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GymBrew Coffee

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GymBrew Coffee is a specialty coffee roasted by Runner Bean Coffee.

The listing above is for their Renegade Extra Strong version. 

This has been lab-tested with the results of 333 mg per average serving. 

The company recently sent us some samples for review.

GymBrew Coffee Review

I generally don't love the extra strong coffees on the market. Most are roasted too dark and use a high percentage of Robusta beans which doesn't have the complex flavor profile Arabica beans produce. I was curious to see if GymBrew was different. 


As soon as I opened the bag of the whole bean coffee I received, I was pleasantly surprised. GymBrew was medium roasted and had a great aroma. I used it to make my double shot latte and I was really impressed with the flavor. It was a great tasing cup of coffee. None of the burnt flavor that's typical of other strong coffees and it was obvious that the coffee beans were not a high percentage of Robusta. 


The caffeine hit in GymBrew was definitely stronger than my typical medium roast, but it wasn't over-the-top like some brands. I felt a great lift but I didn't feel overly caffeinated and I was still able to get to sleep that following night. 

I also tried a cup before my workout and it definitely helped me perform better during my workout and kept me motivated to keep going. 

All in all, GymBrew Renegade makes a great cup of coffee that's strong but not too strong. If you want a little more from your coffee, GymBrew is a good brand to choose. 

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Ingredients in GymBrew Coffee

Ground Coffee And Water

Is GymBrew Coffee high in caffeine?

GymBrew Coffee contains 27.75 mg of caffeine per fl oz (93.83 mg per 100 ml). A 354 ml cup has a total of 333 mg of caffeine.

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