Caffeine in Drinks

Zija XM+ Energy Drink

Discontinued? This item may no longer be available.

XM+ Energy Drink is made by Zija International, a multilevel marketing company specializing in supplements and cosmetics. 

Their XM+ Energy Drink is made by combining a packet of their dry energy drink mix with 8-18 fluid ounces of water and stirring or shaking well. 

The information concerning XM+ says that the exact caffeine amount is proprietary, but they do state by calling customer service that a serving equals 2 cups of coffee. Therefore, we estimate the caffeine level to be at 200 mg per serving since a cup of coffee is using generically referred to as 100 mg of caffeine.

Active Zija XM+ Active Ingredients

XM+ contains 90+ vitamins, minerals, and other active ingredients and this is similar to Verve made by Vemma.

However, XM doesn't list the amounts of almost all of those 90, so no telling how much of each you are actually getting.

Almost all of Zija's products boast the use of Moringa oleifera which is a plant high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

Caffeine in Other Zija Products

  • XM Burn: 180 mg/ serving
  • XM am: 130 mg/serving
  • XM pm: 0 mg/serving
  • SmartMix: 0 mg/serving
  • SuperMix: 0 mg/serving
  • Daily Tea: 0 mg/serving
  • Premium Tea: 0 mg/serving
  • XM3: Unknown

Zija XM+ Energy Drink isn't suitable for children or those sensitive to caffeine. 

Ingredients in Zija XM+ Energy Drink

Proprietary Blend (natural Tropical Flavor, Moringa Leaf, Ephedra Nevadensis, Green Tea Extract, Moringa Seed Cake, Moringa Fruit Powder, Ginseng, Garlic), Pure Cane Sugar, Fruit Pectin, Citric Acid, Mango Flavoring, Natural Caffeine, Agar, Stevia, Silica, Stearic Acid.

Includes 4 grams of sugar (per 12 ounces) for a total of 0 calories.

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Is Zija XM+ Energy Drink high in caffeine?

Zija XM+ Energy Drink contains 16.67 mg of caffeine per fl oz (56.36 mg per 100 ml). A 12 fl oz cup has a total of 200 mg of caffeine.

Total Caffeine (mg)