hacker

    hmmm, sounds good.. i still have a crapload of cocaine left… and now im lookin for BLOW™ :P, anyone know where to buy C4?


    Hey, I’m not completely sure, but I don’t think this is a liquid shot, but tablets you put in liquid…I’ll follow up in a sec.


    that came out fu**tarded…what i meant was, that I thought the 600 mg thing might have only applied to the capsules,since thats the only spot they show 200 as a given number. I’ll email them..I don’t expect a reply from companies anymore though.

  • Dr. Pepsi

    If I were a 10 year old, I would want that BAD. Probably slam the whole thing too.

  • Caffeine Fiend

    Hobo – I think you’re right – they look like they are effervescent tablets. Strange that they would call it “Liquid Energy” tho.


    yeah, theres 3 different types, and one of them was a capsule, and I bet your supposed to dissolve it in water/ a drink therefore making it “liquid energy”…or maybe they are dumb :p


    ..2 double posts in the same thread :/..unless capsule refers to the container they are in..I’ll ask in the email..why can’t they just make it easier to understand

  • hello,
    my name is shan o’shay (nutracueticals)C4 Energy! i was catching up on the news organizations writing about our packaging and wanted to answer a few questions. Since the PHARMACEUTICAL industry successfully banned ephedra we decided to give america the first legal alternative. C4 is the strongest,purest,most expensive to manufactuer energy products legally made in U.S.A..C4 capsules (8 1000mg capsules) C4 LIQUIDSHOT which contains 200mg natural occuring caffiene, the national advertised “5 hr energy” contains 50mg (no wonder you won’t crash), and the first ever herbal viagra that works in 3 minutes! C4 SEXSHOT (contains no caffiene ,so you can sleep) email me and i will gladly send you guys some free samples and encourage any suggestions! C4DUDE


    They answered my emails already…updated info to come


    guess we posted at about the same time, thats the info up there.

  • Miki

    So I just emailed these guys asking where I could find this stuff, and they got back to me, literally, in about a minute. They said they’d send me out samples of all three products they offered, so as soon as I get those I’ll post what I think here. If the quickness of their staff is any indication, this must be some potent stuff.


    I am planning on writing a full review of all of there products once I receive mine. (hopefully to be posted on the homepage)

  • We hooked up with Shan and are now selling them at our website. I was able to give the C4 Explosive shot a try and was jacked up pretty much all day.

Last Modified: January 30, 2015