Caffeine in Drinks

Enviga Energy Drink

Enviga Energy Drink
100 mg
per 12 fl oz
This drink contains high levels of caffeine.
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Enviga is calorie-burning drink marketed under the Nestea brand.

It is a joint venture between the Coca-cola company. The cans come in a number of flavors including Green Tea, Peach, Citrus, and Berry.

Enviga: The Calorie Burning Energy Drink

Enviga claims to cause a "negative calorie effect". According to a study of an Enviga prototype - consuming three cans a day produced a calorie burn of between 60-100 calories in healthy adults aged 18-35.

Enviga contains the optimum blend of green tea extracts (EGCG), caffeine and naturally active plant micronutrients designed to work with your body to increase calorie burning, thus creating a negative calorie effect.

The green tea extract called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) apparently increases metabolism. Enviga will have 90mg of EGCG in each serving.

As the drink itself contains only 5 Calories - this leads to what is called the "negative calorie effect".

Enviga is not the only "weight loss" drink to hit the market (i.e. celsius or Fuze Slenderize

Ingredients in Enviga Energy Drink

(original Green Tea) Carbonated Water, Calcium Lactate, Concentrated Green Tea From Tea Leaves, Citric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Sorbate And Potassium Benzoate, Natural Flavors, Aspartame, Caffeine, Ace-k. 90mg Egcg (green Tea Extract), 200mg Calcium, 100mg Caffeine. Calories: 5

This is a sugar-free energy drink - compare with other sugar-free drinks.

Is Enviga Energy Drink high in caffeine?

Enviga Energy Drink contains 100 mg of caffeine in a 12 fl oz can.

This equates to 8.33 mg of caffeine for every fl oz and 28.18 mg for every 100 ml.

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