Liquid Caffeine

Caffeine Level
Serving Size
fl. oz serving
Caffeine Strength
DANGEROUS Warning: This drink has very high levels of caffeine.
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Liquid Caffeine™ Concentrate (formerly 5150 Juice) should be used with extreme care.

Liquid Caffeine is an unsweetened, unflavored caffeine concentrate that is intended to turn any drink into an energy drink.

It should never be consumed straight and is listed as our 2nd most dangerous caffeinated product.

Sizes of Pure Liquid Caffeine

  1. The Gallon jug contains 64,000mg of caffeine or 128, 1 fl oz 500mg shots.
  2. The 32 oz jug contains 16,000mg of caffeine or 32, 1 fl oz 500mg shots.
  3. The 16 fl oz. size jug contains 8,000mg of caffeine or 16, 1 fl oz 500mg shots.

Pure Liquid caffeine is also sold in a Sweet version with slightly less caffeine per fluid ounce at 475mg.

Warning: Be careful to measure this product carefully!

Pure Liquid Caffeine is not suitable for minors or those sensitive to caffeine and should be used only by healthy adults who understand how to measure properly.

Ingredients in Liquid Caffeine

Per 1 floz. Serving

Water, Caffeine: 500mg , and Sodium Benzoate (preserves the freshness).

Sugar content: Contains no sugar.

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Caffeine Comparisons

Liquid Caffeine contains 500.00 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (1690.70mg/100 ml).

Caffeine (mg) per Ounce
Total Caffeine (mg)
400360320280 24020016012080 400 Serving of Liquid Caffeine (off the charts!) Can of Coca-Cola Classic Bottle of Redline Energy Drink Can of Monster Energy Drink Can of Red Bull
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