Caffeine in Discontinued Drinks

caffeine in discontinued drinks
Here we list the caffeine amounts of discontinued energy drinks, energy shots, coffees, teas, and soft drinks.

In the highly competitive beverage industry, many caffeinated drinks do not survive very long.

Even though the following items were discontinued, however, for historical reasons we still maintain their caffeine amounts.

180 Energy Drink90mg per 8.2oz
1in3 Trinity50mg per 8.4oz
24:7 Energy160mg per 16oz
357 Super Magnum250mg per 2oz
418 Energy0mg per 2oz
5 Alarm Energy Shot100mg per 2oz
50 Cal Energy Shot120mg per 2oz
6 Hour Power125mg per 2.03oz
666 Energy Drink200mg per 4oz
925 Energy Shot120mg per 2oz
Active Brain Energy Shot68mg per 0.75oz
Adina Natural Highs Coffee Energy Drink100mg per 8oz
Adrenalyn Shot200mg per 8.5oz
Adrenalyn Stack200mg per 18oz
Airforce Nutrisoda Energize50mg per 8.45oz
All City NRG300mg per 16oz
All In Energy Drink0mg per 8.4oz
AllDay Energy Shot210mg per 2oz
ALRI Hypershot500mg per 2oz
American Blast Energy Drink80mg per 8.3oz
Ammo Energy Shot171mg per 1oz
Amp Black Tea180mg per 16oz
Amp Elevate160mg per 16oz
Amp Energy Zero157mg per 16oz
Amp Green Tea155mg per 16oz
Amp Lightning Charge160mg per 16oz
Amp Organic Energy Drink120mg per 12oz
Amp Overdrive159mg per 16oz
Amp Passion Fruit156mg per 16oz
Amp Relaunch160mg per 16oz
Amp Sugar Free160mg per 16oz
Amp Traction160mg per 16oz
Angel Energy Drink96mg per 10.15oz
Antimatter Energy Drink80mg per 8.4oz
Aqua Enerviva100mg per 20oz
Aqua T Energy Drink0mg per 8.4oz
Aquafina Alive Energize92mg per 16oz
AriZona Extreme Energy Shot100mg per 8.3oz
AriZona Green Tea Energy200mg per 16oz
Arma Energy Drink160mg per 16oz
Arriba Horchata Energy76mg per 11oz
Atomic Blast100mg per 16oz
Atomic Dogg Energy Drink200mg per 16oz
Atomic X0mg per 16oz
Awake Energy Drink80mg per 12oz
AZ Energy Drink188mg per 15oz
B52 Energy Drink100mg per 16oz
Bally Blast Energy Drink0mg per 8.3oz
Bazza High Energy Tea150mg per 16.9oz
Bean and Body Coffee72mg per 8oz
Bee Energy Shot100mg per 2.5oz
Bionic Boink0mg per 12oz
Blade Energy Drink240mg per 16oz
Blink Energy Water150mg per 16.9oz
Bloom Energy74mg per 10.5oz
Blow Energy Drink Mix240mg per 8oz
Blox Energy Drink152mg per 16oz
Blue Energy Drink80mg per 8.3oz
Blue Jeans Energy Drink80mg per 8.4oz
Blue Ox Total Impact95mg per 8.4oz
Blutonium Energy Drink0mg per 2oz
Boo-Koo Energy360mg per 24oz
Brain TonIQ0mg per 8.4oz
Brawndo Energy Drink200mg per 16oz
Budweiser B^E60.4mg per 10oz
Bull Tonik160mg per 8oz
Bulldog Buzz204mg per 11.84oz
Bump Energy Drink197mg per 10.5oz
BuzzWater200mg per 16.9oz
C1.5 Energy Drink0mg per 8.4oz
Caballo Negro240mg per 16oz
Caffeine Energy Drink140mg per 12oz
Canadian Big Buzz Green Machine Energy224mg per 16oz
Century Energy Drink147mg per 16oz
CHARGE! Super Shot200mg per 2oz
Chi 3 Energy Shot100mg per 2oz
Clearly Canadian Daily Energy80mg per 20oz
Coca-Cola Blak46mg per 8oz
Cojones Energy Shot125mg per 2oz
CoMotion160mg per 8.4oz
Coolah Energy Drink150mg per 16oz
Cougar Energy Double Shot150mg per 2.5oz
Courage Energy Drink50mg per 8.46oz
Crakshot140mg per 2oz
Crazy Horse Energy Drink37.5mg per 8.4oz
Crunk Sugar Free200mg per 16oz
Cyborg80mg per 8.43oz
Daredevil240mg per 16oz
Dead Red Xcelerator0mg per 12oz
Demon Killa Troppo Energy Drink140mg per 14.88oz
Diablo Energy Drink95mg per 8.4oz
Dickens Energy Cider80mg per 8.4oz
Diesel Energy Drink0mg per 16oz
Divas Energy Drink80mg per 8.46oz
DNA Energy Drink170mg per 16oz
Dollar Energy Shot190mg per 1.93oz
Double Hit0mg per 12oz
Dr Nehi42mg per 12oz
Dragon Pearl100mg per 2oz
Dragonfire80mg per 8oz
DynaPep100mg per 0.14oz
E2 Voltage200mg per 8oz
ED Energy Drink160mg per 16.9oz
ED F/X Special Light160mg per 16.9oz
EMV Energy Drink80mg per 8.46oz
Energy 6975mg per 8.45oz
Energy Catalyst100mg per 0.23oz
Enerji Green Tea Energy Shot100mg per 2.5oz
Enorm Energy Drink87.5mg per 8.45oz
Enviga Energy Drink100mg per 12oz
Epiphany Energy Drink80mg per 8oz
Eruption Effervescent Energy45mg per 8oz
Everyday Energy Shot75mg per 8oz
Ex Energy Drink78.5mg per 8.4oz
Exto Energy Drink0mg per 16oz
Extra Water Energy Drink0mg per 16oz
Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot220mg per 2oz
Facedrink Energy Shot140mg per 2.5oz
Faded Energy0mg per 8.4oz
FeelGood7 Energy Shot159.2mg per 2oz
FeelGood7 Hangover Shot159.2mg per 2oz
FeelGood7 Sleep Shot0mg per 2oz
Fein Energy Crystals75mg per 8oz
Fever Stimulation Beverage34mg per 14oz
Fighter Energy Drink37.5mg per 8oz
Fire Blade Energy Drink80mg per 8.46oz
Fixx Extreme Ultra Shot400mg per 0.17oz
Flash Power0mg per 8.4oz
Flatt Cola65mg per 8oz
FMF Power Energy Drink240mg per 16oz
Fortify Energy Plus140mg per 14.5oz
Frank's Energy Drink80mg per 8.45oz
Frappio288mg per 15oz
Frava Caffeinated Juice200mg per 16oz
Freedom Energy Drink0mg per 12oz
Freek204mg per 16oz
Fresche Energy Drink80mg per 9.3oz
Fruit2o120mg per 16oz
Fuel Cell180mg per 2oz
Fuel Energy Drink240mg per 16oz
Full Throttle Coffee + Energy127.5mg per 15oz
Full Throttle Hydration144mg per 16oz
Full Throttle Quick Shot125mg per 2oz
Godiva Belgian Blends0mg per 9.5oz
H20 Blast Energy Drink100mg per 16oz
Hair of the Dog0mg per 8.4oz
Halftime Energy Drink0mg per 16oz
Headshot Mega Energy Shot80mg per 4oz
Her Energy Drink0mg per 8.4oz
Hogan Energy160mg per 16oz
Hunid Racks0mg per 8.4oz
Huracan Energia100mg per 16oz
Hydrive121mg per 11oz
Hydrive Energy Mix160mg per 16oz
IBC Cherry Cola23mg per 12oz
Iron Energy100mg per 16oz
Java Water88.8mg per 16.9oz
Jeff Gordon 24 Energy150mg per 16oz
Jetset Energy Drink120mg per 10.5oz
Jones Energy Drink100mg per 16oz
Jones GABA0mg per 12oz
Josta58mg per 12oz
Jump Coffee Cola0mg per 10.5oz
Kabbalah Energy Drink100mg per 12oz
Kaboom Energy Drink95mg per 8oz
KMX Blue53mg per 8.4oz
KMX Orange75mg per 8.4oz
Kore Energy Shot100mg per 1.8oz
Krank-2-O100mg per 16.9oz
Kronik Energy Drink150mg per 16oz
Kronik Vengence Energy Drink150mg per 16oz
Kymera Energy Shot325mg per 2oz
Lady Pink0mg per 12oz
Lipton Brisk Green Tea11mg per 24oz
Liquid Blow0mg per 16oz
Liquid Speed0mg per 9.5oz
Liquid X Energy Drink0mg per 12oz
Loud Energy Drink0mg per 12oz
Lucozade Alert Plus120mg per 2.03oz
Ludicrous Energy Drink0mg per 16oz
MDX82.25mg per 14oz
MDX, Sugar Free87.5mg per 14oz
Mini Thin Rush 6 hr. Energy200mg per 2oz
Mojo Energy Drink80mg per 8.4oz
Monster Black Ice (slurpee)43mg per 8oz
Monster Hammer X-presso221mg per 6.75oz
Monster Heavy Metal160mg per 16oz
Monster X-presso Hammer (NZ AUS)90mg per 9.6oz
Mountain Dew Ultra Violet54mg per 12oz
Muscle Milk Refuel100mg per 3oz
Naked Juice Energy Smoothie81.7mg per 15.2oz
Nehi Wild Red Soda50.1mg per 12oz
NeuroPassion100mg per 14.5oz
NeuroTrim0mg per 14.5oz
Nitric Force Energy Drink200mg per 22oz
No Fear Bloodshot174mg per 16oz
No Name Energy Drink280mg per 8.4oz
NOS Energy Shot250mg per 2.03oz
NOS Powershot125mg per 2oz
Nuclear Waste Antidote180mg per 16oz
NX Energy Drink240mg per 24oz
OC Energy Kik-It0mg per 10.14oz
Orange County Choppers Energy Drink50mg per 8.4oz
Orange Rush250mg per 8oz
Pepsi Edge38mg per 12oz
Pepsi Natural38mg per 12oz
Pimp Juice81mg per 8.3oz
Pink Energy Drink48mg per 8.4oz
Pink Premium Energy Drink120mg per 12oz
Piranha0mg per 8.4oz
Pit Bull Energy Drink0mg per 16oz
Powershot100mg per 1oz
Propel Invigorating Water50mg per 20oz
Pure Bio Energy Drink80mg per 8.46oz
Pure KYK Energy300mg per 12oz
Qool Energy Drink50mg per 8.46oz
Rage Inferno375mg per 24oz
RC Edge70.2mg per 12oz
RC Kick57.6mg per 12oz
Re-load Energy Spray340mg per 1oz
Re50mg per 16oz
Recon Coffee Energy Cola144mg per 12oz
Red Bull Energy Shot80mg per 2.03oz
Red Celeste Energy Drink75.2mg per 8.3oz
Rehab Recovery Supplement120mg per 12oz
Reload Energy Drink130mg per 11.15oz
Reload Extreme175mg per 11.15oz
Resurrect30mg per 12oz
Rip It Chic Energy Drink150mg per 12oz
Rockstar 2x Energy Drink250mg per 12oz
Rockstar Coconut Water160mg per 16oz
Ronin Energy Drink0mg per 16oz
Rubyy Blood Orange Energy80mg per 12oz
Samedi Energy Drink160mg per 16.69oz
Savage Energy Drink0mg per 16oz
ShotGun0mg per 8.4oz
Silk Soylatte55mg per 8oz
Silverback Extreme0mg per 8.4oz
Sky Rocket Caffeinated Syrup100mg per 1oz
Slump Buster Energy0mg per 16oz
Snapple Elements108mg per 18oz
SoBe Essential Energy96mg per 16oz
SoBe No Fear Gold174mg per 16oz
Socko160mg per 16oz
Socko Slim160mg per 16oz
Source Burn Energy Drink199mg per 16oz
Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt Energy0mg per 16oz
Stoked Energy Drink160mg per 16oz
Sum Poosie0mg per 16oz
Sun Tzu Energy Drink0mg per 8.4oz
Sunkist Solar Fusion49mg per 12oz
Superfly163.5mg per 8oz
Syzmo0mg per 12oz
T-Fusion Energy Tea100mg per 16oz
TaB Energy95mg per 10.5oz
Tampico Energy0mg per 16oz
Turn Left Energy Drink150mg per 16oz
Twisted Chopper Energy Drink180mg per 16oz
Ubershot Energy Shot210mg per 2oz
Unbound Energy Drink0mg per 16oz
Upshot200mg per 2.5oz
V Isokinetic102mg per 20.3oz
V&V Energy Drink0mg per 12oz
Vault Soda118mg per 20oz
Vegas Energy Drink0mg per 8.4oz
Vital Lifestyle Water Energize60mg per 20oz
Vitamin Water Attention87mg per 20oz
Von Dutch Energy Drink160mg per 16oz
Who's Your Daddy200mg per 16oz
Wired X294 Energy Drink294mg per 16oz
XOX Energy Drink80mg per 8.46oz
XTZ Tea154mg per 12oz
Zun Energy Drink100mg per 12oz

Caffeine Amounts Unknown

We did our best to get the caffeine amounts of these drinks, but manufacturers didn't co-operate.

Axle Fuel Energy Drink, Banzai Energy Drink, Damzl Fuel, Emu Energy Drink, Fighting Cock Energy Drink, Heat ESP Energy Drink, Hiro, Illicit Cola, Meth Coffee, Nitro2Go