Item NOS Energy Drink

NOS Energy Drink

NOS Energy Drink is named after a brand of Nitrous Oxide and is popular with car and racing enthusiasts.

The drink was one of the early energy drinks to market, being produced by Fuze Beverages in 2005. Fuze was later purchased by the Coca Cola Company, who, in 2015, transferred it's energy drink assets to Monster Beverage.

In the beginning NOS was highly caffeinated (at 260 mg / 16 fl oz), but this was later lowered to 160 mg / 16 fl oz.

The original NOS Energy Drink comes also in a 24 fl oz resealable can. This version has 240 mg of caffeine. 

NOS Flavors

  • Zero- sugar-free version (sweetened with ace-k and Splenda): 160 mg of caffeine
  • Nitro Mango: 160 mg of caffeine
  • GT Grape: 160 mg of caffeine
  • Sonic Sour: 160 mg of caffeine
  • Power Punch: 160 mg of caffeine
  • Turbo: 160 mg of caffeine




Written by James Foster, last updated on February 25, 2021