Caffeine Cookies

cookies with added caffeine

Caffeine cookies really exist! Here’s a recipe and two pre-baked caffeinated cookies available for sale in the USA.

First, Blogger and Coffee fiend Chris Howard gives us his recipe for creating caffeinated cookies.

Basically he starts off with a standard oatmeal cookie recipe (like this one here).

Caffeinated Cookie Recipe

Then the magic:

Being an experimenter, I don’t write anything down, but here’s the basic formula for super-wicked oatmeal coffee chocolate chip cookies: Take your normal oatmeal cookie recipe, and if it calls for liquid (some do) put in some very strong coffee. Then grind some really good medium roast coffee beans into powder, adding at least two tablespoons to your dry ingredients. That’s it.

I would say at least two tablespoons – this is about the amount of coffee used to make a double-shot (doppio) espresso.

I would take it a step further. Why not use caffeinated oatmeal in the mix?

Don’t Feel Like Baking?

get up and go cookies

There are a few pre-baked caffeinated cookies available for sale.

1. Caffeinated Smart Cookie from Get Up and Go

These are regular chocolate chip cookies but with added natural caffeine. They are soft baked and each cookie contains 180 mg of caffeine.

We tried these caffeine cookies and you can read our review here.

Chocolate Chip isn’t the only cookie these guys are baking, but have a few other caffeinated treats as well.

  • Chocolate Chip Blondies
  • Caffeinated Brownies
  • Mocha Espresso Cookies
  • Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins
  • Double Chocolate Chip Muffins
  • Dolce Latte Granola
  • Mocha Joe Granola

All of Get Up and Go’s caffeinated cookies and baked goods can be purchased online or at many locations in Ann Arbor, MI and a few locations in Texas and California.

2. Awaken Baked from The Cookie Department

This cookie contains coffee and chocolate chips in order to give it a caffeine punch. No word on how much caffeine these cookies contain.

Just don’t feed either of these to your children as caffeine cookies are an adult only type of snack.

Especially the Smart Cookie! At 180 mg of caffeine this cookie has more caffeine than a 16 fl.oz. Monster or two 8 fl. oz. Red Bulls!


Written by James Foster, last updated on August 10, 2015