Cacao (Cocoa) Nibs

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Cacao Nibs (Cocoa Nibs) are minimally processed pieces of roasted cacao beans.

Because they are minimally processed they retain most of the nutrition found in raw cacao.

Traditional cocoa is different in that it is processed to remove most of the fat naturally found in cacao beans.  This process also strips some of the nutrients, especially if the cocoa was "Dutched". 

Cacao nibs aren't sweet by nature but have a rich but bitter chocolate flavor.

Like all natural products, the caffeine content in cacao nibs can vary due to factors such as growing conditions and natural variations in species of plant as well as regions grown. 

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Ingredients in Cacao (Cocoa) Nibs

cacao nibs from roasted cacao beans

How Does It Compare With Other Foods?

Caffeine per Item
200180160140 120100806040 200 Nib of Cacao (Cocoa) Nibs No Doz Awake Chocolate Jolt Gum