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Raging Bull

Raging Bull
80 mg
per piece
This item contains moderate levels of caffeine
Discontinued? This item may no longer be available.

Raging Bull Energy Candy are root beer like candies made with energy drink ingredients.


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King of Caffeine sent over a box of Raging Bull for review. The cigarette pack-esque box is covered in Chinese, but has the ingredients and slogan translated into English.

I’ll forgo the De Niro jokes and take a look at the candy. Raging Bull is like a energy Lifesaver, and comes individually wrapped inside the box.


The taste was difficult to figure out at first. After sampling my second piece, it seems that there is a mix of root beer and chocolate. The taste is not bad, except that there is a strong caffeine bitterness when you either bite into it or let it dissolve slowly.


Each piece of Raging Bull has 80mg of Caffeine, 125mg of Taurine, 50mg of Lysine, 50mg of Inositol, 10mg of Niacin, 1mg of B6 and 3mg of B12.


The box suggests that you take 1-2 a day as needed. After one, I felt no effect whatsoever, so I had another. I would rate the kick as minor, ironically like a Red Bull. You will need to eat several Raging Bulls to get a pick up.


Overall, I like the idea of Raging Bull, but I think the ingredient profile needs work. Perhaps more B vitamins would help with the effect. Either way, the taste isn’t bad, and the novelty value is high as well. I would not purchase a box of these for a time when I need a serious pick up, but Raging Bull Energy Candy is fun to have around as a back up.

Reviewed by Jason Kleindorfer

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