Coca Sek: The Real Cocaine Energy Drink?

coca-sek.jpgCoca Sek is a Columbian energy drink made from coca leaves and is experiencing significant growth.

The first batch of 3,000 bottles of Coca-Sek — literally “Coca of the Sun” — was sold out in a rush. Another 40,000 bottles were sold in the next two months — mainly in the southern part of the country. (via Spiegel)

Coca Sek is made by the indigenous people of Colombia as part of an initiative that seeks to raise awareness of the value of the coca leaf and reveal how it is used traditionally among the native people of the region.

The indigenous Yanakona people of Columbia have been safely using coca leaves for centuries to treat and cure many ailments.

What’s In Coca Sek?

Coca Sek has more calcium than a liter of milk, more iron than a plate full of spinach, and more phosphorous than a serving of fish.

The only trouble is that it is made from the coca plant – the same plant that forms the basis of the drug Cocaine. But, when used in a traditional way like a tea or an ointment, coca based products are probably on the same level of danger as caffeine is.

No word on whether the drink contains any caffeine.

Legal Troubles

Also, the Coca Cola Company aren’t particularly amused with their naming rights being “violated”.

We’ve been charged with violating Coca Cola’s rights to the name of its product. We’re not allowed to use the word ‘Coca’ in the name of our soft drink — a word that is more than 5,000 years old and of indigenous origin, and which refers to a sacred plant. We’re going to defend ourselves,” Says Curtidor, the drinks developer.

Also because this drink is made from the coca plant there are all kinds of legal issues exporting it to other countries. Even in Columbia the producers have had conflicts with the government over growing and transporting the raw materials needed to make Coka Sek.

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  • nkilla

    I want sum

  • Dusty

    “The only trouble is that it is made from the coca plant – the same plant that forms the basis of the drug Cocaine.”

    Why is that a problem? Are effects of cocaine carried over in the drink?

  • aaron j

    “Another 40,000 bottles were sold in the next two months — mainly in the southern part of the country.” I’m sorry if I missed this, but what country are they talking about? The US? If so, I, too, definitely want some : )

  • brandon the ho

    the country in question is Columbia.
    Just click the link and read the article, genius.

  • adam

    How do I get a hold of this?

  • juliet

    the natives in that area have used the coca leaves for hundreds of years because they help with hunger, thirst, altitude, and energy. they have coca tea and they chew on coca leaves, etc. the coca leaf itself is a great thing, healthwise. when it’s made into cocaine they take a LOT of the leaves and then put it through chemical changes. so by drinking this Coca-Sek it will probably have the same effects of the coca tea and will give the drinker a little energy boost but nothing like cocaine.

  • pisanoNps

    is it cheaper than crack?

  • brett

    im going to columbia in february. i wonder how much trouble im going to get in when i bring this stuff back

  • ….

    i think im getting some tickets to colombia pretty soon

  • sex


  • Joel

    Did anyone stop and think this is illegal? that Coca leaves are nopt legal to sell? This product is nothing more than a marketing scam. Even Columbia has laws agaist it. The law is not enforce in parts of Columbia.
    Also if you try to leave the country with that stuff you might as well get use to seeing bars.
    for more info check out this link,1518,450272,00.html

  • Brett – DON’T BRING ANY BACK!!! Even the small amount of cocaine in the pop would get you busted, and the dogs will probably be able to smell it. However, please post your description of it. Bon Voyage!

  • Kite-like-in-highness…

    Lmao.. u aint gonna get busted for bringing a can of pop back from bloody Columbia!!

    If it’s so terribly illegal how come u can buy the Coca Leaf Tea online then?

    U dosy Numpties!! 😀


  • Dianna

    Joel, thank you for the link. But I have to ask, did you read it yourself? You say the drink is a scam because it’s illegal to sell coca. As a matter of fact, part of the article details how difficult it is to transport the coca leaves to the processing plant, and how indigenous peoples’ rights to cultivate for private purposes weren’t challenged until now because of the drink.

  • Lissie

    I got some on Amazon a few days ago; still waiting for it to arrive (it’s being shipped from Bolivia). For 60 tea bags I paid around 26 dollars. I did a little research on the web and found that the average tea bag contains 5 mg. of cocaine. Also, in a study of the tea’s effects on addicts in withdrawal it proved mildly helpful. My guess is that if you’ve had the white stuff before, this is probably disappointing, but if it’s your first encounter it ought to be better than all that yerba mate and royal ginseng crap they sell in health food stores and, with luck, cheaper *and* more effective than coffee. But yeah, Amazon.

  • Will Strinz

    “‘The only trouble is that it is made from the coca plant – the same plant that forms the basis of the drug Cocaine.’

    Why is that a problem? Are effects of cocaine carried over in the drink?”

    I’d assume either the FDA would be edgy about it on general principles, or that it might be possible to synthesize cocaine from it in some way.

  • james

    This drink is hardly harmful. 5mg is nothing. But, many of you probably then say, ‘then why put the coke in it if it has no side effects’, actually, in small doses, the ‘Coca’ plant, (not cocaine, in which the plant has gone through many chemical reactions), it has pretty amazing effects involving with Anxiety, Stress, High Blood Pressure among other things.

    This is a great invention, if it gets past the FDA, this will sell BIG. I personally, have nothing against this, laws are getting slightly too strict, i would drink this with absolutly no problem, there is nothing, or no ‘overdose’, the FDA are having a hard time letting it in because the label of Cocaine, is obviously, quite infamous. I remind you again, the Coca plant is quite different than the ‘new’ substance which is formed during many chemical reactions from the Coca Plant, in which the effects have hightened and whatnot.

    Bringing to conclusions, there is nothing wrong with this drink, dont be tricked into believing such dangers extracted from the word ‘Cocaine’, the only problem people find with it is the link from the Coca Plant, to the infamous street drug Cocaine. Ironicly, they are 2 different substances. There is absolutly NOTHING unsafe about this drink.


  • mike

    Kudos James. I will say no more.

  • thomaas_GReece

    I definetely want to try this drink!!!!

  • sandy

    well, coca-cola is suing them for copyright infringement because the label is so similar, and they are pulling it off the shelves in Colombia, so dont count on drinking any

Last Modified: August 14, 2014