Caffeine in Drinks

Twig Tea (Kukicha)

Twig Tea (Kukicha)
25 mg
per 8 fl oz
This drink contains low levels of caffeine.
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Twig tea (also known as kukicha or stem tea) is a green tea variety made from the stems of the Camellia sinensis plant instead of the leaves.

Because stems naturally have less caffeine than tea leaves, twig tea generally has less caffeine than regular green tea.

However, this varies among brands and varieties.

The amount listed above is for Stash Tea's Kukicha, which was independently tested in 2005, and published in The Journal of Food Science

2 grams of twig tea steeped in 8 fl oz of hot water has 25 mg caffeine.

Twig tea tastes best when steeped for less than a minute at 70 degrees C to 80 degrees C (155 F - 180 F). Longer steeping extracts more caffeine and bitterness. The journal of Food Science steeped their sample for 5 minutes.

Ingredients in Twig Tea (Kukicha)

Stems Of The Camellia Sinensis

Is Twig Tea (Kukicha) high in caffeine?

Twig Tea (Kukicha) contains 25 mg of caffeine in a 8 fl oz cup.

This equates to 3.12 mg of caffeine for every fl oz and 10.57 mg for every 100 ml.

25 mg
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160 mg
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80 mg
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60 mg
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