D-Mix Pump Review

d-mix-energy-pumpSo I get this package from D-mix Energy.

I eagerly open it and begin reading through all their literature and whatnot and am being blown away by what I’m reading.

First, an energy pump? Hmmm sounds exciting… then I see it has a 400g energy blend, 50,000% vitamin B12, that’s not a misprint, I did say 50,000%, and 23 exotic fruits and herbs all packed into a one-ounce D-Mix energy pump, and it still tastes like coffee???

The world is fueled by coffee, yet some of us need more than just the standard coffee rush, and that’s when some of these coffee energy drinks can fill in that slight gap for us.  So let’s pump this “energy pump” and see what happens…


WOW! That wow isn’t directed necessarily for the taste, but for the strength.  This energy is potent!  Seemed a little to strong for my liking, but may be a perfect fit for the HARDCORE straight coffee drinker.  The “pump” gives you a direct stream which is more like a coffee syrup, then your normal watered down coffee bean mixture. D-mix is also available in mint and tropical punch for the non-coffee lovers.


Now someone much more educated than me will have to explain this to me.  This 1-ounce D-Mix  Energy Pump claims to contain all the following…  a 400mg energy blend, 14 vitamins including 5000 mg of antioxidants and 50,000% vitamin B12 as well as 21 amino acids and 23 exotic fruits and herbs.  Now how do they jam all of that into a 1-ounce energy drink?  Doesn’t seem possible!


Effect is tricky on this one.  You control the effect.  I took about 4 pumps and got a healthy energy rush going, yet you can take as many pumps as it takes to get you going.  Product claims to have 30 pumps, yet only a few will be needed to give you your desired rush.

D-Mix is potentially dangerous if the dosage recommendations are not followed. D-Mix is concentrated caffeine.


The “pump” part of D-Mix didn’t quite live up to my expectations, it’s simply a spray. Even though the coffee taste is a little to strong for my liking, I can definitely see myself keeping a D-mix Energy Pump in my desk drawer for that extra boost during the week.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

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Last Modified: August 4, 2014