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Jolt Endurance Shot

Jolt Endurance Shot
200 mg
per 2 fl oz
This drink contains very high levels of caffeine.
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Jolt make a series of highly caffeinated colas and energy drinks. The endurance shot is a more concentrated form and comes in a small 2 ounce bottle - grape flavored (sweetened with Splenda)


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Often times, I'll go out to get a Red Bull just for a light pick-me-up. With a lower caffeine concentration, it doesn't do much to me or anyone with a high tolerance. As well, a single can cannot be relied on to give you a huge, immediate boost when doing important tasks, such as when you're at work.

A new wave of products known as energy shots came to fill in the demand for high energy, in no time and that's exactly what Jolt Endurance Shot does. Nevertheless, can this bombshell from a soda company compete with other established instant-energy products?


Jolt Endurance Shot has a very distinct and overpowering grape taste. Its analogy could be a sweet, grape cough syrup. It's not something to savor and they're called shots for a reason, to be downed with haste. Using sucralose as a sweetener, the absurdly high amount of caffeine is only somewhat concealed from the taste buds. It is very similar to 5 Hour Energy.


Cramming standard energy drink ingredients into a ridiculously small bottle (2.0oz/60ml), Jolt Endurance Shot easily surpasses concentrations in the typical 16oz drink format (Monster, Rockstar, etc.). An absolutely explosive 200mg of caffeine, plus the usual and some unusual vitamins and amino acids like L-Leucine, puts this shot close to the top of the mg/oz podium, rivaling shots like Powershot (100mg/oz). Excited to be the guinea pig, I am certain that this shot contains an exuberant amount of power.


It is no surprise that this shot hit me harder than a freight train. I can only imagine what a shot like Ammo or Redline would do! Downing it on an empty stomach, I felt the effects within 5 minutes and felt as if I could perform tasks twice as fast. I felt like doing work and ideally this would be a perfect shot for the situations when you can't sleep like LAN gaming or truck driving. This shot means business.

Jolt Endurance Shot provides a serious energy blast backed by very high amounts of caffeine, vitamins, and amino acids. However, this is a serious shot, not a casual drink like Jolt's other offerings. If you absolutely must endure the fatigue and exertion of the night, or a tough job, this is the liquid you need.

Reviewed by JD

Ingredients in Jolt Endurance Shot

Vitamin B5 - 20mg Vitamin B6 - 50mg Vitamin B12 - 45mcg Vitamin C - 120mg Folic Acid - 500mcg Taurine - 250mg Caffeine - 150mg Guarana - 20mg Ginseng - 20mg

Is Jolt Endurance Shot high in caffeine?

Jolt Endurance Shot contains 200 mg of caffeine in a 2 fl oz bottle.

This equates to 100.00 mg of caffeine for every fl oz and 338.14 mg for every 100 ml.

200 mg
Jolt Endurance Shot
160 mg
Monster energy
80 mg
Red bull
60 mg
Instant Coffee
35 mg