Cocaine Energy Drink Is Back After Being Banned

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Redux Beverages have created an energy drink and called it “cocaine”.


I suppose if they want a lot of PR – this is the way to get it – but naming a drink after an illegal drug?

“When a person sees the name of the drink, some psychological effect happens and the person is already experiencing the energy buzz before they even open the can,” speculates Cocaine inventor Jamey Kirby.

The makers of the drink claim that it is 350% stronger than Red Bull.

The Ban

Shortly after the energy drink was released, The FDA sent a letter to Redux, demanding that they cease production and sale of Cocaine.

This was primarily due to the drink’s glorification of an illegal drug as well as its high caffeine content. The marketing behind the drink didn’t help either……

The drink came with this warning:

*Warning – this beverage should be consumed by responsible adults. Failure to adhere to this warning may result in excess excitement, stamina, fun and possible feeling of euphoria.

Cocaine has 280mg of caffeine per 8.4 oz (250ml) can.

That’s a lot – and puts it on our most caffeinated energy drink list.

The Re-Release

Redux Beverages have evidently worked through the issues with the FDA and the drink is for sale in the USA and a few places around the world.

Online the drink is easily obtained from here.

Cocaine is available in 3 variations: regular, cut, and free as well as an energy shot.

“Cut” is a formulation without the burn (i.e. the cinnamon flavor), and “Free” is a zero-calorie sugar-free formulation.

Cocaine contains a massive 280mg of caffeine in its 8.4 ounce can and should be consumed responsibly by adults only.

Cocaine Energy Drink Still Banned in Australia

cocaine2.jpgThe energy drink called cocaine will not be going on sale in Australia or New Zealand who are not allowing companies to import it.

Apart from the most unfortunate name of the drink, Australia has restrictions on caffeine levels in drinks – currently 32mg per 100ml.

The Australian Food Standards Code restricts the addition of caffeine to kola-type soft drinks, flavoured cordials and flavoured syrups.   In these drinks, the total caffeine content must not exceed 145 mg/kg (36mg/250ml serve) in the drink as consumed.   The Code does not prescribe limits for naturally occurring caffeine in food – for example, tea, coffee and guarana.   The caffeine levels in these foods will not normally exceed 100 mg in a standard serving.

Source: Food Standards Australia New Zealand

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  • Guess I can go ahead and drink my original cans now. I figure if the guys at I love blow can sell vials of energy powder in a box that looks like a kilo of coke then cocaine should be ok with the FDA. Wonder how the new can will look?


    there goes my cans resell value 🙁 and i know that they are gonna be flat by now… sad day..o well, good for them i guess, it is a good drink

  • Steve

    Aye, my unopened cans are pretty worthless now too.

  • Maybe they changed the design some? At least I still have my No name can design. That should be collectible now.

  • YeahX

    Well I never saw the original in stores here and I only saw it’s replacement in one little store I never go to and I didnt bother to try it out. I figured it was just another of the usual but with a hyped name anyway.

  • FireMarth

    I’m so happeeeee!!! I love this stuff!

  • Sethamphetamine

    Damnit, I spent seven bucks getting it offline. Now I can find it probably anywhere for two. Cocaine really isn’t that great–in addition to tasing like cinnamon candle wax, it does nothing to me. Not that any energy drinks do, but I’d at least want to be able to stay awake after using something under the name Cocaine.

  • 456jj

    Which stores sell Cocaine Energy? I checked Vons, CVS, & even Wal-mart & still cant find it.

  • They already had a cut and sugar free version before the ban. Not the best tasting but it does have a good kick.


    @456jj, you will need to check gas stations, most stores will not sell cocaine

  • JIM


  • kyle

    well the old cans unopened are still valueable cause the new cans dont have “the leagal alternative” written at the top



  • josh

    @ Rhonda- it is actually spelled caffeine anhydrous and it is simply an “artificial” aka non-natural caffeine that is synthetically created. Some people think it is worse for you than caffeine from coffee/tea/guarana etc. but it is debatable.

  • levi

    iv done every drug out there seriously,i regreet it everyday,and im glad there is such a thing as energy drinks ,they have blessed my life more than polly shores movie “bio dome”,im sure im not the only kid out there that quit doing extacy,and picked up energy drinks,and 3 years later,is thanking energy drinks for being there for ruff times”

  • hahahahaha

    Well, honestly i think this is the best energy drink ever, and i know alot of people who were addicted to other drugs that use this drink as an alternative, so i see nothing wrong with it. It’s not our choice if stores don’t want to sell it. We have no power over this, but on the contrary, those stores who do not sell it most of the time contradicting their decision either sell those little rosebud in glass things that are used for crack pipes, and rolling papers that everyone knows is being used for j, or those cute little colorful pyrexes that again is used for j. These stores are not naive to this and if someone wnats to use yay, it isn’t gonna be because of a name on a can.

  • matt

    Can’t find it in stores so if anyone has seen it on a shelf in Virginia let me know

  • Frostbite

    Ordered a case from Xoxide and I love it. This stuff is better than any of that pussy stuff like Monster and Red Bull just due to the fact it packs such a monster punch in a tiny can. Do not recommend for caffeine rookies, though.

  • art

    I order the cocaine energy drink, was not pleased or impressed. A cup of coffee has about 110mg of caffine,
    most stay awake pills have about 200mg of caffine.
    Now to me I get a better engery boost from the above. I order and drink all at different times that i needed energy,it was a mistake because one I actully was going back to sleep after about 10 minutes of engery boost. So, for me I will never suggest this
    drink to anyone who is looking for enery. Now for you it may be different, Good Luck. art Durham, nc

  • Blaze

    I bought a cocaine and thought it was o.k. gave me good amount of energy so all you haters quit bashing this product. Maybe you need a baby bottle you cry babies.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014