Decaf 5 Hour Energy?

Decaf 5 Hour Energy is also from the makers of the popular 5 Hour two ounce energy shot.

They are notorious for never listing caffeine amounts (hidden in a proprietary blend).

However, they do state that “5-Hour Energy contains caffeine comparable to a cup of the leading premium coffee.” Whatever that means. We were able to nail down the caffeine here.

But Decaf 5 Hour?

They have now released a decaf 5 Hour Energy (see more) that contains “only 6mg of caffeine -­ about as much as half a cup of decaffeinated coffee.”

So the question here is: how does the decaf version “provide hours of alertness and focus” – without caffeine or any other stimulant?

They Say…..

According to their website:

Like original 5-hour ENERGY® Decaf 5-hour ENERGY® contains B-vitamins and amino acids plus Choline. It is vital to the production of neurotransmitters in the brain that affect memory, intelligence and mood. Choline is present in eggs, soy and meats.

B-Vitamins for energy? That’s stretching it surely, at least in the short-term.

B Vitamins and amino acids would help with having higher energy levels in general, but they do not deliver an immediate boost like caffeine does.

I guess people do believe it works because after several years Decaf 5 Hour Energy is still for sale.

Have you tried Decaf 5 Hour? Does it work for you?

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  • Nik

    I hate 5 Hour Energy. I had it one time and it was a 5 hour headache!

  • jonowev

    I think i’ll stick to more traditional energy drinks!

  • fiddlerontheground

    If i want a decaf drink I’ll drink water…

  • icebergbunny

    Decaf is for pussies…why even bother? i agree with the water comment

  • Juggalo Pwnage

    Decaf is for the lose, surely, but the normal 5 Hour Energy shots have worked fairly well for me in the past.

  • Legend

    Wouldn’t a greater effect be achieved by taking a multivitamin with a caffeinated drink?

  • Somedudewithavery,verylongscreenname

    5-hour energy sucks. I can’t have it because I am allergic to aspartame. So, all I can have is the “natural” energy drinks that aren’t artificially sweetened. 🙁

  • Bill Wanker

    Considering that caffeine is the chemical that gives the real punch to all the other energy drinks that sport natural/vitamin ingredients, as an energy drink this on seems somewhat sub-par.
    Then again, it sound like it will make one hell of a competitor against Centrum A-Z.

    Bill Wanker

  • chris bones

    it sucks bawls 🙁

  • Amy Azlin

    Are you guys freaking kidding me? I have tried every kind of 5-Hour energy drink and the stuff is AMAZING! I bought the decaf last week and it works just as well as the regular kind! I am seriously addicted. People who can’t have caffeine because of their health will love the decaf. You guys are crazy.

  • George

    I did not believe the decaf 5 hour would work. To my suprise it did. I am suppose to watch how much caffiene I have and this is perfect.

  • levi

    seriously,iv stuck to this for as long as i can remeber fellow tweekers………..”THERE PRIMERS”,you drink those before you drink ur energy drink of choice (if cash provides),and take them after ur wired to “keep it cruising”,thats all i have to say about 5 hour energy drinks,but de-caf ,wow,thats just piss nuggets to my brain,i think id rather try and get wired by playing in the rain.

  • akfotysvn

    it works if you are allready extremely tired but then again – pretty much any cup of coffee would – i have found that when i am wide awake yet just don’t have much energy, it really doesn’t do anything for me.

  • scammmmmmmmm=5 hour decaf.lul.

  • it is probably one of the best energy drinks i have ever had

  • Kym

    This is the best energy drink I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried them all; I buy RedBull and Monster by the case. This is way better than anything else.

  • Gin_no_Soyokaze

    Pshaw. I’ve tried this stuff. It’s like water to me. I’ll take the real caffeine, sugar, guarana, taurine, blah, ect in a huge Rawkstar anyday compared to this. Like stated earlier, it sure does work when you’re tired along with any good ol’ cup of coffee.

  • any contra indications???

  • Mike D

    I’m an ultra-athlete (100 mile runs, 500 mile bike races, etc…) and use this while training and competing for the mental edge you need when the miles are still much bigger in the “what’s ahead” pile than in the “what’s behind” pile. Anyway, for those of you who want to get fat with your energy drink, go ahead and keep hitting the Monster, Red Bull, etc… Sugar sugar sugar. 5HE has almost no calories and the “bump” you feel is from mental alertness, not shaking muscles and bouncing legs. Like many other commenters on here, I have tried most of the drinks out there. They’re great when you’re at the bar and mixing with some vodka but when I’m at work (I’m a web developer) you just don’t need all that sugar. Go 5HE!!!

  • KcT

    Heard of FRS? Just try it. It’s new and healthier than this crap.

Last Modified: July 21, 2014