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Exto Energy Drink

Exto Energy Drink
Unknown mg
per 16 fl oz
This drink contains dangerous levels of caffeine.
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Unfortunately the manufacturers of Exto Energy Drink have not disclosed the levels of caffeine in their product.

Discontinued? This item may no longer be available.

ude, what the heck is this Exto Energy Drink. It looks like a bad Mexican version of 90210 or some other teenage soap opera. Why in the world would they bother making an energy drink like that. I have no idea what young person would prefer a bunch of posers hanging out trying to look tough.

Given that the drink is aimed at the Latino audience, I asked some of my Hispanic friends if they would buy this. "Hell no!" was the unanimous answer.

Exto Energy Drink tastes like a mix of guarana, mint, and anise. Surprisingly the flavor is pretty smooth, but not very quenching or satisfying. I will say that at least it’s not another Red Bull Clone.

Exto Energy Drink is another one of those beverages that just didn’t do much for me. I felt like a waste after drinking the whole 16 ounces and getting barely a bump on my energy level. What I did get was a bad case of the jitters that left me in a bad way.

240 calories later I looked at the label disappointed that the fructose, citric acid, guarana, caffeine, Vitamin E, and B Vitamins had done very little for my energy or mood.

Reviewed by ENERGYGURU

Update: Exto Energy Drink has been Discontinued.

Ingredients in Exto Energy Drink