Caffeine in Discontinued Drinks

Wall of old soft drinks

We have been collecting caffeine amounts since early 2005. From that point hundreds of caffeinated foods and drinks have come to market, only to disappear (over 600 of them) – out-muscled by the big brands.

Here we list the caffeine amounts of discontinued energy drinks, energy shots, coffees, teas, soft drinks, gums, candies, and any other caffeinated goods.

You may still be able to find some of them (in outlet stores, different countries, etc), so for posterity we’ve retained the details here.

Name Serving Caffeine (mg)
10 Hour Energy Shot1.93 fl oz422
180 Energy Drink8.2 fl oz90
1in3 Trinity8.4 fl oz50
24:7 Energy16 fl oz160
357 Super Magnum2 fl oz250
418 Energy2 fl oz0
4C Energy Liquid Water Enhancers8 fl oz60
5 Alarm Energy Shot2 fl oz100
5 Hour Energy Decaf2 fl oz6
50 Cal Energy Shot2 fl oz120
6 Hour Power2.03 fl oz125
666 Energy Drink4 fl oz200
7 Select Coffee Energy Shot2 fl oz150
925 Energy Shot2 fl oz120
Ace Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Active Brain Energy Shot0.75 fl oz68
Acute Fruit Energy Drink15.5 fl oz213
Adina Natural Highs Coffee Energy Drink8 fl oz100
Adrenalyn Shot8.5 fl oz200
Adrenalyn Stack18 fl oz200
AeroLife Inhalable Caffeine1 dose100
Airforce Nutrisoda Energize8.45 fl oz50
Alert Caffeine Gum1 piece40
Alien Energy Jerky1 packs110
All City NRG16 fl oz300
AllDay Energy Shot2 fl oz210
ALRI Hypershot2 fl oz500
American Blast Energy Drink8.3 fl oz80
Ammo Energy Shot1 fl oz171
Amp Black Tea16 fl oz180
Amp Elevate16 fl oz160
Amp Energy Cherry Blast16 fl oz160
AMP Energy Gum1 piece40
Amp Energy Zero16 fl oz157
Amp Green Tea16 fl oz155
Amp Lightning Charge16 fl oz160
Amp Organic Energy Drink12 fl oz120
Amp Overdrive16 fl oz159
Amp Passion Fruit16 fl oz156
Amp Relaunch16 fl oz160
Amp Strawberry Limeade16 fl oz156
Amp Sugar Free16 fl oz160
Amp Traction16 fl oz160
Angel Energy Drink10.15 fl oz96
Antimatter Energy Drink8.4 fl oz80
Aqua Enerviva20 fl oz100
Aqua T Energy Drink8.4 fl oz-
Aquafina Alive Energize16 fl oz92
Archer Farms Energy Drink12 fl oz100
AriZona Extreme Energy Shot8.3 fl oz100
AriZona Green Tea Energy16 fl oz200
Arizona Natural Energy15.5 fl oz120
Arma Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Arriba Horchata Energy11 fl oz76
Atomic Blast16 fl oz100
Atomic Dogg Energy Drink16 fl oz200
Atomic X16 fl oz-
Avitae Caffeinated Water16.9 fl oz125
Awake Caffeinated Granola Bars1 bar50
Awake Energy Drink12 fl oz80
Axle Fuel Energy Drink16 fl oz-
AZ Energy Drink15 fl oz188
B 63 Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
B52 Energy Drink16 fl oz100
Bally Blast Energy Drink8.3 fl oz-
Bang!! Caffeinated Ice Cream1 scoop125
Banzai Energy Drink16 fl oz-
Battery Energy Drink (EU)11.2 fl oz106
Bawls Mints1 Mint1
Bazi Energy Drink2.5 fl oz80
Bazza High Energy Tea16.9 fl oz150
Bean and Body Coffee8 fl oz72
Bee Energy Shot2.5 fl oz100
Big Jak Energy Drink16 fl oz164
Bionic Boink12 fl oz0
Bioplus Booster1 fl oz90
Black Medicine Iced Coffee11 fl oz206
Blade Energy Drink16 fl oz240
Blast Caffeine1 fl oz11000
Blast Power Gum1 piece80
Blink Energy Water16.9 fl oz150
Blitz Energy Gum1 piece55
Blood Energy Potion3.4 fl oz80
Bloom Energy10.5 fl oz74
Blow Energy Drink Mix8 fl oz240
Blox Energy Drink16 fl oz152
BLU Energy Drinks8.4 fl oz80
Blue Energy Drink8.3 fl oz80
Blue Jeans Energy Drink8.4 fl oz80
Blutonium Energy Drink2 fl oz0
Boo-Koo Energy24 fl oz360
Booty Sweat Energy Drink8.4 fl oz80
Brain TonIQ8.4 fl oz0
Brawndo Energy Drink16 fl oz200
Bull Tonik8 fl oz160
Bulldog Buzz11.84 fl oz204
Bump Energy Drink10.5 fl oz197
Butterfinger Buzz1 package80
Buzz Bites Chocolate Chews1 Chew100
Buzz Monkey8.46 fl oz77.5
BuzzWater16.9 fl oz200
C1.5 Energy Drink8.4 fl oz-
Caballo Negro16 fl oz240
Cafe Viva Probiotic Coffee8 fl oz125
Caffe Monster Energy Coffee13.7 fl oz175
Caffeinall1 shake30
Caffeinated Brownies1 brownie200
Caffeinated Club Soda12 fl oz34
Caffeinated Granola1 packet100
Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipop1 lollipop80
Caffeinated Smart Cookie1 cookie180
Caffeine Energy Drink12 fl oz140
Caleb's Kola10 fl oz26
Canadian Big Buzz Green Machine Energy16 fl oz224
Cannabis Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
Celsius Heat Energy Drink16 fl oz300
Century Energy Drink16 fl oz147
CHARGE! Super Shot2 fl oz200
Charged Chocolate1 bar150
Chasing Rabbits Energy drink12 fl oz120
Cheetah Power Surge24 fl oz0
Chi 3 Energy Shot2 fl oz100
ChocoMallows1 mallow100
Clear Coffee6.77 fl oz100
Clearly Canadian Daily Energy20 fl oz80
Co-Operative Diet Cola (UK)16.91 fl oz50
Coca-Cola Blak8 fl oz46
Coca-Cola Life12 fl oz24
Cocaine Energy Shot2 fl oz280
Coffee Crave Fearless Black12 fl oz844
CoffeeMallows1 mallow200
Cojones Energy Shot2 fl oz125
CoMotion8.4 fl oz160
Coolah Energy Drink16 fl oz150
Cougar Energy Double Shot2.5 fl oz150
Courage Energy Drink8.46 fl oz50
Cracker Jack'D Power Bites1 package100
Crackheads28 box200
Crackheads 2 Candy1 box600
Crakshot2 fl oz140
Crazy Horse Energy Drink8.4 fl oz37.5
Crunk Sugar Free16 fl oz200
Crunk!!! Energy Stix1 packet100
Crystal Light Energy Candy1 piece7.5
Crystal Pepsi20 fl oz63
Cumberland Farms Bottled Latte13.7 fl oz90
Cyborg8.43 fl oz80
Damzl Fuel12 fl oz-
Daredevil16 fl oz240
Dead Red Xcelerator12 fl oz-
Death Wish Nitro Brew11 fl oz381
Demon Energy Shot2.03 fl oz200
Demon Killa Troppo Energy Drink14.88 fl oz140
Devils Brew Extreme Caffeine Coffee12 fl oz1325
Diablo Energy Drink8.4 fl oz95
Diablo Energy Strips1 strip25
Diabolo Loco Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Dickens Energy Cider8.4 fl oz80
Diesel Energy Drink16 fl oz-
Diet Coke Cherry12 fl oz46
Diet Coke Plus12 fl oz45
Diet Mr. Pibb12 fl oz40
Diet Turbo Tea18 fl oz90
Divas Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
DNA Energy Drink16 fl oz170
Dollar Energy Shot1.93 fl oz190
Don Tomas Estate Coffee8 fl oz145
Double Hit12 fl oz-
DoubleKick Hot Sauce0.17 teaspoon12
Dragon Pearl2 fl oz100
Dragonfire8 fl oz80
Dunkin Donuts Bottled Cold Brew9 fl oz152
E2 Voltage8 fl oz200
EBOOST Energy Shot2 fl oz150
ED Energy Drink16.9 fl oz160
ED F/X Special Light16.9 fl oz160
Ed Hardy Chocolate Rocks1 box600
Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints1 mint19.4
Element Caffeinated Water16.9 fl oz50
Emerge8.46 fl oz75
Emu Energy Drink5 fl oz-
EMV Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
Energi-ZING Shake by Nutrisystem8 fl oz200
Energy 698.45 fl oz75
Energy Catalyst0.23 fl oz100
Energy Pix Caffeine Toothpicks1 toothpick7
Energy Sheets1 sheet50
Enerji Green Tea Energy Shot2.5 fl oz100
Engobi1.5 ounces140
Enorm Energy Drink8.45 fl oz87.5
Enviga Energy Drink12 fl oz100
Epiphany Energy Drink8 fl oz80
Eruption Effervescent Energy8 fl oz45
Espresso Buzz Bagels1 bagel32
Everyday Energy Shot8 fl oz75
Evopak Energy Chews1 chew50
Ex Energy Drink8.4 fl oz78.5
Exto Energy Drink16 fl oz-
Extra Water Energy Drink16 fl oz0
Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot2 fl oz220
Extreme Thermo Rush20 fl oz200
FAB Energy Drink8.46 fl oz70
Facedrink Energy Shot2.5 fl oz140
Faded Energy8.4 fl oz-
FeelGood7 Energy Shot2 fl oz159.2
FeelGood7 Hangover Shot2 fl oz159.2
FeelGood7 Sleep Shot2 fl oz0
Fein Energy Crystals8 fl oz75
Fever Stimulation Beverage14 fl oz34
Fighter Energy Drink8 fl oz37.5
Fighting Cock Energy Drink16 fl oz-
Fire Blade Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
Fixx Extreme Ultra Shot0.17 fl oz400
Flash Power8.4 fl oz-
Flatt Cola8 fl oz65
Flying Power Energy Drink11.15 fl oz106
FMF Power Energy Drink16 fl oz240
Foosh Energy Mints1 Mint100
Formula168 Lift Energy Drink12 fl oz26
Formula168 Surge Energy Shot2 fl oz26
Fortify Energy Plus14.5 fl oz140
Frank's Energy Drink8.45 fl oz80
Frappio15 fl oz288
Frava Caffeinated Juice16 fl oz200
Freedom Energy Drink12 fl oz-
Freek16 fl oz204
Fresche Energy Drink9.3 fl oz80
Fruit2o16 fl oz120
Fuel Cell2 fl oz180
Fuel Energy Drink16 fl oz240
Full Throttle Coffee + Energy15 fl oz127.5
Full Throttle Frozen Blast8 fl oz27
Function Organic Energy16.9 fl oz70
G Pure Energy Drink6.76 fl oz80
G Shot Antioxidant Energy2.4 fl oz80
GaGa Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
Game Juice16.9 fl oz38
Go Cubes Chewable Coffee Squares1 cube50
Go Fast! Coconut16 fl oz160
Go Fast! Energy Gum1 piece80
Go Loco- Loco Tonic8.4 fl oz80
Godiva Belgian Blends9.5 ounces-
Golazo Sports Energy Drink12 fl oz100
Grazzhopper Energy Drink8.46 fl oz62.5
Green Energy Drink8.46 fl oz150
Green Go8.46 fl oz80
Guayaki Energy Shots2 fl oz140
H20 Blast Energy Drink16 fl oz100
Hair of the Dog8.4 fl oz-
Halftime Energy Drink16 fl oz-
Hansen's Diet Red8.3 fl oz57
Hansen's Energy Pro8.3 fl oz57
Hard Rock Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Hardcore Energize Bullet2.9 fl oz300
Havoc Energy Drink8.4 fl oz52
Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy Shot2.5 fl oz150
Hawaiian Ola Sparkling Noni11.5 fl oz150
Headshot Energy Bar1 bar22
Headshot Mega Energy Shot4 fl oz80
Health Energy Potion2 fl oz160
Heat ESP Energy Drink8 fl oz-
Heka Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Helix Energy Drink16 fl oz170
Her Energy Drink8.4 fl oz-
HERO Energy Mints1 mint82
Hi Ball Energy Coffee8 fl oz120
Hi Ball Protein Energy Shake11 fl oz100
Hijinks Energy Mixer1.1 fl oz200
Hiro8.3 fl oz-
Hogan Energy16 fl oz160
Honest Professor Fizz12 fl oz40
Hot Pure Energy Drink12 fl oz114
Howling Monkey Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Hunid Racks8.4 fl oz-
Huracan Energia16 fl oz100
Hyde Power Potion16 fl oz350
Hydrive11 fl oz121
Hydrive Energy Chews1 chew40
Hydrive Energy Mix16 fl oz160
Hydrive Energy Water15.5 fl oz160
Hydrive Extra Power15.5 fl oz195
Hydroxycut Instant Shot2 fl oz200
Illicit Cola14.88 fl oz140
Indigo Energy Drink12.68 fl oz94
Ink16.91 fl oz160
Iron Energy16 fl oz100
iShot Energy Shot2.03 fl oz120
iShot Love Potion2.03 fl oz90
iShot Skinny Energy Shot2.03 fl oz78
Jamba Juice Energy Drink8.4 fl oz80
Java Gum1 piece65
Java Pop1 lollipop60
JavaMallows1 mallow280
Jazz Caramel Cream12 fl oz38
Jeff Gordon 24 Energy16 fl oz150
Jetset Energy Drink10.5 fl oz120
Jiva Instant Coffee Cubes8 fl oz90
Jolt Cola16 fl oz160
Jolt Endurance Shot2 fl oz200
Jones Energy Drink16 fl oz100
Jones GABA12 fl oz-
Jump Coffee Cola10.5 fl oz-
Jump Start Energy Drink16 fl oz200
Kabbalah Energy Drink12 fl oz100
Kaboom Energy Drink8 fl oz95
Karvana Kombucha Energy Shot4.5 fl oz110
Keurig Vue Pack12 fl oz180
Kick Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
KickBrix Energy Chews1 chew90
Kickbutt Amped Energy Ballz1 Ball40
Killer Buzz8.3 fl oz100
King 888 Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Knockout Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Kombucha Extreme Energy Shot2 fl oz150
Kona Red16 fl oz54
Kore Energy Shot1.8 fl oz100
Koru Instant Energy Strips1 strip40
Kronik Energy Drink16 fl oz150
Kronik Vengence Energy Drink16 fl oz150
KX Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
Kymera Energy Shot2 fl oz325
Lady Pink12 fl oz0
Lake FX Energy Gummies1 gummy100
Life Blast Xtreme Energy8 fl oz100
Lift Off Energy Drink8 fl oz72
Lightning Rods1 stick60
Limelite Fusion Energy Drink12 fl oz31.5
Liquid Blow16 fl oz-
Liquid Caffeine1 fl oz500
Liquid Lightning16 fl oz200
Liquid Ninja Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
Liquid Speed9.5 fl oz-
Liquid X Energy Drink12 fl oz0
Liquid Z Juiced Energy Drink16 fl oz100
LiveWire Energy Chews1 chew120
Long Island Iced Tea20 fl oz40
Lost Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Loud Energy Drink12 fl oz-
Loud Energy Drink16 fl oz320
Lucozade Alert Plus2.03 fl oz120
Ludicrous Energy Drink16 fl oz0
Mad Croc Energy Drink8.45 fl oz80
Mad Croc Energy Gum1 Piece40
Mad-Croc Energy Chews1 piece8
Mario Power Up Energy Drink8.4 fl oz120
Matador Green Energy Drink16 fl oz80
Mate Bros Energy Drink8 fl oz99
Max Velocity Energy Drink16 fl oz155
MDX14 fl oz82.25
MDX, Sugar Free14 fl oz87.5
Meth Coffee8 fl oz-
Mini Thin Rush 6 hr. Energy2 fl oz200
Mini Thin Rush Gum1 gum40
MintMallows1 mallow100
Missile Energy Drink8.43 fl oz80
Mix and Go0.34 fl oz100
MoccaMallows1 mallow200
Mojo Energy Drink8.4 fl oz80
Monster Cuba Lima16 fl oz160
Monster DUB16 fl oz160
Monster Export (UK)8.46 fl oz76.25
Monster Hammer X-presso6.75 fl oz221
Monster Heavy Metal16 fl oz160
Monster Hitman Sniper3 fl oz240
Monster Khaos16 fl oz154
Monster M3 Energy Drink5 fl oz160
Monster Maxx12 fl oz200
Monster Mixxd Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Monster Mutant Super Soda20 fl oz115
Monster Rehab Green Tea15.5 fl oz155
Monster Ultra Pink16 fl oz140
Monster Unleaded16 fl oz0
Monster X-presso Hammer (NZ AUS)9.6 fl oz90
Moonshot Energy Drink12 fl oz115
Morning Spark Energy Drink16.9 fl oz170
Morning Spark Energy Instant Oatmeal1 packet60
Mother Inferno16.91 fl oz160
Mountain Dew Black Label16 fl oz83
Mountain Dew Kickstart Hydrating Boost12 fl oz68
Mountain Dew Spiked16 fl oz72
Mountain Dew Ultra Violet12 fl oz54
Moxie Energy Drink16 fl oz80
MPower Energy Mints1 mint120
Muscle Milk Refuel3 fl oz100
MusclePharm Energy Drink12 fl oz120
Naked Juice Energy Smoothie15.2 fl oz81.7
Nap Nock Energy Shot2.03 fl oz102
Natural Bliss Cold Brew8 fl oz70
Nawgan Energy Drink8 fl oz100
NEO Energy Drink8.43 fl oz100
Neon Energy Drink8.46 fl oz100
Neuenergy Chewable Tabs1 tablet59
Neurofuel Energy Drink12 fl oz127.5
NeuroPassion14.5 fl oz100
NeuroTrim14.5 fl oz0
Neutron Energy Drink16 fl oz180
Nexcite Energy Drink6.76 fl oz64
Nitric Force Energy Drink22 fl oz200
Nitro2Go16 fl oz-
No Fear Bloodshot16 fl oz174
No Fear Energy Drink16 fl oz182
No Name Energy Drink8.4 fl oz280
NoDoz Energy Shot1.89 fl oz115
Non Stop Lollipops1 Lollipop50
NOS Active Sports Drink22 fl oz221
NOS Energy Shot2.03 fl oz250
NOS Loaded Cherry16 fl oz160
NOS Powershot2 fl oz125
NRage Energy Strips1 strip20
NRG MicroShot0.2 fl oz130
NRG Potato Chips1 bag175
Nuclear Energy Powders1 tube90
Nuclear Waste Antidote16 fl oz180
NX Energy Drink24 fl oz240
O Infused Water - Energize16 fl oz64
OC Energy Kik-It10.14 fl oz-
Octane Energy Burst1.01 fl oz10
Ol' Glory Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Ole Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
ON Energy Drink16 fl oz100
OnGo Energy Shot2 fl oz177
OnTheGo Drink Mix8 fl oz0
Oprah Chai Tea Latte16 fl oz50
Oral Fixation Night Light Mints1 mint4
Orange County Choppers Energy Drink8.4 fl oz50
Orange Rush8 fl oz250
Outburst Energy Bites1 piece20
Outlaw Energy Drink16 fl oz250
Peak Energy Mints1 mint100
Peppgum sticks1 piece77
PepPod Energy Drink8 fl oz71
Pepsi 1893 Cola 12 fl oz34
Pepsi Cafe12 fl oz75
Pepsi Natural12 fl oz38
Pepsi Next12 fl oz32
Pepsi One20 fl oz97
Pepsi True10 fl oz32
Phix Energy Drink12 fl oz80
Pibb Zero12 fl oz40
Pimp Juice8.3 fl oz81
Pink Energy Drink8.4 fl oz48
Pink Premium Energy Drink12 fl oz120
Piranha8.4 fl oz-
Pirate Energy Shot1.7 fl oz133
Pit Bull Energy Bar2 ounces165
Pit Bull Energy Drink16 fl oz-
Plasma Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Player Aid Energy Shot2 fl oz120
Please Energy Drink9.3 fl oz88
Plow On Gum1 piece100
Positive Charge Energy Drink16.5 fl oz150
Positive Energy Juice12 fl oz150
Potencia Energy Drink16 fl oz250
Power Edge Energy Drink Mix16.9 fl oz195
Power Energy Toothpaste1 milliliter67.4
Power Trip Energy Drink16 fl oz210
Powerade Fuel +10.15 fl oz96
Powershot1 fl oz100
Powerthirst Energy Drink16 fl oz190
Pronto Coffee6 fl oz67
Propel Invigorating Water20 fl oz50
Pure Bio Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
Pure KYK Energy12 fl oz300
Pyure o.e.o. Energy Shot2 fl oz100
Qool Energy Drink8.46 fl oz50
Quad Energy Drink16 fl oz140
Race Energy Drink8.3 fl oz80
Radioactive Energy Drink16 fl oz156
Rage Inferno24 fl oz375
Rage Liquid Energy16 fl oz200
Raging Bull1 piece80
Ram Jam Energy Drink16 fl oz160
RC Cola, Cherry12 fl oz43
Re-load Energy Spray1 bottle340
Re516 fl oz-
Real Beanz Iced Coffee9.5 fl oz66
Realife Plus Energy0.34 fl oz80
Reckless Energy Shot2.37 fl oz125
Recon Coffee Energy Cola12 fl oz144
Red Bull Energy Shot2.03 fl oz80
Red Celeste Energy Drink8.3 fl oz75.2
Red Fin Energy Shot2 fl oz200
Red Flash12 fl oz37
Red Heel Drink8.5 fl oz75
Red Rain Energy Drink8.4 fl oz80
Red Rock Cola12 fl oz26.1
Red Rooster8.46 fl oz80
Red Rose Energy Tea8 fl oz60
Redline Energy Drink8 fl oz250
Reeds Energy Elixir10.5 fl oz20
Rehab Recovery Supplement12 fl oz120
Reize Energy Drink8.46 fl oz50
Relentless Energy Drink16.9 fl oz160
Reload Energy Drink11.15 fl oz130
Reload Energy Strips1 strip20
Resurrect12 fl oz30
Revive Energy Mints1 mint102
Revivo Energy Chews1 chew20
Rhino Rush Energy Shot2 fl oz250
Rip It Chic Energy Drink12 fl oz150
Ripped Hardcore Liquid Energy Drink11.16 fl oz300
Rize Energy Drink8.46 fl oz60
Robust Energy Drink8.46 fl oz79
Rock On Energy Shot2 fl oz125
Rocket Chocolates1 Piece42
Rockstar 2x Energy Drink12 fl oz250
Rockstar Blackout Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Rockstar Coconut Water16 fl oz160
Rockstar Energy Cola16 fl oz160
Rockstar Energy Gum1 piece40
Rockstar Energy Shot2.5 fl oz200
Rockstar Energy Water20 fl oz180
Rockstar Hardcore Energy Drink16 fl oz240
Rockstar Horchata Energy Drink15 fl oz225
Rockstar Iced Energy Drink16 fl oz240
Rockstar Lime Freeze16 fl oz160
Rockstar Perfect Berry16 fl oz240
Rockstar Pina Colada16 fl oz160
Rockstar Revolt Energy Drink16 fl oz240
Rockstar Roasted15 fl oz220
Rockstar Sparkling Energy16 fl oz160
Rockstar Sport Energy Shake15 fl oz160
Rockstar Super Sours16 fl oz160
Rocky Mountain High Energy Drink12 fl oz120
Ronin Energy Drink16 fl oz-
Root9 Vitality Drink12 fl oz50
Rubyy Blood Orange Energy12 fl oz80
Rude Energy Drink8 fl oz75
Rumba Energy Juice16 fl oz170
Samedi Energy Drink16.69 fl oz160
Savage Energy Drink16 fl oz-
Shark Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
Shock a Lots Chocolate Coffee Beans1 Bean20
Shock Coffee Triple Latte8 fl oz231
ShotGun8.4 fl oz-
Silk Soylatte8 fl oz55
Silverback Extreme8.4 fl oz-
Sin Energy Drink8.4 fl oz90
Skinny Cow Iced Coffee8 fl oz70
Sky Rocket Caffeinated Syrup1 fl oz100
SLAP Energy Drink16 fl oz220
Slump Buster Energy16 fl oz-
Snapple Elements18 fl oz108
SoBe Adrenaline Rush8.3 fl oz79
SoBe Essential Energy16 fl oz96
SoBe No Fear Gold16 fl oz174
SoBe Power Fruit Punch20 fl oz76
Socko16 fl oz160
Socko Slim16 fl oz160
Source Burn Energy Drink16 fl oz199
Spartan Energy Drink8.4 fl oz90
Speed Stack Pumped18 fl oz250
Sport Max Energy Shot2 fl oz140
Stakk'd Caffeine Mixer1 fl oz180
Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream1 cup (8oz)60
Starbucks Frappuccino Bar1 bar30
Starbucks Protein and Coffee8 fl oz110
Starbucks Protein Cold Brew Coffee16 fl oz180
Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallows1 mallow100
Steem Caffeinated Peanut Butter1 tablespoons75
Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt Energy16 fl oz-
Stewie's Mind Erase Elixir8.4 fl oz50
Stoked Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Street King Energy Shot2.5 fl oz280
Sum Poosie16 fl oz-
Sumseeds1 bag (3.5oz)120
Sun Tzu Energy Drink8.4 fl oz-
Sunkist Solar Fusion12 fl oz49
Sunkist Ten20 fl oz68
SunnyD X Energy Drink16 fl oz0
Superfast Energy Gum1 piece50
Superfly8 fl oz163.5
Surge Citrus Soda16 fl oz69
Surge Energy Shot2.5 fl oz140
Svelte Cappuccino Protein Shake11 fl oz65
Swing Juice Energy Drink16 fl oz50
Syzmo12 fl oz-
T-Fusion Energy Tea16 fl oz100
t-licious Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
TAB Diet Cola12 fl oz45
TaB Energy10.5 fl oz95
Talon Energy Drink16 fl oz174
Tampico Energy16 fl oz-
TAPOUT Energy Drink16 fl oz200
ThinkGum1 piece10
Tim Hortons Small English Toffee Coffee10 fl oz60
TK Diet Cola12 fl oz38
Topplez Cafe 1258 fl oz125
Trader Joe's Energy Drink16 fl oz150
Trim Water20 fl oz50
TroopFuel Energy Drink12 fl oz50
Tru Blood Energy Drink14 fl oz50
Tube Shot Energy Shot0.3 fl oz200
Turn Left Energy Drink16 fl oz150
Twisted Chopper Energy Drink16 fl oz180
Uber Cube1 cube100
Ubermonster Energy Brew18.6 fl oz187
Ubershot Energy Shot2 fl oz210
Unbound Energy Drink16 fl oz-
Upshot2.5 fl oz200
V Isokinetic20.3 fl oz102
V Pocket Rocket Energy Shot2.03 fl oz120
V&V Energy Drink12 fl oz-
Vamp Energy Drink16 fl oz240
Vault Soda20 fl oz118
VE 2 Energy Gum1 piece35
Vegas Energy Drink8.4 fl oz-
Vegas Fuel Energy Drink8.4 fl oz75
Verve! Energy Drink8.3 fl oz80
Vibe Energy Gum1 piece40
Vidration Enhanced Water20 fl oz125
Vita Coco Cafe11.1 fl oz120
Vital Energy Drink20 fl oz150
Vital Lifestyle Water Energize20 fl oz60
Vixen Energy Drink16 fl oz174
VoJo Energy Mints1 Mint2.2
Voltz Energy Shot2 fl oz50
Von Dutch Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Vuka Functional Drinks16 fl oz160
Warrior Energy Drink16 fl oz160
Whey Up Energy Drink16 fl oz150
White Tiger8.46 fl oz80
Who's Your Daddy16 fl oz200
Whoop Ass Energy Drink16 fl oz200
Wicked Energy Drink16.9 fl oz155
Wide Awake Energy Mints1 mint50
Winrgy Energy Drink6.77 fl oz90
Wired Waffles1 serving200
Wired X294 Energy Drink16 fl oz294
Wolfshot Hemp Energy Shot2 fl oz180
Worx Energy Shot2 fl oz160
XAPP Protein Energy Drink16 fl oz93
Xingtea Green Tea Energy23.5 fl oz155
Xingtea Just Plain Tea23.5 fl oz110
XO Energy Drink5.07 fl oz50
XOX Energy Drink8.46 fl oz80
Xtazy Energy Drink12 fl oz180
Xtreme Shock Energy Drink12 fl oz200
XTZ Tea12 fl oz154
Y.E.S. Energy Shot2 fl oz180
Zija XM+ Energy Drink12 fl oz200
ZizZazz Energy Drink16 fl oz200
Zola Organic Hydrating Energy Drink12 fl oz120
Zola Sparkling Energy Water12 fl oz100
ZUM XR Energy Drink16 fl oz200
Zun Energy Drink12 fl oz100

For some of the major brands, like Monster and Rockstar, we still list discontinued flavor variations on their individual pages.