Game Juice

Caffeine Levels

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Game Juice is an energy soda aimed at gamers. Based in South Florida the drink is available at gaming stores.

Cheesy marketing statement from the drinks inventor: "We wanted gamers to experience the cool grip of the plastic bottle,"

The plastic bottle has little buttons etched into it (kind of like a controller).

Game Juice comes in an obscene bright green color (the kind of color that's so strong it actually stains your pee).

Ingredients in Game Juice

Also contains Taurine (375mg per bottle) and B Vitamins.

Sugar content: 56 grams (per 16.9 ounces).

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Caffeine Concentration

Game Juice contains 2.25 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (7.60mg/100 ml).

Caffeine (mg) per Ounce
10090807060 5040302010 0 Game Juice 5 Hour Energy Coffee (Espresso) Spike Energy Drink


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