C-4 Explosive Energy: This is Crazy

This product has been discontinued


C-4 Explosive energy looks like a firecracker. Go to the website and your fellow office workers will be wondering if you’re (a) Playing Call of Duty or (b) You’ve got a live feed from a war zone (which – by the way – should NEVER be trivialized for the sake of selling product).


Word is a few customers have even tried to light the fuse. As far as I’m aware caffeine is not flammable. But there’s more than caffeine in this sucker.

What is C-4 Explosive?

C4 is a military plastic explosive which features in more movies than I care to mention.

c4.jpgWhat is C-4 Explosive Energy?
Shan o’Shay Nutraceuticals make 3 products.

  • A liquid energy shot (presumably marketed at energy drinkers)
  • An fat loss / energy pill (targeted to the weight loss market)
  • A thing that’s supposed to make your… erm… member… function correctly – because apparently having your apparatus fully functional will solve all of life’s problems and bring about world peace.

Let’s focus on the first one:

C-4 Explosive Liquid Shot
Contains: Citrus Aurantium, Green Tea extract, Niacin, Xanthinol Nicotinate, Taurine, B Vitamins, Folic Acid and caffeine.

Caffeine: 200mg per 3 gram serving. 3 grams? That’s a measurement of weight not liquid volume. 3 grams is less than a teaspoon-ful. It appears that there are 3 servings per bottle – which means we’re looking at 600mg in the tiny bottle. That doesn’t seem right.

Xanthinol Nicotinate is a form of Niacin (Vit B3) that will pass easily through cell membranes. A medicine site gives us this warning:
Caution: build up to high doses gradually, Xanthinol Nicotinate at high doses can cause blood pressure changes and must therefore be avoided by persons suffering from peptic ulcers, liver problems, severe hypotension, myocardial infarction or other congestive heart problems.

Not recommended for minors – they say… but dress it up like a kids firecracker.

Be careful with this one.

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  • Jerp

    I wrote inquiring about samples and never heard back from them. I guess that winning customer service runs hot and cold.

  • boom im hyper now now this stuff is good!!! [[]} lol a boat

  • Timmeh

    I’d be interested in a trial of that stuff too(the Liquid Shot and Capsules anyways). Any word yet about those trials?

  • Adam

    I wrote the company on Monday, I think, got an almost immediate response and then received a full size sample of each of their products on Saturday.
    The capsules – I had eight capsules in the tube. Label states 200 mg anhydrous caffeine (200X8=fuct up) Just took one- serving size- we’ll see.
    The liquid – 200 mg caffeine again (X3 servings =600mg), niacin and loads of other goodies. Bubble gum pink. Smells and tastes like cherry cough syrup. I like cherry cough syrup so it’s all good.
    The Sex – same size vial as the liquid energy. Deeper red and tastes like multiberry Redline. Has the standard Viagra warning “Erections lasting for more than 4 hours may wear out your significant other. Are you complaining??” That may be paraphrased but you get the idea. I’m at work so I’ll let you know how this works after I get a chance to use it.
    Overall, neat packaging, fantastic customer service, product appears to be good, so far. Oh, yeah. I like other warning ‘Please do not attempt to travel or board an airplane while on your person. Cool. yes, I’m 12 years old and always will be.

    PS It’s been 10 minutes and the capsule’s starting to kick in. Warm and itchy and not tired.

  • Adam

    One other thing. The liquid shot is 3 servings for a total of 600 mg of caffeine. The whole tube, though, can’t be more than an ounce of liquid. It begs to be slammed in one shot. Could be alot of caffeine for some. Been sitting here for 12 hours staring at the tubes thinking.


    I still haven’t received my samples, so no review from me yet..I plan on using it when I am playing paintball though, to see if it helps :p

  • Deere

    Just ordered a case($62) and cant wait to receive it, im planning on selling half of it to break even with what i payed for it :).. i mean i would pay $5 for 600mg of caffeine. and it would take about 17 of these to kill you, so no worries lol


    got my samples today, review to come by sometime next week 🙂

  • I read on the side of the C-4 that you’ll experience what’s called a Niacin flush that makes you warm and tingly.

    I jokingly gave a buddy the sex shot that we sell from C-4 and it also gave him the tingly horned up feeling.

  • Adam

    ok, the liquid shot is about 15 ml for the entire tube. Like I thought, it was just easier to shoot the whole tube than try to dole out 5 ml and guess what?? i was falling asleep at 3.30am before taking the tube and now i am soo not sleepy. big suprise. i like it tho. i give it two jittery thumbs up! any idea how much retail per piece?

  • Me

    Makes my member function, that sounds good because it keeps exploding out of my pants

  • bruce

    sounds like grorified nodoz with a little more marketing strategy

  • Watch Out

    Be careful carrying this drink as your local law enforcement might approach you assuming it is real explosives

  • FireMarth

    I found these at my local gas station. They were running for $3.00 a shot (the liquid energy ones), and they had them buy one get one free. According to the cashiers, nobody was buying them. So me and my brother got one (hey, two for one!)
    …they taste like cherry cough syrup. Except worse. I took a shot and then gagged. Now I know why nobody was buying them…

  • nunya

    A coworker took the liquid shot this morning, turns out it wasnt a good idea, we had to take him to the emergency room after he turned purple then slowly faded to red!!!! hes highly allergic to alot of stuff so not sure if something in the shot reacted or what, this stuff is dangerous

  • have you ever tried to lite the fuse on one of those?

  • earl hicky

    O K Shan O’Shay Lets see what this C4 is about. Sounds to good to be true,so send me a free sample and make a believer out of me. Thanks in advance and I will be commenting after the factfor sure.

  • Montgelas

    I tried this last spring. It gave me more energy than I would have liked. Thirty minutes after consuming my arms, face, and chest turned bright red and I began to feel very warm. I would only try again if I were going skiing or doing something in very cold weather.

  • coats

    I took the pill and the Niacin rush can be really weird if you have never had it before….not much energy value though.

  • red123

    id like to see wats up with c4 free trail would be great

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