Redline Gel Caps

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1 capsule
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Redline Gel Caps is a workout supplement from VPX Sports, which contains caffeine.

This product has recently been rebranded and called Redline Ultra Hardcore

This product combines caffeine with other stimulants so consumers should follow recommended dosage.

Redline also offers a similar product called Meltdown, which is also in capsule form.

Meltdown Capsules contain about 92mg of caffeine per capsule.

Where To Buy Redline Gel Caps

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Ingredients in Redline Gel Caps

How Does It Compare With Other Foods?

Caffeine per Item
200180160140 120100806040 200 Capsule of Redline Gel Caps No Doz Awake Chocolate Hershey's Special Dark Bars Jolt Gum