Cocaine Energy Drink Is Back After Being Banned

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Redux Beverages have created an energy drink and called it “cocaine”.


I suppose if they want a lot of PR – this is the way to get it – but naming a drink after an illegal drug?

“When a person sees the name of the drink, some psychological effect happens and the person is already experiencing the energy buzz before they even open the can,” speculates Cocaine inventor Jamey Kirby.

The makers of the drink claim that it is 350% stronger than Red Bull.

The Ban

Shortly after the energy drink was released, The FDA sent a letter to Redux, demanding that they cease production and sale of Cocaine.

This was primarily due to the drink’s glorification of an illegal drug as well as its high caffeine content. The marketing behind the drink didn’t help either……

The drink came with this warning:

*Warning – this beverage should be consumed by responsible adults. Failure to adhere to this warning may result in excess excitement, stamina, fun and possible feeling of euphoria.

Cocaine has 280mg of caffeine per 8.4 oz (250ml) can.

That’s a lot – and puts it on our most caffeinated energy drink list.

The Re-Release

Redux Beverages have evidently worked through the issues with the FDA and the drink is for sale in the USA and a few places around the world.

Online the drink is easily obtained from here.

Cocaine is available in 3 variations: regular, cut, and free as well as an energy shot.

“Cut” is a formulation without the burn (i.e. the cinnamon flavor), and “Free” is a zero-calorie sugar-free formulation.

Cocaine contains a massive 280mg of caffeine in its 8.4 ounce can and should be consumed responsibly by adults only.

Cocaine Energy Drink Still Banned in Australia

cocaine2.jpgThe energy drink called cocaine will not be going on sale in Australia or New Zealand who are not allowing companies to import it.

Apart from the most unfortunate name of the drink, Australia has restrictions on caffeine levels in drinks – currently 32mg per 100ml.

The Australian Food Standards Code restricts the addition of caffeine to kola-type soft drinks, flavoured cordials and flavoured syrups.   In these drinks, the total caffeine content must not exceed 145 mg/kg (36mg/250ml serve) in the drink as consumed.   The Code does not prescribe limits for naturally occurring caffeine in food – for example, tea, coffee and guarana.   The caffeine levels in these foods will not normally exceed 100 mg in a standard serving.

Source: Food Standards Australia New Zealand

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  • Dali

    typical of a baby to be irresponsible

  • R C

    Hopefully, better than you as well.

    Check your own faults before pointing out others, hm?
    I see 3 grammatical errors in that short rant of yours.

  • Where exactly is one being irresponsible?

  • ghgfhgfh

    then eat glass and drink gasoline pussy

  • Jamey Kirby

    This is Jamey. Your facts are wrong.

  • Brad Porter

    I remember buying this (Regular) on Amazon. When I tried it, it was spicy. Really spicy. It woke me up.

  • Sabrina Mcclain

    Lol I spotted all of them too. You’re (your ahahaa) pretty observant. Lol nice comeback. I can’t stand grammar and spelling Nazis.??? And damn my phone would catch the spelling.

  • Awesome Art Digital

    Its a lot more most energy dirnks are about 160MG per 16 Ounce 280MG in this drink is very high considering its can is only 8.4 Ounce can. Be VERY CAREFUL! drink it slow and DO NOT drink more than one can.

  • Steve

    Cocaine energy drink sounds enticing purely based on the fact that it’s caffeine infested. I could really use a pick me up when it’s a long day at a tailgate party. After 5hours in and the game is still hours away. YES! I would definitely pick this drink out of an iced-barrel of mundane soft drinks!

  • Chaprnks

    Actually energy drinks USED to have a lot more caffeine. NOS for example; had 250mg per can. Unfortunately the FDA cracked down hard, and now all energy drinks are limited to 160mg per can. Since then, I’ve noticed it takes like 2-3 cans to get the same feeling as I used to get with one. Makes me wonder if the change was really for safety.. since it seems like a hidden motive to make more sales.

  • Ted

    They aren’t actually limited by law. They voluntarily lowered caffeine content.

  • mbunker2007

    you drink energy drinks and they are banned one day you goin ta jail! GET ON THE GROUND! YOU NEED REHAB AND THE JUUUUDGE GON GIVE IT TO YOU! It’s gon be illegal! You kids gonna learn!

  • mbunker2007

    ban ban ban ban ban goin ta jail! on the ground! ban ban ban

  • Mike

    I was drinking then when they first came out before it was banned
    And it works 10 times better than Redbull
    Instead of paying for a 4pack of red bull
    I drank one can of the original cocaine and got me through the day running circles around everyone
    Unfortunately I had to buy it in a 24 pack but it was worth it in the long run and still is too bad they don’t have it everywhere like they do these other bullshit and you drinks

  • JOHN

    You need to look at your spelling because I think you meant to say maybe you’re not your in second grade, now who feels dumb. Before you try to correct someone learn it yourself. Dumbass!!!

  • Gregory

    Why does everyone belittle each other?

  • joe

    Especially when it would take 15,550mg of caffeine in 24hours to kill someone

  • I am getting in shape now man. I really like the “cold” or maybe it’s “cut” but I was like 270 when I could buy it. June 15 ideally I’ll be between 189 and 194 lbs., I have not been a huge energy drink consumer but I might have been wrong and your stuff is tasty. Thought I’d say.

  • P.m hilley

    Really is all that hate necessary? Is that what you teach your 10 year old?

  • jonathan mason

    They probably threatened the FDA to sue them technically they attacked the right of free enterprise if they’re in America they’re in the country I guess it makes sense

Last Modified: September 11, 2014