Cocaine Energy Drink Is Back After Being Banned

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Redux Beverages have created an energy drink and called it “cocaine”.


I suppose if they want a lot of PR – this is the way to get it – but naming a drink after an illegal drug?

“When a person sees the name of the drink, some psychological effect happens and the person is already experiencing the energy buzz before they even open the can,” speculates Cocaine inventor Jamey Kirby.

The makers of the drink claim that it is 350% stronger than Red Bull.

The Ban

Shortly after the energy drink was released, The FDA sent a letter to Redux, demanding that they cease production and sale of Cocaine.

This was primarily due to the drink’s glorification of an illegal drug as well as its high caffeine content. The marketing behind the drink didn’t help either……

The drink came with this warning:

*Warning – this beverage should be consumed by responsible adults. Failure to adhere to this warning may result in excess excitement, stamina, fun and possible feeling of euphoria.

Cocaine has 280mg of caffeine per 8.4 oz (250ml) can.

That’s a lot – and puts it on our most caffeinated energy drink list.

The Re-Release

Redux Beverages have evidently worked through the issues with the FDA and the drink is for sale in the USA and a few places around the world.

Online the drink is easily obtained from here.

Cocaine is available in 3 variations: regular, cut, and free as well as an energy shot.

“Cut” is a formulation without the burn (i.e. the cinnamon flavor), and “Free” is a zero-calorie sugar-free formulation.

Cocaine contains a massive 280mg of caffeine in its 8.4 ounce can and should be consumed responsibly by adults only.

Cocaine Energy Drink Still Banned in Australia

cocaine2.jpgThe energy drink called cocaine will not be going on sale in Australia or New Zealand who are not allowing companies to import it.

Apart from the most unfortunate name of the drink, Australia has restrictions on caffeine levels in drinks – currently 32mg per 100ml.

The Australian Food Standards Code restricts the addition of caffeine to kola-type soft drinks, flavoured cordials and flavoured syrups.   In these drinks, the total caffeine content must not exceed 145 mg/kg (36mg/250ml serve) in the drink as consumed.   The Code does not prescribe limits for naturally occurring caffeine in food – for example, tea, coffee and guarana.   The caffeine levels in these foods will not normally exceed 100 mg in a standard serving.

Source: Food Standards Australia New Zealand

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  • jon fink

    is it back in texas yet

  • Jason

    Caffiene should be Illegal. It is simply cheap medecine and a slow poison at the same time. All it does is make you deterioate and age faster. I admit I was once addicted to caffiene and I worked at several coffee shops. Shame on me. I’am now in a cleansing stage. I will soon purge every last ground of this poison out of my body. I will regain a more strong and fit and youthful body. Never again will touch anything with the posionous caffeine.

  • Jesuit

    Try to take some responsibility upon yourself for the absurd amounts of caffeine you poured down your gullet instead of calling it poison and calling for it to be outlawed. Caffeine ages you no faster than watching your food cook in the microwave gives you radiation.

  • Jason

    I’am taking responsibility. Read my comment. I wrote “I’am now in a cleansing stage” and “I will soon purge every last ground of this poison out of my body”. The detoxification process might take several years to finish but its well worth it to do. I no longer drink anything with caffeine and I feel younger. The best drugs are Cocaine, LSD, LSA and Pscilicyben. Taken properly these “drugs” are fun to be on. Cocaine is the best “energy” drug. Period

  • Aaron

    You’re still an idiot, regardless. Caffeine is not dangerous when consumed in moderation. Note “responsibly”, as in drink it responsibly. You were irresponsible in the first place to consume it in such quantities. You will live no longer, statistically than someone who does consume caffeine their whole lives. Get off your moral high horse!

  • Jason

    I’am Still Living. I will live on and on. Hopefully forever. In the book it says Adam and his offspring each lived roughly around 800 (give or take a few years). Did they drink caffiene? As far as we know probaly not since it wasn’t discovered until hundred of years later in Arabia. But they could of had tea which has caffeine in it. But tea has lots of healing properties and energy in it. Now after a chapter on Adam, then LORD says mans days will be 120 years. It seems to me the great all american diet and meal plan in restaurants doesn’t do to well on the stomach on the body in general. All that cunchy dark burnt meat and flour and all the extra salt and spices and all the hot burning bitter liquid and well this is going beyond the scope of this thread. My goal is too simply have more milk and sugar and fat each day and my ultimate goal is too feast upon the nipples of life… now Does that Get you Off?

  • tim michin

    please can you show me scientific proof of anyone ever living to over 150 and by the way the bible is not scientific proof.

  • Jason

    Elvis Presley released an album in Jan. 1971 called “Elvis Country (I’m 10,000 Years Old)” There is a song called “I was born about 10,000 Years Ago” that is made into snippets and put at the end of each of the 12 songs. The album cover and label can found at The lyrics to song “I was born about 10,000 Years Ago” can be found at various websites. 10,000 years is way longer than Adams 900 years lifespan in the bible. Thats pretty cool and inspiring.

  • tim michin

    Elvis Presley was a singer who wrote songs. Songs are not factual songs are like fairy tales i asked for scientific evidence not a fairy tale.

  • Jason

    Dhaqabo Ebba from Ethiopia claims to be 160 years old…….Oh Me So Horny, Me Love You Long Time!

  • tim michin

    he claims to be that he may be but i will not stand down until there is solid scientific evidence after he dies or before he dies. So your claim is still invalid.

  • Jaden

    Caffeine should be illegal? Are you seriously saying that coffee and tea should be illegal? This is AMERICA. Adults should certainly be allowed to decide whether or not they want to consume caffeinated beverages.

  • Jason

    I didn’t make any of these claims. The Elvis Presley album was released in January 1971 and I learned about Dhaqabo Ebba through various articles released in September 2013.

  • Jason

    As well as LSD, Cocaine, Opium, Marijuana, ,MDMA, LSA and everything else that is on Schedule I, II, III, IV and V of the Controlled Substance Act. God Bless America!

  • Erik Frolka

    marijuana SHOULD NOT be illegal. you can die from drinking to much watter easier than ODing on THC……. BECAUSE NO ONE HAS DIED FROM ODing ON THC…. EVER….

  • Jason

    Thank God no one has died from THC. One time I dated a black girl who liked to smoke weed almost every day. Sometimes we would argue about it since I couldn’t go to work “high” all of the time and we couldn’t grow a plant because we lived in an apartment. One night at a friends house in Seattle I decided to appease my girlfriend and impress her by taking over ten huge bong hits in a row. Wow. I sure did fall flat on my face. I was sick and vomiting for several hours. I was super high but I felt like a Zombie the whole night. When I looked at my black girlfriend she looked white and had a hallo around her head. Pretty trippy. There is a toxicity level to THC & Marijuana. The only way I might of died is if I passed out and choked on my vomit. My girlfriend was beside me to keep me awake & help me Through the Night. I love you ex-girlfreind. God Bless.

  • Tash

    i have drunk an energy drink a day for around 8 yrs. i dnt see myself aging, nor does anyone else, i am 30, and still get mistaken for under 18. to say it ages you is wack, you have no scientific proof. if you want to detox, good for you.i think caffeinated products should be treated with responsibly. I do not drink coffee, yet im not about to hate on the coffee drinkers out there. really, who gives a fuck about your opinion…just like who cares about mine really…..

  • Trey Smith

    You can get them by the case on Amazon. I don’t see what the big deal is, 280 mg of caffeine really isn’t that much.

  • s.taylor

    You are so . Why don’t you go back to college and educate yourself and come back with, I don’t know, FACTS not nonsense and bullshit your jello mush brain comes up with. And refering to your girlfriend as your “black” girlfriend repeatedly just proves your an ignorant self righteous bible bumping narcissistic annoying piece of shit. The fact that you think you should make all the rules and decisions for others on fairytales and idiocracy blows mind.. Its scary to think there’s ppl like you in this country. We are free! Your communist ideals need to go to Russia or Cuba or HELL.

  • s.tay

    Amen. Someone with a brain

Last Modified: September 11, 2014