Caffeine in Drinks

Tea (Decaf)

Decaffeinated Tea refers to black or green tea that has had most of its natural caffeine removed.

It's important to note that decaffeinated does not mean "caffeine-free".

There is still a small amount of caffeine in most decaffeinated teas unless the product is highly processed.

Decaffeinated Black Tea can contain about 4-6 mg of caffeine per tea bag (2 grams)

Decaffeinated Green Tea can contain about 2-4 mg of caffeine per tea bag (2 grams).

Tea quality and steep time will also influence the amount of caffeine in decaffeinated tea.

In 2007 The Journal of Food Science independently tested Stash Premium Decaffeinated Green Tea and found that it contained 7.6 mg of caffeine per 2 grams of tea leaves.

However the USDA database lists 2.4 mg caffeine for an 8 fl oz cup of decaf black tea

Ingredients in Tea (Decaf)

Leaves From The Camellia Sinensis Plant

Is Tea (Decaf) high in caffeine?

Tea (Decaf) contains 0.50 mg of caffeine per fl oz (1.69 mg per 100 ml). A 8 fl oz cup has a total of 4 mg of caffeine.

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