Cheap Energy Drink Locator

cheap-energy-drinksMost major brand energy drinks cost between 3-4 dollars, so those that drink them daily can develop a pretty expensive habit.

If you having trouble reducing your caffeine intake (you might want to check if you have a caffeine addiction), then this page will hopefully save you some money.

Bargain Energy Drink Brands

  1. 4C Energy Rush– Each packet makes one 80mg of caffeine energy drink for about 38 cents each.
  2. ZipFizz– Each tube makes 1 energy drink. Works out to be about $1 per serving.
  3. Store Brand Energy Drinks– These are usually a little generic tasting, but some aren’t bad at around $1-$2 a can. 7-Eleven has there own called Quake Energy and Aldi makes Red Thunder.
  4. Rip It Energy Drink– $1.38 when bought in bulk. 200mg of caffeine and many flavors available as well.
  5. Advocare Spark Energy Drink– Each packet makes an energy drink for about $1.57 each.
  6. Blue Sky Energy Drink– $1.62 a can when bought in bulk.
  7. Xenergy Drinks– Around $2 a can if bought in a 12 pack from some sources.
  8. Speed Stack Energy Drink– Around $2.25 a bottle if bought in bulk.
  9. G Fuel – Each cannister contains 40 servings at a cost of just $.75 per serving.
  10. Pure Boost – These energy drink packets are about $1 each and have 100 mg of caffeine.

Places to Buy Cheap Energy Drinks

cheap-places-for-energy-drinksBesides individual energy drinks that are on the cheap, there are also both online and traditional retailers where cheap energy drinks can be found.

Many of these stores will often have either close-outs of top name brands or frequent 2-for-one specials.

  • Big Lots– This closeout store often has name-brand energy drinks for cheap. They could be discontinued flavors or stock close to the expiration date.
  • Dollar Stores– There are a wide variety of “dollar” type stores such as Dollar General and Family Dollar. They often have closeout deals on name-brand energy drinks or real obscure brands as well.
  •– is a great place to find energy drinks or shots in bulk that are shipped directly to your door.
  • – A great bulk source for some of the “sport” marketed energy drinks like Speed Stack and Xenergy featured above.
  • 7 Eleven– This and other national convenience store chains often have “2 for” deals from Rockstar, Monster, or other brands. It pays to check regularly.
  • Grocery Outlet – This nationwide grocery store always has some brand of energy drink at close-out prices.
  • Other Closeout Stores– There are other less famous closeout store chains around the country like Ollies, National Wholesale Liquidators, and closeout grocery stores.

It pays to shop around especially if your energy drink habit is pushing the $30 a week mark. Why not try one of the cheaper alternatives featured above and then occasionally have a Monster, Red Bull, or Rockstar as a treat every so often.


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on February 4, 2020