Caffeine in Drinks

Starbucks Cordusio Mocha

Starbucks Cordusio Mocha
155 mg
per 8 fl oz
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Starbucks Cordusio Mocha is a more espresso dominant mocha than their traditional mocha.

It has two shots of espresso in both the short and tall sizes and 4 shots of espresso in both the grande and venti size cups. 

There is also a small amount of caffeine in the mocha sauce used. 

Cordusio Caffeine by Cup Size

  • Short: 155 mg
  • Tall: 155 mg
  • Grande: 315 mg
  • Venti: 320 mg

The above caffeine amounts are just averages since the caffeine in coffee-based beverages can vary due to many factors. 

Ingredients in Starbucks Cordusio Mocha

Milk, Brewed Espresso, Mocha Sauce [water, Sugar, Cocoa Processed With Alkali, Natural Flavor], Cocoa Powder Topping [cocoa Powder Processed With Alkali, Sugar]

Includes 12 grams of sugar (per 8 ounces) for a total of 130 calories.

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Is Starbucks Cordusio Mocha high in caffeine?

Starbucks Cordusio Mocha contains 155 mg of caffeine in a 8 fl oz cup.

This equates to 19.38 mg of caffeine for every fl oz and 65.51 mg for every 100 ml.

155 mg
Starbucks Cordusio Mocha
160 mg
Monster energy
80 mg
Red bull
60 mg
Instant Coffee
35 mg


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