Caffeine Energy Drink Review

It is a warm summer’s night and I am pushing the 4 AM mark. Beside me I have a sleek black 12 ounce can of Caffeine Energy Drink.

It reminds of something I would see in a club. It’s look is classy and simple. The red circle around the “A” in it’s name gives a subtle nod to rebellion and chaos. This drink is illuminated with a wild atmosphere that also throws some dignity into the mix.

The aesthetics from the can alone appeal greatly to my visual senses, but can Caffeine light my fire and bring some much needed kick to my late night ventures? We shall soon find out.


I pop the top and I smell cotton candy and watermelon, a very intriguing scent. The first sip is a satisfying burst of original flavor. Caffeine Energy tastes like deep lime, slight cotton candy, and crisp apple all while having a superb sour/tart mix with only a slight hint of bitterness. It is quite refreshing and the 12 ounce can does not last long. I must reiterate on the originality of this flavor. It essentially tastes like Nerd’s older cousin who wears a suit and is doused in watermelon cologne. Top notch!


Sadly there is no caffeine amount given on the can of Caffeine Energy Drink but the website states the drink clocks in at 140mg. This is always aggravating to see, I cannot stress this enough. The other notable ingredients consist of Vitamin C (60 mg), Niacin (6 mg), Vitamin B6 (2 mg), Folic Acid (120 mcg), Vitamin B12 (6 mcg), and Biotin (90 mcg).


My eyes are open and I regain mental clarity. The kick feels clean, smooth, and almost relaxed. It is thoroughly enjoyable and just what I needed, a perfect late night pick-me-up. I now have some good energy to burn and I am ready to take on the rest of the night (or morning, rather).

If you take part in vigorous sporting activities though, I don’t think Caffeine Energy Drink can provide that monstrous boost you might need for something of that nature.


The Caffeine Energy Drink can screams class and style, the flavor is delicious and original, and the boost is smooth and has enough power to keep the late nights even later. Not much else to say but go out, find one of these babies, and drink it to your hearts content.

Reviewed by Taylor Fruits

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  • I was very impressed with this drink. The flavor was top notch and the kick was good.

  • Nick

    Sounds great, particularly the flavor. Though I’m kind of more interested in the Caffeine Free Relaxation Drink, I don’t suppose someone could get their hands on that to review?

  • Nick,
    If you would like to sample the Relaxation Drink. Please send me an email with your information to Thanks.

  • Ali

    If I stop drinking coffine , when would my sperm count rise up

  • Tried this out the other day and it tastes like a watered down energy drink, though entirely original in flavor. No sudden taste bud suger kick like Monster or Red Bull. This is a VERY GOOD thing. It gives energy without the feeling of being tired afterward. These guys came up with a great drink. Contains a deceptively large amount of caffeine. A++

  • Nathan “Kovu” Dumas

    I got a 24 pack of the energy and relaxation. i have yet to try the relaxation but from what i can tell from the energy drink its very good. and like the review said not a big kick in the face but enough to give you a good energy boost.

    WILL buy this stuff again!!!

  • Frank

    Yeah, this drink is really a perfect ten. The look is eye-catching, then you look at the back of the can, and you are like, wow, its pretty healthy, then you pop the top and the the best part hits you, the taste, it is phenomenal. I am looking forward to additional products from this company.

Last Modified: June 27, 2014