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Pronto Coffee by Barnies CoffeeKitchen is a single serve packet of liquid coffee concentrate that is to be mixed into 6 ounces of hot or cold water. According to their customer service each Pronto sachet can actually range between 57-67 milligrams of caffeine, but we listed the high end of that range above. Pronto is a similar concept to Starbucks Via, but while Via is micro-ground coffee beans, Pronto is micro-brewed coffee concentrate. Barnies CoffeeKitchen sells several different varieties of Pronto and some of the flavored varieties may have added sugar. Those currently available:

  • Barnie's Blend
  • French Roast
  • Creme Brulee
  • Santa's White Christmas
  • Hawaiian Hazelnut
  • Cool Cafe Blues
  • Southern Pecan

Currently Pronto is available online or at Barnies stores and grocery stores from the midwest to the east coast of the USA.

DISCONTINUED It appears this product is no longer available.

Ingredients in Pronto Coffee

100% arabica coffee beans

Sugar content: Contains no sugar.

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Caffeine Comparisons

Pronto Coffee contains 11.17 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (37.76mg/100 ml).

Caffeine (mg) per Ounce
10090807060 5040302010 0 Pronto Coffee 5 Hour Energy Espresso Shot Coca-Cola Classic Spike Energy Drink
Total Caffeine (mg)
400360320280 24020016012080 400 Cup of Pronto Coffee Can of Coca-Cola Classic Bottle of Redline Energy Drink Can of Monster Energy Drink Can of Red Bull