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Gothrider Gasoline Coffee

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Gothrider Gasoline Coffee is a Canada-made coffee blended to have more caffeine than a standard cup of coffee. 

Here's what the company states regarding the blend of the coffee beans used. 

"Our coffee is an Italian blend containing mostly Arabica peaberries mixed with the highest quality shade grown Royal Kaapi Robusta which is also known for twice the caffeine as Arabica and less oily preserving all the essence of the coffee."

Therefore, if a standard 8 fl oz cup of coffee averages to be around 165 mg of caffeine, Gothrider Gasoline would be a tad higher at around 200 mg per 8 fl oz cup. (This is just our estimation based on the information provided and sampling the actual coffee.)

The company sent us some samples of their Gothrider blend for review. 

Gothrider Gasoline Review

I've tried a lot of the strongest coffees and I haven't been a huge fan. First, they have too much caffeine for my liking, and second, the 100% Robusta coffee beans don't offer the flavor profile that I like. Therefore, I was at first apprehensive to try Gothrider but once I saw the blend information, I was a bit more receptive. 


The whole bean coffee that I received was fresh and not at all oily. It was a dark roast but not overly roasted. 

I used the beans in my espresso machine for a double shot Americano just as I typically make. The shot was full of aroma, rich, and heavy on crema. I really enjoyed the flavor. It was the perfect dark roast and I liked drinking it. 


Gothrider is a blend of mostly Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia and some Robusta beans from India. 


Gothrider Gasoline Coffee did deliver a slightly higher perceived lift compared to the coffee I typically drink but it wasn't the 2x the caffeine mentioned on their website. I'm personally ok with this. 100% Robusta coffees have too much caffeine. It would be smart of Gothrider to have their beans analyzed by an official food testing lab to see exactly where they land caffeine-wise.  

Overall, I enjoyed Gothrider and it's a high-quality coffee for those that want a little more caffeine than typical 100% Arabica coffees can deliver. 

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Ingredients in Gothrider Gasoline Coffee

Arabica Coffee Beans Blended With Robusta Coffee Beans And Water.

Is Gothrider Gasoline Coffee high in caffeine?

Gothrider Gasoline Coffee contains 25.00 mg of caffeine per fl oz (84.54 mg per 100 ml). A 8 fl oz cup has a total of 200 mg of caffeine.

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Total Caffeine (mg)

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