Destim 357 Magnum Energy Capsule Review

I just received some free samples of 357 Magnum and there’s nothing like a pill named after the hand cannon that Dirty Harry used to take down criminals.

357 Magnum Energy has a big name to live up to. At first glance it appears to be your typical caffeine pill, similar to No Doz Max. But, it has an added twist.

Ingredient Profile

Each capsule contains 200 mg of caffeine and 25 mg of Vitamin C. This is unusual in energy supplements. I did some research, and from what I could tell there isn’t much of an explanation for the pairing. It has been opined that caffeine causes some nutrient deficiencies, so this could be the reason.

357 Magnum Effect

The effect of these pills was very similar to the average caffeine pill supplement, or a few cups of coffee. I felt a lift in mood and energy and it coasted for a few hours until I came down. There were no jitters or extreme bursts of energy, just a smooth lift.


Destim 357 Magnum Energy Capsules are comparable to your average caffeine supplement. College students and Truck drivers have been using them for years. The added Vitamin C is a new thing, but I’m still left with no explanation for its presence.

Reviewed by Jason Kleindorfer


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on July 2, 2014